Will I, or won’t I?

It was the thoughts raging through my head in the month of January. To start a travel blog or put it in the too hard basket? It could be good, I thought, share your travel experiences with my family and friends and be the start of a brand-new hobby.

Who the hell was I kidding.

I would have never started this blog for it to be just a hobby. If I was going to do this blog, it was always going to be treated like a business. A business with goals, procedures and a plan. So, in the early days of February 2016, Fair Dinkum Traveller was created.

Sitting back and taking in the views. What a life.

Challenges and Goals

Having a full-time job and a family as high priority, time maintenance was always going to be a factor. It therefore made my only goals for the year quite simple and that was to simply learn about blogging, WordPress, photography and all the basic fundamentals of being a travel blogger.

To push content out on a regular basis, build a social media following and learn from the million mistakes I was making and will continue to make. Money wasn’t going to be a factor and nor would it be a high priority in 2017. That will come in due course. Hopefully.

Sometimes the fastest way isn’t always the best way. Sometimes the best things in life take a while. – Quote by Emily Beth.

How did my 2016 goals pan out? In terms of personal ambitions, it was a success. I am starting to get the flow of WordPress (until my next dilemma), content was produced on a consistent basis, so much so I am nearing a hundred post for the year, not bad for a one man show I would have thought.

Social media, which can be as time consuming as writing content is taking shape. Twitter is growing as is Instagram. While Facebook and Pinterest are steadily gathering a little momentum. Nice and steady I keep telling myself. Let it grow.

2016 had many happy moments.

It’s all in the name.

Why the name Fair Dinkum Traveller? I dare anyone wanting to start a blog to find a name they really love and then find it available. I don’t think so. Being a true-blue Aussie and chewing over a name for a long period of time. In the end, I was more than happy to settle with Fair Dinkum Traveller.

Fair Dinkum is an Aussie slang that is versatile in meaning, for example, “for real,” “really,” and “serious.” In the end that was the path I went down, your Fair Dinkum serious traveller. And when you think about it, a lot of people reading this could consider themselves a Fair Dinkum Traveller.

It all begins as Fair Dinkum traveller was created

2016 Adventures:

South Korea

My first country as a blogger and it started in Seoul, Korea. My third trip to the capital and it was hectic, great local cuisine, navigating the maze which is the Seoul Subway System, family fun at Everland and some baseball at Jamsil Stadium.

Visiting the DMZ was the highlight of the trip. Learning about the history and looking into North Korea was an eye opener and a real honour to be part of it, even if only for a few hours. The Goosebumps really stood up as I entered the blue buildings and officially stood on the North Korean side.

You can read all about my South Korean adventures by clicking the link.

Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul.


Koh Samui

The love island, at least on this occasion as the kids were kept with grandma and my wife and I headed off to Samui for our ten-year wedding anniversary. Staying at the glorious Mai Samui for eight nights was pure bliss. We relaxed, drank cocktails, explored Chaweng and took a day cruise to the picturesque Anthong National Marine Park.

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It’s all happening on the beach in Chaweng. Koh Samui


Western Australia

Having a full-time job sometimes means you are restricted to your own backyard. Mores a pity. There is so much to explore in this great state. A camping trip at Moore River, Guilderton was terrific and only a small drive north of Perth. I visited Augusta and Margaret River in the South West and beautiful Denmark in the state’s South. The coastal views were mesmerising.

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Resting and admiring the Bay. Bunbury, Western Australia.


It promises to be a big 2017 with some fascinating travel plans on the agenda. It starts with Vietnam in January and volunteering in Laos in May with Bali and Chiang Mai also in the plans. But hey, it’s going to be a big year and you will need to keep posted to see what is around the corner. A few surprise trips is bound to be on the horizons and stay tuned for some giveaways.

Happy travels.

Traditional Hambok, South Korea