If you are not looking for ongoing improvement in the world of travel blogging, then you should get out of the kitchen. This is not for you and perhaps your passions lie elsewhere. Because in life that is what we are all about, Improvement, whether it is being a better father or husband, or better at your job, we are always looking to rise to another level.

That is what it’s all about for Fair Dinkum Traveller in 2017, improvement. To create better content, better photography and videos, improve social media skills and as I have mentioned already, rise to that next level.

Follow me on this ride that will be 2017 year in travel, it promises to be a wild and exciting one.

All set for 2017

Travel Plans for 2017

Travel plans can often change, or hopefully added to, but let’s take a look at what is already planned for 2017 as new cultures and destinations are discovered.

  • Vietnam: My first trip to Vietnam kicks off the year and I can’t wait. Not a long enough trip but I will be exploring the Southern half of the country with a good amount of time in the chaotic Ho Chi Minh City and the more laidback small city of Dalat.
  • Malaysia: Another short stop, but heck I will see what I can get out of my really trip in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Laos: This will be my first volunteering trip and how excited am I. Landing in Vientiane, I will travel an hour out of the capital to a small village where I will put my English skills to the test as I teach to the youth. Follow me on this journey as I delve deep into the world of volunteering.
  • Thailand: Chiang Mai and Bangkok will be on the list the next time I head to Thailand. Once again new destinations will be discovered and that is the joy of travelling.
  • Bali, Indonesia: My second trip to Bali and why not, it is close to home and it is a great place to visit for cheap cold beer and relaxing by the pool.
  • Australia: My home country. Therefore, I am bound to find a thing or two about this great country.


Great food will hopefully be found at outlets like this.

What’s new for 2017

Rise to another level will be my personal motto. But how will it happen? I do have plans for a big year with ideas being conjured up all the time. Whether they go live in the near future or scrapped altogether is another thing completely. This is what is in store for 2017.

Live Facebook Videos: Catch a few snippets of some amazing destinations as they come with Facebook live. It will be quick, so don’t blink.

Fair Dinkum Travel Show: Video is the way of the future and I don’t want to be left behind as I look to improve my skills. I will be running a regular travel show, going for about ten-minutes, and will be putting it on YouTube channel and Facebook page. Stay tuned for this one.

looking to rise in 2017.

Winter Snow

My first fictional novel has been in the works for a long time now and I am sick of living in fear at whether it will be any good. Come Christmas time I will be looking to release my debut Novel, Winter snow. If you love, adventure, travel and romantic thrillers, this novel could be perfect for you. Read the synopsis below.

Tormented by his childhood. Left devastated a broken love. Charlie Bennett flees his home town of Karratha in Australia in hope for a new life. His new found adventure unexpectedly lands him in Muju, South Korea. Awaiting is a new journey, new cultures and a forbidden love that threatens to throw his young life into further turmoil.


There you have it, a quick look at what’s in store for 2017. Follow Fair Dinkum traveller closely and see if it lives up to the hype. Happy Travels.

James Bond Island

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