The average holiday tends to be a week or two. Therefore, making the most of your short-lived holiday is paramount. It’s a situation I found myself in on my trip to Vietnam. I had my family, it was school holidays and time in the crazy city of Ho Chi Minh was limited.

Isn’t that what holidays are all about anyway. Making the most of your time, making the most of your life, because it is all precious and so is travel. And f you blink, you will miss it.

Pearl Plaza

Book a Day tour or two

Day tours in Ho Chi Minh City are a blast. Great guides, great locations and a great English speaking guide’s that entertains you the whole trip. Whether it to a beautiful coastal area, the Mighty Mekong Delta or getting claustrophobic in the Cu-Chi Tunnels, A day is well spent exploring the Southern part of Vietnam.

Making the most of a day trip

Book a day trip on the Mekong River in Vietnam

Discover a chaotic city

Ditch the motorbikes and forget the car. The best way to discover Saigon, is by your own two feet. Discover hidden alley ways, hidden restaurant, hidden stalls and truly discover what this fascinating city is all about. Some of the best food I ate in Vietnam were the restaurants that found me and not the other way around.

thousand words

You will be surprised at what you find when you discover a city by foot.

Eat Soup

Soup, Soup, everywhere. Vietnamese noodle soup stalls will be found everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. On every street corner, in driveways, markets, restaurants ad even on the middle of the footpath where you walk. Soup in Vietnam is something you can’t escape. Don’t fight it, just eat.

 making the most of soup eating in Vietnam.

Lots of soup in Vietnam.

Visit Historical Sites

The French once had a large presence in the South and it is obvious with its stunning French architecture designed buildings. The Notre Dame Cathedral and The Old Pot Office are a stone throw from each other and it is a tourist bonanza as the camera happy travellers take pictures of such beauty. The Opera House in the central part of the District 1 is another building that is worth your attention.

Notre Dame

Making the most of Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh City has some amazing historical buildings.


Dodge Traffic

Dodging motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City is not an option, it’s compulsory. Crossing roads, walking on footpaths, most times you are risking life or limb in doing so. But you couldn’t truly say you were in Saigon if you didn’t experience a close call with a motorcyclist.


Just a normal day in a chaotic city.