Travel smart, travel wise and travel with as little as weight as possible. Especially if the only luggage you are carrying around is a basic travel backpack. Most times we need to pack light and bring the essentials.

The items mentioned below are small and compact. They will fit in your backpack and some may even fit in your wallet or around your waist. You’ll be glad you have these handy travel essentials when you are travelling the globe.

The links below are affiliate links. Therefore, I may get a commission if you purchase a product.  Don’t be concerned, none of the fees of these products have been increased to compensate me.

Travel Essentials

PLEMO Sleep mask

Tuck it in the side of your backpack and whip it out on the plane when you want a little darkness while you try and get some sleep. Perhaps you are staying in an accommodation where the outside light is effecting your sleep. The sleep mask will do the trick.

Click on the Amazon link to buy the PLEMO sleep mask $6.99 USD


Personalised Passport Holders

These savvy Passport Holders are rather cool. Safely store your passport, cards and cash with these personalised Passport Holders. Choose your own colour and personalise with your own name as look the part on your adventure.

Click on the AMAZON link your Personalised Passport Holders $15 USD


7 Travel Adapter Plug Set

This 7 piece set will have you all sorted on your overseas travel as you look to charge those essentials suh as tablets, laptops and phones. Perhaps you don’t need to take the whole lot, then grab what you need and chuck them in the backpack.


Click on the AMAZON link to buy your 7 Travel Adapter Plug Set


RFID Protected Aluminium Wallet

Probably better placed in your pocket, these RFID secured Aluminium wallets will keep your credit cards kept close and handy as you need them. Waterproof too which could come in handy in a Southeast Asia country.

Click on the link to buy your RFID Protected Aluminium Wallet


Professional Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

A fantastic selfie stick with remote that fits with your IPhone, android and even a digital camera. Capture great images of yourself with a stunning background.

Click on the AMAZON link to buy your Professional Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote


Wireless headphones

Lightweight and easy to store. Get these wireless headphones and use them on your adventure as you fly, hike or rest in your hotel room without disturbing other travellers.

Click on the AMAZON link to get your Wireless Headphones


Travel Wallet

Keep cash, cards, passport and phone secure with this travel wallet that is fitted securely around your waist. It’s convenient and it should help keep any thief away.

Click on the AMAZON link to get your Travel Wallet.


Portable Power Charger

Power chargers are more than essential on the road, especially in the modern world of smart phones and digital cameras. Don’t let any device go flat halfway through the day with the chargers by your side and ready to save the day for your next beautiful shot.

Click on the AMAZON link to get your Portable Power Charger.


GoPro Hero action camera

A little on the expensive side but great if you love an outdoor adventure whether it is kayaking, climbing, swimming or hiking. The GoPro will take some amazing action footage.

Click on the AMAZON link to get your GoPro Hero action camera.


Disclosure: Of course by clicking on the above links and purchasing a product, I do get a commission. But don’t worry, it comes as no extra price for the buyer.


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