How do you organise your travel adventures? Do you use a trusted travel agent? Do you get the specials from the travel section in the weekend papers? Or do you DIY travel by researching the internet with a few google searches?

What about flights? Do your book through a travel metasearch engine such as Cheap Flights or Skyscanner? Keen to find the next crazy airline special. Perhaps you do similar when booking a hotel room using one of the many hotel searches such as or Expedia.

We all have our own way and at the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer. You use what you are comfortable with whether it is a travel agent or through your own DIY travel methods. But for argument sakes I am going to give you reason why DIY travel is the way to go and a lot of fun too.

DIY travel

DIY Travel can lead you to great places, perhaps the Laughing Buddha.

5 Reasons why you should DIY travel

  1. Explore the world with your fingertips: Finding a part of the world to travel on the internet is a lot of fun, it’ll keep you up for hours. Researching where to stay and what to do and where to eat makes you feel you’re on holiday in your own living room.
  2. Save some money: Generally, money will be saved by booking your own flights, hotels and insurance through the internet. Don’t let fear of an unknown destination hold you back, research, read reviews and save money.
  3. Design your own Itinerary: Day trips, amazing places, or fantastic restaurants can all be planned by making your very own itinerary.
  4. Let TripAdvisor be your friend: Download the TripAdvisor App and find out what the average Joe traveller thinks, of places, day tours, restaurants and hotels. The reviews are a pretty good guide whether that certain hotel should be on your list future travels or not.
  5. Keep a lookout for alerts: Are you signed up for email alerts to Airline companies or hotels? Perfect, the next special will always pop in your inbox regularly, then there are savings you don’t want to miss out on.

Discover scenic places for yourself.