The second and last leg of my Solo Bali trip. Too short for any holiday in Bali. This time it was off to Ubud all the way from beaches of Tanjung Benoa. An area of Bali I had heard so much about but never been to before. Thankfully on this occasion, I had decided to put on the list, because Ubud was everything I hoped and much more.


The town on Ubud an a wet day.


Best bit of the trip

Balinese Dance – The best $7.50 I spent on Bali this trip. A traditional and cultural Balinese dance called the Legong and Barong Dance. A series of different events and fantastic local music and a great performance.

It starts with lovely welcome dance by the beautiful Balinese women (very pretty indeed), to an epic and somewhat creepy warrior dance. It leads to a great finale with Barong Dance, that is about a warrior whose occupation is a hunter, with misfortunate and comical events. While there are many different traditional dances in Ubud, make sure you get to at least one, because you will be satisfied you did.


Beautiful Balinese dancers at the Legong and Barong Dance.


Where I stayed

Alaya Resort – The wonderful Alaya Resort, very Boutique and stunning amongst the pretty landscapes of a wonderful resort. Especially the Manisan Restaurant that is in the middle of the lush rice fields.

Once you get off the busy streets of Ubud and into the lobby, it turns into luxury. From the stunning Indonesian designed deluxe rooms, to the beautiful gardens and glamorous swimming pools. The stay was perfect and keep at look out for the Alaya Resort if ever in the area.


Relax or swim. The choice is yours at Alaya Resort.

Alaya Resort

Take the path to the Manisan Restaurant.



–          Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary – A short stay is a good stay at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and for $5 it is worth the entry price. The monkeys are well and truly alive, inside and outside the enclosure, fighting amongst themselves, scrambling for food and even jumping all over their guest. That’s right us humans.

It will only take about an hour to walk through the forest as monkeys are running amuck and doing their thing. If you buy a few bananas, they well be jumping on your shoulders too. Try not to panic and force them off you, they may decide to take a bite at you. But in general, it is a safe little forest. Enjoy it.


The Monkey forest is well and truly alive.


–          Walking the town centre – Ubud is a lively little town centre, especially for a town so far from the coast. Boutique market stalls, jewellery stalls, plenty of restaurants. café’s and plenty of massage parlours. It’s even great to wander the town and see the temples and great sculptures that represents the main religion in Bali. A very pretty town, no doubt.

The most memorable part of my time in Ubud was meeting local man Wadi. A local barrister who runs a small coffee shop, The Monkey Cave. It was great to have a chat and the cappuccino was superb. You can find this little coffee box a stone throw from the Monkey forest.


Meet Wadi at the Monkey Cave.


Take a stroll through the Ubud Markets