Imagine staying in a place so peaceful that the only disturbance you will ever find is from the cool crisp breeze amid the stunning nature. Or perhaps you will get a flicker of noise courtesy of the Australian wildlife that is quietly rustling in the outside bush. Imagine no more, because at Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat that is the only disturbance you’ll ever have to worry about.

There is no big city noise, or the manic traffic flowing through area, neither will you find overcrowded people gathering near your doorstep while you are trying to relax. At Nannup Hideaway, you are so far secluded from the real world that sometimes you will think you are in a dream. Not quite, instead you are living in reality amongst the stunning backdrop of valley in the distance.

It is Nannup Hideaway and it is breathtaking.

Nature at Nannup Hdeaway

Enjoy the Nature at Nannup Hideaway.


 Getting to Nannup Hideaway

The Hideaways may be a little out of the way, but it is a pleasant drive through South West region as you explore farms, wineries and lush forests on the down. Nannup Hideaway is approximately three-hours from Perth, Western Australia, and situated off the scenic Balingup-Nannup Road, which is accessible either from the Vasse Highway in Nannup, or off the South West Highway in Balingup.

Gravel road to Nannup

You will love the drive to the Hideaway.


Enter through the Forest

Taking the turn off into Nannup hideaway off the Balingup-Nannup road, keep an eye out for the signs that will lead you to your destination. Drive over the slim access bridge that takes you onto the gravel roads, it is at that moment you know that you are heading into pure nature. From there take beaten track through the forest, all the way to The Hideaways. Keep a look out for the wildlife as there is a strong chance you will encounter a few emus and kangaroos on the drive in, before you know will have reached the cottages at the Nannup hideaway. Let the privacy begin.

Nannup Hideaway

Welcome to Nannup Hideaway.



Feel at home in the cottages

The cottages are spaced apart, so there will be no disturbance and privacy is well maintained. On the outside, there is an antique look as if you are heading back fifty years in the days of cosy wooden houses with a pleasant hint of crisp freshness from the nature around you. Once on the inside the cottages, your first memory will be of the gorgeous valley that hits your vision once you take that first step inside. It is breathtaking, and you’ll appreciate the view once again when you step outside onto the deck, but more on that later.

There is a choice of two cottages at Nannup Hideaway, the Jarrahwood or treetops cottage. The Jarrahwood is perfect for a family stay, queen- size bed and two single beds in a separate room. The treetops cottage is perfect to rekindle the love that accommodates a queen-size bed and makes it perfect to snuggle up-close with your loved one.  Both cottages have a stunning interior edge that comes with a full kitchen, lounge with television, bathroom, air-conditioning and a woodfire which will come in handy during the cool winter months.

For dining at the Hideaways, you have a few choices, you can bring your own food and cook up a feed I the kitchen or out on the deck where a barbeque awaits you. You can drive into the Nannup for a counter meal at lunch at a few selected pubs or café’s. Lastly you can order food from the Hideaway itself, whether it is a breakfast or cheese platter to have with the wine, the options are aplenty.

Trretops at Nannup Hideaway

The Treetops cottage

Nannup hideaway

Wood-fire and Kitchen, all you need to do is make yourself at home.


The action will happen on the deck

With all the luxuries that you have inside the cottage, the lure will still be towards the deck. Not only because you will be greeted with the mesmerising view of the open green valley, out on the private deck you can grill up a famous Aussie BBQ, relax with a glass of red and a good book on the lounge or enjoy the comforts of a warm spa with the sounds the Australian nature close by. Not to mention the stunning sunrise that will greet you when you wake up in the morning.

spa at the Hideaways

The spa is a hit out on the deck.

Nannup Hideaway

It all happen out on the deck.


Perfect for families even better for couples

A family fun trip or a romantic getaway? The choice is yours as Nannup Hideaway has you covered either way.

For families, there is plenty of interests for both adults and kids. You can go bush walking deep into the forest and keep a close eye out for the wildlife, play board games that are supplied in the cottage (twister will get a work out), watch a movie or two from the DVD collection, or tell stories by the firewood late into the night.

For couples, everything is straight forward when in need to rekindle the romance. Nature, peace, a cosy cottage and a spa on the deck, it really does speak for itself when it comes to romantic getaway, just don’t forget the wine.

Kids at Nannuo

Kids will have a ball in the fabulous nature.

Lovers retreat a Nannup

The lovers retreat

Stay at the Executive or Deluxe Suits

Another cosy area that is situated at the big house, while there may be no spas on the balcony for you, it still offers everything else that the Spa Cottages give you. In the main house, there are fou separate bedrooms, a balcony and plenty of wilderness to give you that memorable stay at Nannup Hideaway.

Suite at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy your stay in a delightful suite.

Dine in Style

Dine in Style


Come along for a Wellness Retreat

The Retreat is popular with guest who are visiting Nannup Hideaways in a large group and offers a home away from home and can accommodate group for those seeking a different kind of stay, while still provided with comfortable rooms and, you guessed it, the famous valley views from the spacious balcony outside the room.

There is plenty of activities on offer with the retreat, you can participate in yoga classes provided in the yoga room, take in a sauna session that gets plenty of use in the winter stay, squeeze in a relaxing massage, enjoy delicious home cooked meals, experience a bush walk with the owner and simply unwind in the comforts of the nature around.

For more information on the retreats or packages, contact Leisa Harding at Nannup Hideaway.

Retreat at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy great valley views during the retreat.

Nannup Hideaway

The Big House


Fair Dinkum traveller’s verdict

For peace and quiet, serenity and the perfect getaway in the Australian Bush, it really doesn’t get much better than Nannup Hideaway. The cottages are well maintained, the deck is incredible, the views are stunning and the incredible nature is just waiting for you to visit. If Nannup is calling in the South West of Western Australia, Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreats is the perfect place to come and unwind.

Want to stay at Nannup Hideaway? Check Out TripAdvisor for reviews.

Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway

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Nannup Hideaway

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