Underdeveloped countries aren’t those that are necessarily unheard or lack any familiarity, they still get their share of tourist that gather in waves of numbers. Yet when it comes to recognitions, the underdeveloped countries don’t seem to match it with the popular tourist destinations such as Thailand, Singapore and Bali.

Inspired by a recent trip to Laos, a fascinating and cultural, yet underdeveloped country in South East Asia, it had me thinking why such a country was not talked about more often. Sure, it lacked theme parks, flush waterparks or booming attractions that has kids excited at the bit, yet there was so much to discover in a country like Laos, lavish temples, historic buildings and unheard history which was at times truly heartbreaking.

There are many more countries that are similar in conditions to Laos that I would love to visit, especially those that are not saturated with other travellers, or heavy population where it can be difficult to even breathe. Not that I don’t love those saturated areas, at times it is great to have a change in travel plans and see something a little different and a little less luxury.


Local Laos Village

A local village in Laos


Let’s get into the reasons why you should visit underdeveloped countries.

  1. Western Civilisation has yet to take over:

    Perhaps it should be the American franchises haven’t taken over yet. There is little to none fast food outlets such as McDonalds or KFC. Cities are not saturated with modern glossy stores or shopping malls and decent public transport has yet to make their way into the country. You are visiting a country that still has its own identity and is that a special reason to visit and underdeveloped country.
  2. Culture is well and truly alive:Local culture is a thing of beauty, the way they live their everyday life, their family values, their religious beliefs, all values that need to be respected when visiting because. The best thing is that they are not littered with other western civilised countries trying to build their way into the underdeveloped country and crash the local culture, well not yet anyway, but change does happen.
  3. New traditions are to be discovered

    New traditions, new buildings, new historic sites and new people are ready to be discovered. Be the envy of your family and friends as you explore places that are rich in tradition and have history that people know little about. It could make a great dinner conversation.
  4. Explore a local village:Nothing says local like stepping into a village, where technology is limited and WIFI is unheard of. The housing is basic, sometimes just bamboo, they farm their own crops and gather their own meat. Still the locals are smiling, the kids are laughing and everyone is pulling their weight to get through the day. It is a great sight to see.
  5. It is generally an affordable holiday:

    The underdeveloped countries are generally very affordable, whether it a hotel room, merchandise from a market, or food in a restaurant, it all comes at a crazy low price and your day to budget is maintained with ease. And isn’t that a good thing for your bank account.


What are you waiting for? When planning your next holiday, do something different, visit a country like Laos, or Nepal, perhaps even Cuba and enjoy a different travel experience.

Laos Temple

Beautiful temples are a great sight in Laos


Take action – List in the comments below the underdeveloped country or countries you have visited? I would love to know where you have been. Or which country would you like to visit?


A lone monk walks in Laos

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