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Everybody has that one movie that inspires them, whether it is a love story, a drama, an epic true story or in my case a travel movie. Generally, it is a feel-good film, one makes you either laugh, or cry, perhaps both. One agreeance is, that the inspired movie will have you thinking about long after the film has concluded.

Hector and the search for happiness is the travel movie I speak of, only a recent film (2014) that not a lot of people know of to be honest. It is a movie that is full of adventure, one that reasoned with me and had me thinking of my own life and what it stands for. It is a movie that teaches that life needs to be lived and not only worked, although the latter is an important facet of life and will always be.



But what if for one moment you just stepped back from what you are doing and wondered, is this really what you want in life. If the answer is yes, then good on you, if the answer is no, then what are you going to do to change to make yourself that little bit happier. That last bit is completely up to you.

Hector and the search for Happiness

Hector and the search for Happiness.

Hector and the Search for Happiness (in a nutshell)

Hector, played by Simon Pegg, lives day to day as a psychiatrist trying to mend the minds of others. Happy with his love life with girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) but unhappy in his everyday grind, Hector suffers a mental breakdown that inspires him to travel the world solo and do some research on what makes other people happy.

It leads him on quite an adventure to different destinations which begins in China, where he meets a British billionaire, gets caught up in a prostitute’s world and visits a monastery up in the mountains.

Next up is Africa, where he meets up with a friend and volunteers his medical expertise in a local village. He offers his help to a drug lord (Jean Reno) to get medicine for his sick wife and is kidnapped in the process, before a bit of humour in his celebratory release from his captures.

Los Angeles is his last destination, and stops in at a doctor who studies happiness on the brain, where he has a realization that he is meant to be with his patiently waiting girlfriend Clara and gets home to London immediately to get married.

The effect of this travel movie

It is a travel movie that shares many emotions other emotions other than adventure such as happiness, grief, sadness, triumph and love. It may, depending on your circumstances, have you thinking somewhat of your own life and where you want to be in five-years from now.

No, it won’t have you making drastic life choices, it didn’t for me either, because you should never be making rash decisions over a movie. However, it could inspire you to make different goals in your life and to reassess things from time to time.

Even with travel as the theme, it is important to note, this movie does leave you with a message, that no one or thing is more important in this world than the ones you love most back at home. Not that anyone should ever need reminding of that important fact.

Hector and the search for Happiness may not be your all-time favourite film, but if you are a traveller like me who loves to be inspired, then Hector will give you a good adventure for two hours and maybe, just maybe it will inspire you to travel.

What is your favourite travel movie? tell me in the comments below.

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What will inspire your next adventure?

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