While most of us love to travel, it’s considered to be a luxury by many. It’s something you do when you can afford to, and have saved up enough to enjoy yourself. What if you could be able to explore the world, meet new people and experiences, while also making a decent living?


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It sounds too good to be true, yet many travellers before us have pulled it off. They’ve spent an entire year on living the dream – and didn’t even have to spend all of their savings on it. You won’t have to dress up and sing for the random passersby either; simply find some money-making inspiration below and pack your bags.



It should come as no surprise that this is the first option. The world is your oyster when you have a laptop and a stable Internet connection, and you don’t have to be a world class programmer or passionate wordsmith to succeed as a freelancer.

Being a bit creative does help, though, but there are so many ways you can unleash your creativity; content creation, design, marketing, programming – you name it.

There are several great sites you can offer your services from as well, such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork. On both of these, you’ll bid for jobs and compete with other talents, such as yourself, to complete a project.

The ones who regularly use these sites to make money while travelling are surprised that not more people take advantage of the same – it’s such an easy way to cash in a bit extra and eat out every day.



This nifty communication tool is for way more than calling your parents while you’re away. People who used to spend their day in an office, helping and counselling others, have found a solution in Skype. Now, they’re able to stay comfortably abroad for most of the year, continue their work and only return home for a couple of months of the year.

All sorts of professions can take advantage of this: tutors, therapists, coaches, counsellors, et cetera. While I can’t speak for those who skipped the traditional route and started off working through Skype immediately, most people have a business set up already before attempting this.

They ask their usual clients if they’d be happy to continue the sessions remotely – and if they’ve been in touch with you for a while already, most of them are happy to do so. Remember that you need to stay somewhere with an excellent Internet connection, though, so it might be an idea to find a quality resort if this is your plan – you’ll be making money, in any way, and an unstable connection can be the end of your young Skype career.

Continue your therapy or tutoring sessions as normal, just do it via the Internet instead – and make sure you don’t show off the glittering blue skies and palm trees in the background if you’re a therapist. Such as shame with your seasonal depression; look how sunny it is over here, right?


Teach English

It’s the first option for a lot of people, and such a popular one that you’ll be able to find a lot of established programmes already. It even has a reputation for being quite well paid, although you need to get this confirmed for yourself. Find something that suits you before you leave, spend some time as an English teacher, and jet off with your money to explore other parts of the world, if you’d like.

It’s the ideal option for someone who enjoys working with people, don’t mind children, and have patience enough to be an alright teacher. You will get to know the locals in the area and feel how it actually is to live and work there.


Get a job in the hospitality industry

To become a part of the industry basically means that you can ask around at the local resorts and holiday places to see if they need some extra help. If you’re there during their high season, the chances that they need your kind help are quite high.

Think about where you’ll be able to thrive and see if they have any bartender jobs available, cleaning jobs, or even a position on a cruise ship. The great thing about this industry is that the jobs are seasonal and you’ll be able to leap from one place to the next – making money as you go, and continuing to explore the world.

The ones who say they would love to travel more but simply can’t afford it haven’t looked hard enough. They don’t really need to look for a long time; people like us are found everywhere, and technology has made it so easy for anyone to enjoy their nomadic lifestyle to the fullest. Live your life as you want to, and make sure you’re able to cash in while you’re at it.



The Thrifty Traveller: Smart Ways to Make Money Abroad

The Thrifty Traveller: Smart Ways to Make Money Abroad



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