The dreaded red eye flight is a tortured path that we have all had to take in our travelling life and we will continue to do so from time to time. The time of the night where it is preferable to be tucked up in bed, instead of travelling with a couple of hundred strangers, some who are snoring, others who are fidgeting and those who have no common courtesy of quiet time.

The chances are that on a red eye flight, you will not get a sustainable sleep, even if you have noise reducing headphones that block out most of the sounds around you, and any sleep you do get will be interrupted and it won’t be enough to get you get through a full day’s activities as your highly anticipated holiday begins.

Recovering from the red eye is not a simple process, only a solid sleep will cure those tired eyes and during the middle of the day it is not always the wisest suggestion. You don’t want to be wide-eyed during the middle of the night and ruin another day of your vacation. Not ideal at all.

There is no quick fix it to recover from the all-night plane trip, but here are a few little tips to help combat the fatigue during the day, so it may help you get through to the evening where you will be bound to hit the mattress early, have a full night sleep and ready to holiday the very next day.

Red eye flight

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How to recover from the dreaded red eye flight

  • Head straight to the hotel: Catching the red eye flight, you are more than likely going to arrive at your destination by mid-morning, at the latest. First thing you should do is head straight to the hotel, the chances are you won’t be able to check in immediately but it never hurts to ask, and never know, you may get lucky on the odd occasion. At least you will be able to drop off your luggage and have them taken off your hands immediately.
  • Take a walk: You will be most buoyant upon first arriving at your destination and it will be the moment that you have the most energy. It will be short lived. Take a walk around your area, get some familiarisation of the locations, such as bars and café’s, public transportation and possible future activities. By the completion of your walk, you may be ready to check-in to your hotel.
  • Have a small nap: Not too long, but a short one-hour nap in the afternoon will help reduce a little of your fatigue. Be careful not to overdo it however, because you want to be able to sleep at an appropriate time that night.
  • Don’t make any major plans: Plan your holiday wisely. If you know that you are catching the red eye flight, don’t make any major plans on the first day because fatigue will set in on you come evening time and at times the right decisions won’t be made. Save any major reunions, business plans and day trip for another day. Read about a South Korean experience to see what can go wrong.
  • Go to bed early: Your body and mind will appreciate it if you do the right thing by it. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, rejuvenate yourself and wake up the next morning feeling a million dollars. It’s time to officially start your holiday, all recovered from the dreaded red eye flight.


Take Action. Do you catch the red eye flight often? what do you do to recover from the dreaded flight the following day?

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red eye flight

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Red eye flight

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