The weather started to clear up and whatever holed me up in a bed during the first edition of Khao Lak Diaries was somewhat easing (even I was a little weak). That meant my body finally had some of the capabilities to get active and embrace the surrounds of Khao Lak and see how beautiful the area truly is.

Although taking in the surrounds of Khao Lak, with its vibrant town centre and beautiful beaches wasn’t the only thing that will captivate my memory bank from the time I leave the tourist area. Heading out to Phang Nga Bay and its gorgeous islands, along with its stunning mangroves was an experience to saviour.

Getting active in Thailand was the theme of the second and last edition of my adventures in Khao Lak, and that meant getting out and about more often, swimming a lot more in the Mai Khao Lak resort swimming pools and exploring the region with the limited time left in Thailand.  


family James Bond Island.

Great family memories at Bond, James Bond.


Highlights of Khao Lak Diaries – 2nd Edition – Getting active in Thailand

A Longboat into Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is as beautiful as it gets. Even on an overcast day, it didn’t take away the phenomenon as we set sail on the old longboat with the wind flowing through, bringing much relief to everyone from the humid conditions. The scenery was simply breathtaking as we by passed each island scattered in the bay with its hidden beaches, it had me thinking, if only I had my own boat to do as I please.

It was an active day out and about in Phang Nga Bay and it started with a canoe in the mangroves and through the Limestone Caves, with guides doing most of the work with the paddles, although I chimed in a little. James Bond Island (featured below) and the floating markets of Panyee Island, which is owned by the Thai Muslims were the other highlights during the busy day in the bay.

Active in thailand

Canoeing the Mangroves in Phang Nga Bay.

Active in thailand

Entering the caves.


James Bond Island

A part of the scene to the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” and don’t Thailand like to utilise it for their day tours. With Good reason too, a spectacular setting with its lonesome rock and hidden beach and its overpriced markets that is run by the locals.

Time on the James Bond Island was unfortunately limited for our crew, but there was enough time to take selfies with the famous Island in the background, take a dip in the bay amongst the crowded with people keen to take a picture and to quickly rest up in the shade and admire everything around us. It was simply stunning.

James Bond Island

Entering into James Bond IslandJames Bond Island

James Bond Island.


Khao Lak Night Markets

Another Southeast Asian country and another night market, but you can’t visit any part of Thailand without taking in the experience of the local towns major market’s where a bargain is sure to be found as you sharpen the bartering skills.

The Bang Niang Markets is the attraction of the Khao Lak town centre, with plenty of stalls of clothes, souvenirs, fruit and veg, bars and restaurants that will occupy your time for hours. Don’t forget to grab a cheap fresh fruit smoothie, they are great, refreshing and appreciated in the Thai heat.

Bang Nieng Khoa Lak

Khao Lak Night markets, Bang Niang.

Khao Lak Markets

Dinner time!!!



Sky Bar – Khao Lak’s only Rooftop Bar

The setting of Khao Lak’s only rooftop bar happens at the gorgeous Mai Khao Lak Beach resort. The Sky Bar, on my one and only visit was quiet and there are a few reasons surrounding this, as it is a fair stretch out of town and the drinks are overpriced as you would expect at a resort bar.

However, if you wander in to the neat bar and restaurant around 5;30 pm, you will witness the best sunset in Khao Lak and it won’t hurt you to grab a cocktail or two as you witness the stunning views of the resort and out towards the Andaman Sea.

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Mai Khao Lak

Khao Lak’s only rooftop bar, The Sky Bar.

Sky Bar Khao Lak

Great views from the Sky Bar.

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Khao Lak

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