Ditch Phuket!!! I hear what you’re thinking, Is this guy serious?

Perhaps I am being a little harsh, because Phuketis great, yes great!!! And if that is your preferred holiday destination, I’ll be the first to say there is nothing wrong with that. Especially if you love the busy atmosphere that comes with the popular tourist island of Thailand.

What if I could tell you that there is another option just as appetising for travellers, that is situated along the West Coast of Thailand that overlooks the Andaman Sea, and better yet, it’s only a short 60-minute drive from the Phuket International Airport.

Sounds Great!!! Well let me introduce you to Khao Lak.

The chances are you have probably heard of it, some of you have probably paid a visit, but if you haven’t stumbled across Khao Lak during your time in Thailand or if you are just plain unfamiliar with coastal town, I am going to give you a few reasons why you should head North to Khao Lak and ditch Phuket in the process.

Ditch Phuket

Jump for joy, it’s Khao Lak.



Less hustle and bustle


Less, crowds, less tourist, less worries. Walking around the town centre and the major markets of Khao Lak are a breeze, especially when there is less chance of colliding with people on the streets and watching your step at every turn. Another bonus is the amount of traffic on the streets, it is considerably less, which also means less motor bikes to doge.

In the quieter streets of Khao Lak you have the luxury to shop with freedom and without getting hassled constantly by a shop owner, at least until you are ready to buy because that’s when the bartering begins. The same can be said with laidback nature of Khao Lak’s bars and restaurants, wander in grab a seat and enjoy a relaxing Chang beer, while mingling with those around you, and at the end of night, either stroll back to your hotel or catch an affordable taxi that are readily available.


Khao Lak Markets

Get out and about in the markets of Khao Lak.


Pristine beaches


From the time you enter Khao Lak and take your first glimpse of the coast line over the Andaman Sea, you will be mesmerised at how beautiful the beaches look from afar. Very white and pristine. The first thought will be take camera out and take some amazing photos.  

Once at the beach itself, there is plenty of room to move about, with crowds simply not an issue and the seas quite calm in most areas. Best of all you will find the beaches are kept relatively clean, so take of your thongs and enjoy the soft sand underneath your feet and enjoy a stroll by ocean.

Khao lak beaches

Ditch Phuket for these beautiful Khao Lak beaches.


Delightful beachside resorts


When a town is situated on the beach, there are bound to be some fine beachside resorts and Khao Lak doesn’t disappoint with many fine resorts spread out through the town. You will find a number resorts either within walking distance of the town or some a little further out.

Some great resorts of note in Khao Lak is the Mai Khao Lak Resort, Laguna Resort, Beyond Resort and the delightful Anda Mani Resort. Be sure you that you will find plenty of accommodations in the area to suit most budgets.

Heading to Khao Lak? Check out hotel prices at TripAdvisor.


Mai Khao Lak

Mai Khao Lak Resort.



Khao Lak has everything you need for a perfect holiday


Whatever it is you desire for a luxury holiday, khao Lak will not let you down. Shopping, beaches, waterfalls, restaurants and bars and many attractions within close proximity to town. Khao Lak has all what Phuket has to offer, just with less crowds.

You want a day trip out to James Bond Island or Phi Phi islands, Khao Lak and their popular tours will deliver. You want a trip over to Phuket, it’s only a short drive away and you can be back in time to watch a gorgeous Thai sunset to end the perfect day.

If you didn’t know much about Khao Lak, well now you know a little more, but nothing can beat seeing this fabulous town for yourself and witnessing true luxury. It may persuade you to ditch Phuket for your next holiday and explore a different of Thailand.


Khao Lak Beach

Overlooking a beach in Khao Lak.

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