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So, you want to experience Australia in all its glory but you don’t want to be a typical vacationer? That’s understandable, as there are so many amazing parts of this vast and diverse country to explore beyond its most common tourist destinations. Though, that being said, those are well worth visiting too.

Australia is a fascinating country that boasts some of the wildest and most unexplored parts of the world in the endless outback and some of the densest and most cultured parts of the world in its famous cities. If you want to see it all with none of the raw and eye-opening experiences cut out then here’s a true explorer’s guide to Australia.


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Western Australia.

If you’re going to explore Western Australia, head to Perth. Whilst this is definitely a city that you’ve heard of before, don’t be so quick to dismiss this idea. If you’re somebody who tires quickly of the chaotic and busy streets of popular tourist cities then you can venture out a little further to the surrounding areas of Perth.

Just north of this city (which is still fantastic in its own right, by the way) is a small coastal town known as Guilderton. It’s the kind of gem that you won’t see in many popular brochures or on travel websites but that’s because its beauty is a secret kept by the locals. Guilderton is situated right by the beautiful Moore River, and it also boasts a stunning beach on which you can admire one of those classic movie-esque sunsets.


Guilderton, Australia

Gorgeous Guilderton at its best.



Queensland is a vast place, so where do you begin as an explorer? Well, if you don’t fancy major cities such as Brisbane then you could opt for more of a traveller’s vacation, yet again. You could head to the beautiful Rainbow Beach whilst you’re there. Not only is this a beautiful little place to visit on the coast if you’re a fan of beaches, catching waves, and relaxing in quaint little towns but it’s also only a short ferry ride away from the immensely popular Fraser Island.

Again, whilst you may want to venture to places slightly off the beaten track, these are definitely locations tailor-made for explorers; Fraser Island boasts an exciting rainforest walk for the lover of both long treks and seeing nature in its rawest form.


Explorer's guide to Australia

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New South Wales.

When you’re visiting this part of Australia, you have to be a little “typical” and see Sydney. Whilst there’s plenty for the average vacationer to see here, there’s also a lot for the adventurous explorer to absorb. You could visit the Jenolan Caves, for example; there’s the potential to try out ‘Adventure Caving’ if you fancy pumping a little adrenaline into the experience.

And north of Sydney is Byron Bay, which is another popular tourist destination in New South Wales. But, again, there’s good reason for that. The beautiful scenery is something that no number of tourists can ruin.

Plus, if you want to do a little more than snoozing on beaches (you are here to explore, after all) then you could try your hand at scuba-diving to really admire the underwater life for which Australian coastlines are so famed.

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