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Whether you are going on holiday over the winter period, or are planning your next summer vacation, you will want to cut down the stress involved in travel. You are going away to

recharge your batteries and get some decent downtime, so you don’t want to return from your time away feeling frazzled and burnt out by the experience. To cut down your travel stress, here are some tips you might find helpful.


7 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress

7 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress

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Plan ahead of time

Unless you’ve booked a last-minute package deal, plan way ahead way of time. Write down everything you need to do, such as booking a hotel, reserving travel seats, sorting out pet arrangements, etc. The earlier you can get things done, the less panicked you will be in the days leading up to the holiday.

Print everything

From receipts to booking information, print out everything and keep them in a safe place. You will need them as a physical reminder of important details, as you never know when your computer or smartphone may go wrong.

Get specialist help

There are advantages in planning your holiday with a travel agent, as some will make arrangements on your behalf, including accommodation, itineraries, and travel. Check out Best Of The Kimberley for what we mean. The only thing they won’t do is pack your bags for you, although they may give advice on what you should carry.

Ditch Phuket

Reduce the holiday travel stress and jump for joy instead.

Make a packing checklist

There is always something we forget when we go on holiday. Often, these will be easily sourced items, such as a toothbrush or phone charger. However, there are some things you don’t want to forget, such as your passport and travel tickets, so you need to make yourself a reminder. We recommend this packing list wizard which will help you remember everything you need, for each member of your family.

Delegate responsibility

Imagine the scene. You get to the airport only to discover you are missing the required documents. You thought your partner had them; they thought you had them. Wrong! They are still on the kitchen counter at home. Cut down on this awkward and holiday ruining situation by delegating certain responsibilities to one person. Knowing who is doing what will reduce the stress, and you will also know who to blame should something go wrong.

white-water rafting

Pack for emergencies because you never know when a Band-Aid is required.

Pack for emergencies

Especially when travelling somewhere by car, you need a bag containing emergency items, such as a first-aid kit, and medications. However, you should still have a carry bag when travelling on a plane, so you don’t want your essentials locked away in the luggage compartments. We aren’t only talking about medical emergencies. Your kids may need something to play with, and you may want something to do on a long journey to stave off boredom. A few snacks should also be on hand for hungry bellies.

Get into holiday mode

Finally, you aren’t going to have a great holiday if you are thinking about work or other life pressures. On your travels and at your destination, focus on your vacation. You won’t be able to relax if you are constantly checking work emails or a family member insists on ringing you with unimportant issues. While you will be using social media to upload your holiday pics, you might want to turn your smartphones off occasionally, to get rid of these unwelcome distractions.

We wish you a stress-free holiday!

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