Are you the kind of traveller who prefers to travel the world with only a backpack? flying with budget airlines and opting out of those excess baggage fees that comes when take the cheaper option.

Or perhaps you rather a hassle-free exit from the airport, where you grab your backpack, bypass the luggage carousel and out the door to your destination.

Quick, easy and convenient.

To travel the world with only a backpack does have its cons, it means you must be stingy when it comes to packing your belongings, where you’ll need to make a choice at what items are packed for your adventure and those that are not.

What about the positives of travelling with hand-luggage only? There are a few, and if you get the trick right with a little forward planning, it’ll feel like you brought your whole wardrobe with you on your trip.

Of course, there will be times where it’s not plausible to travel with hand luggage only, for instance, family travel or visiting winter climates where you need to be rugged up. Then again, maybe you have paid top dollar to fly with a major airline that allows the extra luggage allowance, nothing wrong with flying in style from time to time.

Right now, that is irrelevant, because in this article, we are focusing on backpack travel and how it can be beneficial to your adventures. And, believe it or not, it can be quite beneficial experience when you choose to travel light and easy.  


travel the world with only a backpack

Travel the world with only a backpack. Picture from Pexels.


Check the Weight

Different airlines have different weight restrictions when it comes to hand luggage limits and as a standard, most airlines will allow an average from 7-10kg per customer.

Often, you’ll know the restrictions when booking your flight. It’s also important to measure your backpack on the scales before heading to the airport, some airline companies or airports around the world could check the weight upon checking in, but it’s not always be the case.

Purchase your convenient digital luggage scales on Amazon and never travel over the limit again.




Minimise the Load  

Minimise everything you put into your backpack, from clothing, bathroom essentials and any junk you may not need to add, and to be honest, you probably don’t need.

Forget your towel, your hotel will have you covered. The same can be said for shampoo, soaps and so on, leave it at home. Minimise the clothes you wear, bring only a couple of shorts, shirts, underwear, socks, you get the drift, in that case you only need to do a little light washing back in your hotel room every night, it won’t take long.

If you feel the need to bring a jumper and long pants, wear them on the plane instead of stuffing it in your backpack, besides, it always gets a little cool during your flight.

You get the point by now, minimise the load anyway you can and pack smart. If you think you can travel without a specific item, leave it out. 


Pack the Essentials

Don’t forget to pack the essentials, that means items you can’t afford to live without. For instance, medical supplies that you can’t get while on holidays, and no I am not talking about pain-killers or Band-Aids. Medication that may save your life.

Pack the important stuff like passports, visas, cash, everything you need to make your holiday go smoothly. Don’t laugh, but I know people who have left those much-needed valuables on their kitchen bench. Talk about a holiday spoiler.

If photography is your hobby, bring the camera, capturing those magic moments on your holiday is always valuable. Although your smart phone will do just fine if you are not interested in going above and beyond in photography.

The essentials could be a personal thing that someone needs, and the other doesn’t, there is no right or wrong answer. Just make sure whatever the item is, that it can fit in your backpack.

Pack the essentials with a packing checklist from Amazon.   


Know what to leave out

What can go underneath the plane is not necessarily the same as want it can go up top with you in economy class. Items such as toothpaste, facial moisturiser, hair products and other liquids need to be under the 100g threshold to get through security gates.

You can purchase travel sized bathroom essentials at your local supermarket to make things a little easier on yourself. Read the rules of certain carry on do’s and don’ts right here.    


Choose a sturdy backpack

Backpack travels may need to come at a little cost, initially, because you don’t want to go cheap on your backpack. Remembering, this little bag will be your constant companion while you’re on the road, and a sturdy, strong, and even a waterproof backpack is essential when choosing to travel by these means.

Check out this sturdy travel Swiss Gear Scansmart TSA backpack, convenient for laptops and appropriate for any adventure when roughing it throughout the world. Buy yours today from Amazon.


Get packing and get travelling.


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