When it comes to holidays, nowadays we’ll generally hop on a plane to take us to exotic places overseas. Sure, flight is one of the fastest means of long distance travel. But half of your adventure should be in the journey! So why not get your sea legs on and take to the open water.

Whether as a means of getting from A to B, or as a fun activity, the sea can give your get away a whole new twist. Here are a few ways that you can test the waters without jumping straight into the deep end and sailing your own ship from one country to another.


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Sea Cruises

Most of us have a cruise on our bucket list. That’s why so many people book up on them in retirement: they finally have the free time to take a long break, visiting various countries in one extended stint. But you don’t have to wait until you’re a pensioner to try one out. Some of the most popular sea cruise routes take you around the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Cuba and Europe.

Choose your cruise liner carefully. You want the best of the best, as you’ll be spending a whole lot of time on it. Take a look at different cabins (the ones that you’re assigned might not necessarily be the one from the front page of the brochure), the dining options available (you need to ensure that your specific dietary needs are met), and the entertainment available (while you may spend your days off-ship exploring local areas and beaches, you will need something good to keep you occupied on the evenings and when you’re travelling from one place to another).


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River Cruises


River cruises are the younger sibling of sea cruises. They run on the same basic principles, but are often shorter (usually spanning less than a week) and cover a shorter distance (from one city to another rather than one country to another). So, if river cruises interest you, it’s time to start doing your research! Find somewhere that you want to visit, check out the local waterways and find out whether there’s a local company who will help you to sail along the way. You should also check when departures are, as they may be less frequent than what you’re used to from larger scale cruise line companies.

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Enjoy awesome river cruises.


Speed Boat


Speed boats offer a real adrenaline kick to a day at the beach. They can be used just for the fun of it, or they can get you from one shore to another nearby cove or miniature island. Being in control of your own means of travel on the water can be thrilling. Especially at high speed. However, remember to be careful and ensure that the company you rent a speedboat from also supply you with a reliable life jacket. This is absolutely essential, as you never know when you might fall off or a problem could result in the speedboat breaking down in the waters.


These are just a few different ways of taking to the waters. So get searching and try ditching your land legs for at least a little while on your next adventure!


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Water babies can cruise on any type of boat.

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