Recently I made the exciting decision to have a trip to Japan for the very first time, with Osaka being the port of call. Exciting times ahead indeed and with the excitement came the fun of looking for flights, agonising over a few prices, and for me personally, have a little debate on whether I should fly with a low-cost airline or go with the comforts of a major airline.


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Is flying with a low-cost airline always the cheaper option?


Anyone that knows me, will know that most times I choose to fly with a low-cost carrier with Air Asia being my number one choice, and while I’ll continue to use their services in the future, at times you need to ask yourself, for this certain occasion is a low-cost airline the way to go for this trip?

If you are looking directly for the cheaper option, generally I would say yes, but sometimes those major airlines like Qantas, Emirates or Singapore Airlines throw too good a special that it can’t be refused. That’s what I found on this occasion when booking my trip to Japan and did my eyes light up at the prospect of flying with an airline with a few extra comforts and luxuries.

While AirAsia still had the cheaper price, the Singapore Airlines flight was only a touch more expensive due to its current promotion, and since Singapore Airlines includes luggage, meals, entertainment and a little more comfort with extra leg space, it really made this decision a no brainer.

Another thing you need to weigh up when booking a flight with low-cost airline is the first price you see, may not be the final price. keeping in mind that luggage, seat choice and meals are an add on and extra costs will apply if you choose to add such specific products to the booking.

It can make you think sometimes and the question will be asked, is the cheaper price really the cheaper option, sometimes it will be, most times it will be, but on some occasions, it won’t be the case and that is why you need to do your due diligence and conduct a little research before you pay the final bill. Exactly like i did before making the final payment for my trip to Osaka.

In conclusion, a low-cost flight will usually be your cheapest option, especially when their awesome promotions come out, for instance, the AirAsia mega sale which is ridiculously cheap and too good to refuse.

However, sometimes it’s good to spoil yourself in life and when that moment comes along to fly with a superior airline at the right price, you simply must choose to travel in style.

Happy travels and happy searching for those awesome travel deals.

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Flying Singapore Airlines.



AIrAsia a fantastic low-cost airline.

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