Perthshire is a historic county in Scotland, being home to some truly breath-taking landscapes which has made a popular tourist destination. With many picturesque towns and villages – not to mention a major city – there is certainly no lack of options for places to visit in Perthshire.

With so many things to do and see in Perthshire, it’s likely going to take you more than one visit to see everything this wonderful area has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do and see in Perthshire:



Top Things to Do and See in Perthshire


Stay at Luxury Cottage

There are many luxury Perthshire holiday cottages throughout the county, and it’s arguably one of the best ways to take in the region. Because of the many small towns and villages in the county, many of the charming cottages are available to rent out for a holiday stay.

This offers a luxury stay at an authentic Perthshire cottage, where you can expect to find stunning views of the mountains, lochs, rivers, and forests. Explore sleepy villages, take in the stunning Scottish countryside, and enjoy all the comforts (and peace and quiet!) of staying at a luxury cottage in Perthshire.


Aodin-Snug cottage

Aodin-Snug cottage.


Visit Scone Palace

Scone Palace is located near the village of Scone and the city of Perth, being one of the must-see attractions of Perthshire. Originally built in 1580, the historic house was rebuilt in the 19th century, with the Georgian architecture exuding elegance and sophistication.

Visitors are permitted, with self-guided tours offering the chance to take in this splendid country manor. Scone Palace boasts a rich history waiting to be discovered, while the grounds of the manor have gardens, woods, and even a maze waiting to be explored.



Scone Palace.


Explore the Wilderness

Perthshire is home to diverse landscapes begging to be explored. From the high mountains of the southern Highlands to rolling countryside’s, there is some truly remarkable wilderness throughout Perthshire.

Lochs, streams, hills, woodlands, and Munros – Perthshire has it all! Whether you love to outdoors or simply enjoy exploring new places, Perthshire is the perfect place to go outside and explore. You can take in the natural wildlife and fauna on a casual country stroll or attempt to hike one of the many hills and mountains, the choice is limitless!



Explore the wilderness in Perthshire.


Learn About the Black Watch

The Black Watch Museum is found within the historic Balhousie Castle near Perth, with the exhibit paying homage to the legendary Scottish Regiment the Black Watch. Founded in 1752, the Black Watch was the foremost regiment from Scotland, founded to repel the Jacobite uprising of 1715.


Black Witch Museum

Balhousie Castle


Since then, the Black Watch was involved in some of the most important campaigns in history, with the museum housing items collected over the various campaigns the Black Watch took part in. In particular, their role in the trench warfare of World War I is commemorated, where almost 30,000 Black Watch casualties occurred.

Absorbed into the Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006, the Black Watch is no longer active, but their legend goes down in Scottish history, making the museum quite the attraction for anyone looking to learn more about the history of Scotland.

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Black Watch Museum

Black Watch Museum.

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