My Weekend Getaway in Amazing Sydney – New South Wales

My Weekend Getaway in Amazing Sydney – New South Wales

When a weekend in Sydney is certainly not enough time, but it is better than not being here at all, this is my weekend in Sydney of Australia.

What a beautiful three nights it was in Australia’s largest city as business and pleasure were mixed in busy three days that had the alcohol flowing, the hips getting bigger from all the food eaten, and the camera busy snapping away at all the gorgeous Sydney attractions.

It was three quick days in Sydney, too quick. But in that time I managed to fall in love with this fantastic city, that is right up in the greatest cities in the world. 


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Amazing Sydney.

Amazing Sydney.




My Weekend Getaway in Amazing Sydney



Why was in Sydney

As I said, in the beginning, it was a business trip. A conference that spread over Friday and Saturday before having spare time on Sunday and Monday.

I am a South Korean teacher in a Western Australian primary school, and I was flown over, given accommodation in an elegant hotel and fed top quality food. It was all expenses paid for a trip.

A trip that had a large amount of South Korean language teachers flown over for a conference, so we could all lift our game so to speak. I wasn’t going to say no to a free trip.


Where did I stay in Sydney

I was fortunate to stay in two excellent hotels, the Park Royal and the Radisson Blu, both in Darling Harbour. One was paid for via the conference, and Radisson was paid for out of my expenses.

Park Royal Sydney: It’s a four-star hotel, with amazing rooms, a comfortable bed and most of a fantastic view of the Darling Harbour region. To top it off it had a restaurant and bar on the first floor.

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Park Royal Sydney

Park Royal Sydney.



Radisson Blu Sydney: An elegant hotel I must say, an old look on the outside but pure luxury on the inside. The Radisson chain does hotels well, and I have stayed in a few.

This particular one in Sydney is no exception (there are two Radisson’s in Sydney). It has all of what you would expect from a 5-star luxury hotel, luxurious rooms, elegant bathrooms and a friendly service you would expect of such a stylish hotel. It didn’t quite come with the fantastic view l got at the Park Royal, but I couldn’t complain.

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Sydney Radisson

The Radisson Blu Sydney.



Where did I Eat great food in Sydney


Conference Fine Dining: I was so fortunate to be able to dine in style at the conference room at Sydney University. Private caterers were hired to give us merely delicious food. Oh and all the wine I could drink.

For dinner, we were spoilt with a three-course meal, which included fresh snapper and lovely Chocolate Mousse.


My weekend in Sydney

Amazing desserts were a treat during my weekend in Sydney.


Korea Town Sydney: How happy was I to find Korea Town in Sydney. It was almost like being home again, almost. Surrounded by many Korean restaurants, it is fair to say I took advantage of a large amount of Korean cuisine available.


A little Korean from Korea Town Sydney.

A little Korean from Korea Town, Sydney.



What did I do and see in Sydney


Darling Harbour: Staying in the heart of Darling Harbour was perfect. It had everything: street entertainment, ferries, restaurants and cafes. Of course, do not forget the breathtaking views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It is what makes Sydney so iconic.


Out and about in Darling harbour.

Out and about in Darling Harbour.


Ferries, Ferries everywhere: Never have I been to a city where boats is a part of the public transportation, but Sydney never stops to amaze. Hundreds pack on the ferries and hundreds pack off, eager to have fun in the big city.


Ferries in the harbour

Ferries in the harbour.


City Night lights: Everything looks better at night, and Sydney is no exception. The big city lights gaze down upon you as the entertainment heats up as the city comes to life with people out and about in large numbers.


Sydney at night

Sydney is beautiful at night.


The Opera House and Harbour Bridge Views: How amazing is this? A long walkway, full of bars that run along the Harbour. It is selling only beer and other alcohol, no food. You grab your beers and sit by the water with the Sydney Opera House in full view in the background.

It was short, brief, but magnificent. The next time I go to Sydney, I will make sure it is a little longer than a weekend because there is so much more to be done in this great city. And I need to be doing a lot more.



The Harbour Bridge meets the Opera House.

The Harbour Bridge meets the Opera House.

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