Back to Bali for a 2017 adventure and how excited I was to be in paradise to see new places in a great part of Indonesia.

First up, I went to Tanjung Benoa, I had no idea what to expect, albeit that it was near a popular beach and activities along the bay were bound to be had. Therefore, how bad could it be? Not bad at all I say. In fact, it was excellent.

So let’s venture into another fun travel diaries edition, as I take you an adventure on the East coast of the Indonesian Island of God, where I stayed in a fine luxury hotel, did a few fun activities along the beach and enjoyed streets of Tanjung Benoa in this, the first edition of Bali diaries.

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Tanjung Benoa

Escape to the beach and see a beautiful sunrise.


Bali Diaries 2017 – Days 1-3 – Beach Adventures in Tanjung Benoa


The best bit of Tanjung Benoa

Parasailing Tunjong Benoa – A first for me and I loved every moment of it. Getting persuaded by the friendly salesman to take the plunge and before I knew I was on the boat. Getting hoisted in the air with nothing but a rope attached to a boat and a parasail to keep me hoisted.

I get that it may not mean a lot to the extreme enthusiast out there. But for me, not so long ago, being at height was not my forte. Forget fear, the view on top of the ocean overlooking Tanjung Benoa and the bay was pure gorgeous. I didn’t want to come down.



Getting high in the blue sky in Tanjung Benoa.

Tanjung Benoa

Let’s go parasailing in the Bay.


Where I stayed in Tanjung Benoa

The Sakala Resort – A luxury 5-star resort. The Sakala is an ideal resort for your stay in Tajung Benoa that provides paradise in the tropics. The resort’s main features are its spacious rooms with stunning views, large and spacious swimming pools and great dining – including The Sakala restaurant that is situated by the The Sakala beach Club, which over looks the bay.

My stay in the resort was a sponsored trip, but don’t let that deter you of how impressive it was, the whole design throughout the resort, from the rooms leading into the jungle, towards the swimming pools and the main restaurant is fabulous and you will love this amazing resort in the heart of Benoa. You can check out my main Sakala Resort article, right here. 


The Sakala Resort

The Sakala Resort.

beach adventures in Tanjung Benoa

Getting tropicla in The Sakala Resort in Tanjung Benoa.


The Major Highlights of Bali Diaires in Tanjung Benoa

– Jet skiing: Just like the parasailing was a first for me, I felt the need to add another first, Jet Skiing. A little bit more pulsating, for the sheer fact the beach was so crowed. The hairs stood up on my neck.

Even though there was an experience instructor with me, didn’t ease the nerves, until I reached the open blue waters of the bay and it was just me and the ocean. The throttle went full ball and the ski glided over the water at pace.


Jet skiing the Bay

Jet Skiing the Bay.

Jet ski

Getting a little Jet ski action.


– Exploring the streets of Tanjung Benoa: It may not have the hustle and bustle of some of the busy areas in Bali, until you are on the beach that is. The streets of Tanjung Benoa has a great lively street and from section to section, you will see great boutique market stalls, restaurants and bars and plenty of massage parlours at a real cheap price. It even has a Starbucks.

Make sure you enjoy and take in the streets of Tanjung Benoa and say “hello” to the locals, hey are quite friendly. And when you get asked constantly for a taxi ride, a polite “no” will suffice.

That’s about it for the first edition of Bali Diaries in Tanjung Benoa, a quiet and somewhat lively area of Bali. You can check out the second edition, where I visit the Cultural City of Ubud. 


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Tanjung Benoa

Say Hi to the locals in Bali.

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