As a Fair Dinkum Traveller rampaging around the world, I have stayed in all types of accommodation from resorts, hotels, cheap motels, Airbnb apartments and camping in tents under the stars or freezing cold.

It was always only a matter of time until I added luxury glamping to the list of accommodations and that opportunity came possible thanks to the great team at Boogaloo surf and yoga in Augusta of Western Australia.

For a couple of nights, staying at Boogaloo Surf and Yoga in the very Southwest corner of WA, I got the honour to explore the boutique Coastal Town and enjoy a good nights sleep in a luxury tent.

Peace, quiet and all gracious country scene were the best ways to describe the tranquil experience, therefore, let’s have a look at Boogaloo surf and Yoga Campsite.



The set up at Boogaloo.

The set up at Boogaloo.


Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta Western Australia


What is the difference between camping and glamping?

As much as things seem the same, there are still so many differences. Camping requires that you pack more, pitch your tent, organise your bedding and your camp kitchen.

Then you need to pack up everything when it’s time to leave and give your tent a suitable hose when back at home. It is quite a hectic experience for what is meant to be a rest away from the real world.

When it comes to Glamping, all problems are solved. At least that is the case at Boogaloo Augusta. The tents are large and spacious; there is a bbq area with a wash-up station and a warm shower to give you that fresh feel.

It’s like checking into a hotel, and only glamping is much more affordable and laidback.

It’s Glamping Western Australia.


A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.

A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.



Where is Boogaloo Surf and Yoga Campsite

The Boogaloo glamping site is based in Augusta, Western Australia, in the far South West corner of the state and only three and a half hour drive from Perth.

Augusta is a picturesque town, with plenty of activities and sightseeing to see and do in the Region.

Wineries are plenty for those wine buffs who love to have a taste, and the major tourist town of Margaret River is only twenty minutes away, and you can further splurge on yourself and enjoy the nature of the state.

A must visit in the area is the Leeuwin Lighthouse, the views are stunning as you climb to the top, and the Blackwood River will keep the water enthusiasts entertained.

Augusta is an unsung town that needs to be on the bucket list whenever visiting the great state of Western Australia, it’ll also offer an adventure for a delightful glamping South West WA experience.


Picturesque views in Augusta.

Picturesque views in Augusta, Western Australia.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.


The Boogaloo Tent

There is no cramping close together in these tents, as space is certainly not an issue. Inside is a queen-sized bed, a couple of bean bag for lounging, with a small coffee table.

A little lighting is provided for when the sun comes down, enough so you can read a book at night. A couple of fold up chairs is available as well, just in case you want to sit outside under the stars with a beer in hand.

If you are wondering about the bedding and its comfortability, never fear. I have never had a better night sleep than at Boogaloo, no aching bones or sore back in the morning.

The bedding was a good as you get at home and to a lot of people that is a big deal when seeking glamping in the South West.


Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.


Surfing at Boogaloo

Surfing is in the blood at Boogaloo. So much so, they have introduced courses to build their famous hollow wooden surfboards.

Go inside the fascinating workshop as Paul provides detailed lessons that do take a few days to carry out, but worth it in the end.

How about a morning surf?

Boogaloo has you covered as Paul takes you out to some hidden gems on the South West coast. If you are new to surfing, Paul also provides lessons for those daring enough to want to take on the ocean.

For more details on the surfing aspect, visit the website.


The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.

The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.


Yoga and Massage for Relaxation Therapy

You could be forgiven for thinking that Boogaloo is a 5-star resort rather than glamping out under the stars with all these extra services provided including the finest Augusta yoga exercises.

Yoga sessions and remedial massages are also on offer at Boogaloo, and it all takes place inside the luxury tents. How good is that for a glamping experience?


Enter here for a massage.

Enter here for a relaxing massage at Boogaloo surf and yoga.


You can always Pitch your tent

Sharing is caring at Boogaloo, and if you have your tent or motorhome, there is plenty of free space to shack up for the night or a few nights to set up your camping site.

The team at Boogaloo won’t reject your stay because you have your accommodation, so instead, book a site and stay the night.


Plenty of space at Boogaloo.

Plenty of space at Boogaloo.


Booking with Boogaloo Surf and Yoga

Booking is easy with Boogaloo; you can visit the Airbnb Website and check in the dates available.

Otherwise, you can book through wiki camps or go to the Boogaloo website and contact the friendly team themselves.


Appreciation to Boogaloo

A huge thank you needs to go to the Boogaloo Surf and Yoga.

The team made my stay comfortable, and it was a fun couple of nights in Augusta. Of course, this is a sponsored post, but as always, I keep my experiences real, and all opinions are my own. Happy travels.


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