Postcards – The Golden Temple in Vientiane – Pha That Luang –  Laos

Postcards – The Golden Temple in Vientiane – Pha That Luang – Laos

Spectacular in all its glamour, it stands out bright and golden in the Laos sun. I speak of the fabulous temple and surrounding attractions that is wanting to be seen in its glamour and colours of all variety, a special place in the Laos capital that is welcoming tourist and locals alike, to come inside for a peek and marvel at the Golden Temple in Vientiane, Laos.

The Golden Temple is also known as Pha That Luang, a name more known to the locals in Vientiane. The splendid golden structure is surrounded by other pagodas, equally grand in its own architecture design and with the low entrance fee of about a dollar, this popular attraction in Laos is more than worth a visit.

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The golden temple in Vientiane

The Buddha in the Golden Temple in Vientiane, Laos.


Where is the Golden Temple in Vientiane?

The Golden Temple is smack bang in the heart of Vientiane City, the capital of Laos, it is suggested this grand attraction was built in the 3rd century, although it has been reconstructed several times since it’s completion long ago. Therefore, when you’re inside the grounds of Phat That Luang, you can stand in astonishment to be standing in hundreds and hundreds of years of tradition and history when you’re viewing the major attractions of the temple grounds.

Getting to this fine attraction is no big deal at all, grab the attention of a tuc tuc driver stationed on just about every corner in the city, mention the name Pha That Luang, negotiate a fair price and you’ll be ushered off to the attraction. In some instances, the driver will have a sign with a list of attractions in Vientiane and from there you can get to your multiple destination at a affordable rate.

During my time in Vientiane, there was a fair bit of work happening to the temple proper itself, so my views of ther main structure were somewhat hampered.


Pha That Luang

Magnificent structures in the grounds of the temple.

Pha That Luang

Temples and other attractions inside Pha That Luang.


What to do at the Golden Temple?

The Golden Palace is simply a great place for sightseeing and an appropriate place to get your camera out for some great culture photography when visiting the country of Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. While there are many temples in the country, this beauty that is Pha That Luang is up there as one the finest to visit and is popular for all the locals for their religious celebrations on major holidays throughout the year, with plenty of festivals taking place.

A visit to the Golden temple certainly needs to be on the list when you’re looking at what to do in Vientiane, a rather large list when you think of other palaces, marketplaces and attractions there is to see in the Vientiane Centre. 


The Golden palace

Great artist of the Buddha story within the ceiling inside the Golden Temple.

Pha That Luang

A whole lot of Buddha’s inside the halls of the main Pagoda.


What’s going on inside the grounds of Pha That Luang?

Inside the main pagoda, nearest to the entrance, is a great spot to grab a candle and have prayer  if that is your kind of thing when visiting Buddhist temples, perhaps you do it for good health and good luck. In the ceiling of this fabulous structure upon entering the pagoda, there is an epic artist work about the story of how the Buddha became, if you are travelling with a guide they should give you a terrific description of the story of Buddha, it is intriguing and perhaps you have heard it before in your travels.

In fact, the grounds of the Golden Temple are full of great architecture, art design, amazing structures and Lao Culture and if you do visit any temple in Vientiane, be sure that the Pha That Luang is on the list, and be prepared to be mesmerised of its beauty, history and rich culture.


The Golden Palace

This stunning temple inside the grounds of the Golden Temple.

Lying Buddha at Golden Palace, Laos

Lying Buddha at the Golden Palace.

The Magnificent Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane – Laos

The Magnificent Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane – Laos

 They say you haven’t been to Laos if you haven’t visited the Patuxai War Monument in the country’s capital, Vientiane. I  must admit I love that saying, because it is sucha true statement, as this special landmark represents the country so proudly, historically and it stands central in the city with its large presence for everyone to see on the famous Vientiane strip on the Ave Lane Xang.

Do yourself a favour while sightseeing the unique  city of Southeast Asia and get yourself to the Patuxai War Monument, it’s gorgeous from the outside, inside the buildings where you’ll find an abundance of market places and on the top, you” catch beautiful views of Vientiane.


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Patuxai Monument, Laos

Entering the Patuxai.

Patuxai Monument, Laos

The Patuxai from the down the road.


The Patuxai War Monument Vientiane


The meaning behind the Patuxai War Monument Vientiane 

The construction of the monument was completed in 1968 and it took a good ten years to construct. The Monument is dedicated to people of Lao, who struggled their way for independence from the French, who colonised the country from 1893 to 1953. The Patuxai is also know as the Victory Monument and for obvious reasons too as it is a celebration of what the Country of Laos is all about.


Patuxai Monument, Laos

Great structures of the Patuxai.



The Happening in, around and on top of The Monument

There is a lot happening around the Patuxai War Monument during the day. First, there is Patuxai park, which great to stroll around the gardens that has many memorable events happening all year round with the magnificent Monument standing large in its grand structure in the background for all to see and gaze at, as the locals and tourist get caught up the festivities of entertainment going on nearby.


Patuxai War Monument

The view from the top over the Patuxai Park.


Inside the walls of the Patuxai itself, there are plenty of market places as you elevate and struggle your way to the top with many steps to confront, there is no elevator. Each separate floor has market stalls that sells a variety of unique Laos souvenirs and a very reasonable price, so purchase an item without fear of being ripped off. Also take in some great artwork with in the walls of the Monument that do look spectacular. 


Patuxai, Vientiane

Great artwork inside the Patuxai.


Once you make your way to the top and I can’t stress strongly enough about going on a clear day, you get a brilliant 360-view of the Vientiane city. It is a breathtaking scenery as you stand on top of this precious landmark and marvel on all things around you. The best bit is, Vientiane doesn’t have many sky rise buildings to block your gorgeous view, so you can appreciate this boutique capital city at its peaceful best.


Patuxai War Monument

Structures on top of the Patuxai.

Vientiane, Laos

A view of Vientiane, Laos.

All smiles at the Patuxai Monument in Laos.

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Visiting the Sacred Grounds of the Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali

Visiting the Sacred Grounds of the Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali

You could spend an hour at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali and you would see more action here than spending an entire day at the zoo. It all happens in Ubud, especially in terms of our little money friends, as they run around in a frenzy and seemingly having a good old time in the semi-enclosed confines of the Monkey Forest Ubud.

I say a whole hour, because it’s about all you’ll need to spend in the Money Forest to get the most out of the wonderful confides of this sacred little forest. But it’s not only a forest, it also comes with beautiful temples, a few market places, and of course, those active monkeys that are scurrying around the place. It is a bustling little attraction that is worth a visit when in the town of Ubud.

The best part about the Monkey Forest, is that it is dirt cheap. For around five dollars you can wander the sanctuary at your own pace, take pictures and videos of those active monkey’s, who will put on a show, and even get in on the feeding frenzy, but more on that later.


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Monkey Forest Ubud

Relaxing high in the trees in the Monkey Forest Ubud.


Come inside the sacred grounds of the Monkey Forest Ubud – Bali 


Where is Monkey Forest and the Admission Price

It won’t be hard to find the Monkey Forest in Ubud, most freelance drivers will be able to assist for a charge if coming from some distance away. If you are staying in the centre of Ubud, you’ll find the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Western Parts of the town centre along Monkey Forest road, where you’ll come across a couple of entrance to points to gain entrance.

Speaking of the entrance, there is a small admittance fee to go into the grounds of the Sanctuary, the monkey forest prices are from the following.

Monkey Forest Ubud Prices:
(All prices in Indonesian Rupiah)

Adults – 50IDR
Children – 40IDR


Watch your back and belongings in the Monkey Sanctuary Ubud

These quick witted little friends of ours move around at serious pace that sometimes you don’t have time to react. They swing from branch to branch or along the ground and their movements are quick as one would expect for animals that have such energy.

One moment they are staring at you with curiosity, then next they are on your back or trying to pounce on your backpack or taking  away your sunglasses from your head and making a run for it. It all seems a barrel of laughs, that is, until it gets personal.




king monkey

Watch out for the King of the forest. All good if you feed him.


These Bali monkeys have teeth – sharp teeth!

Be aware when these monkeys in Ubud do jump on your back, because it probably a  matter of when not if. They have teeth, sharp teeth. The best practice is to let the monkey do what they need do and before too long, they will jump off and leave you alone. The monkeys will only have a bite if they feel threatened, they certainly don’t go jumping on your back in the attempt to hurt you.

I was lucky in my monkey forest tour, in the shock of a monkey jumping on my back the first time before I had even entered the grounds, I tried to nudge it off with my hand, not knowing what to do. I tried to gently force it off me, before realising this monkey wanted to have a swipe at me with its teeth. Luckily, I moved my hand in time, before it moved away from, yet only seconds later it jumped on my back a second time and we were friends again. I had learnt my lesson.

I was lucky I suppose, because I have though heard hard luck stories involving monkey biting incidents, so tread carefully. It is important to know that these monkeys are not fierce creatures, but they do get protective or even reactive.


Sacred Money Forest

These monkeys in Bali have some sharp teeth. Be aware.


Buy a bunch of bananas inside the Monkey Forest

Inside the Monkey Forest, there are stalls in certain locations that sell old bananas. Buy a bunch for around fifty-cents and in an instant moment you will be surrounded by a bunch of new friends desperate for a banana or two. Quick tip, if the big one is close by, you’ll recognise him, give it to him first without any hesitation, he is the king and he demands it, so the friendly staff member told me anyway.

Another fascination in the Monkey Forest, is the feeding time itself. One moment you are walking in the grounds of the forest, the next you see a whole army of monkeys descending to a central location in the forest for feed time. It is quite a sight to see so many monkeys up close in large numbers waiting for a feast.


a monkey feast.

They all descend for a feast inside the Monkey Forest.


The action can happen outside the enclosure too

You don’t want to pay the small entrance fee? Remember the Monkey Forest Ubud is only semi-enclosed. which means the monkeys can and do escape to wander the streets of Ubud. Therefore, you can hang around the boundaries of the enclosure and let the monkeys come to you instead.

There are not too many places in the world where you can walk the streets and see monkeys crossing the road like a casual pedestrian. It can happen in Ubud, well close by to the park anyway, and that is what makes it so unique. In that matter, so is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud Bali.


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Monkey Forest

Outside the grounds of the forest.

Monkey forest temple

Temple with in the forest.

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The Gnomes of Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley – Western Australia

The Gnomes of Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley – Western Australia

It is not your typical walk in an Australian bush, where you’re generally on the lookout for koalas in the trees or kangaroos jumping about the forest.

Inside the lush forest of the Ferguson Valley region, is one of the unique Western Australia attractions you’ll find, an iconic place which is a kingdom for all those little garden gnomes in this world. You know the ones, those small garden statues which are usually elegantly placed in your garden.

The iconic attraction is known as Gnomesville and while It’s not quite like the movie Gnomeo & Juliet where there are numerous hilarious battles. Gnomesville is much more real, and you can’t help but feel like you are in a magical part of the world, where your imagination is allowed to run wild.

It is a rare sight to see; there are hundreds of gnomes appropriately placed and spread out far and wide in a beautiful part of Ferguson Valley, located in the state’s southwest and not far from Bunbury.

Thousands of tourists come every year to check out the little gnomes and even bring their very own, to permanently place the little garden friends in the quiet Australian bush for the rest of the world to see. It’s Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley, a small place that must be visited when in Western Australia. 


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Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley, Western Australia.




The Gnomes of Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley



Getting to Gnomesville

Gnomesville is located in the Ferguson Valley area of the Southwest of Western Australia. It’s around two-hours South of Perth and a stone throw from the regional city of Bunbury.

You enter through the town of Dardanup, the gateway to Ferguson Valley, and take Ferguson road for about 20-kilometres until you reach the round-a-bout, where Gnomesville is stationed.


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Gnomesville Ferguson Valley

The Gnomes come to life in Gnomesville.


How much does Gnomesville cost?

Nothing, nada, bugger all.

Gnomesville is free to wander amongst the forest and view all the gnomes placed below the tall gum trees in the natural fresh air of the Aussie bushland. Bring your coffee in a thermos and cakes for the trip, there isn’t a cafe nearby, and it is the perfect spot for a refreshing morning tea.



The Gnomes say “Hi,” Why not come to Gnomesville and say hello too!


What to do in Gnomesville?

The best things to at Gnomesville is to bring a picnic lunch and buy a bottle of wine from one of the local  Ferguson Valley wineries to enjoy lunch in nature.

From there, take a stroll with the family or partner and experience the great outdoors with your new little garden gnome friends and listen to the beautiful sounds of the nearby creek and birds chirping away. It will truly feel like a peaceful experience. 


Gnomes of Gnomesville

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the sounds of the forest as you eat.


Ferguson Valley

Ferguson Valley is not just about Gnomesville.

You can spend a day in the Valley enjoying a variety of activities such as hiking in the Crooked Brook Forest, visit waterfalls and enjoy some tasting at the local wineries and breweries.

If you are in the mood for lunch, there are a couple of restaurants located in Ferguson Valley with Moody Cow Brewery being a popular choice to stop by for lunch. Good food, Good beer. Great entertainment, even for the kids.

What are you waiting for? It’s Gnomesville in the picturesque Ferguson Valley of Western Australia.

A fascinating tourist place where the Gnomes come to life (not literally), and if you find yourself in the South West of WA, go and take a peek, the gnomes are waiting to say hi to their new friends and welcome you to their home.


Ferguson Valley

Hiking is a great outdoor activity in Ferguson Valley.


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