Koh Samui Diaries: Days 5-7 Amazing Angthong

The Angthong National Park headlines this edition of Koh Samui Diaries. In what is most certainly the highlight of the trip so far.

Angthong National Park

Angthong National Park

Day 5 – A visit to Angthong National Park

I wake up with keen enthusiasm. A day cruise awaits, how I have been looking forward to this. We get picked up at the resort nice and early in the morning and taken to Nathon pier, that is a short drive away. We arrive at the boat. A long boat. Which to be honest is old and run down and not much in looks. But they do offer us shitty instant coffee to make up for it.

We head off to the islands, the boat moves fine, which is a relief I guess. The morning is overcast and the views are not great to begin with. But the Angthong National Park, our destination, awaits, we can only hope the weather clears and the stunning view point’s I have heard plenty about improves.


It takes an hour and a half to get to the main island at Angthong. Smooth sailing all the way and the old boat goes better than it looks. Best yet the skies are clearing up.The first island requires a hike. 500 metre climb up a large hill. Not an easy climb and not recommended for kids as the to- gets really steep as if you are rock climbing, where you only have a rope to hold onto for support. No harness.

Awaiting up top is a full vantage point of the islands of Angthong National Park. It is nothing short of stunning. I truly feel my eyes have never seen anything more beautiful when it comes to nature and how spoilt I am to witness nature at is very best. Best yet, there is blue skies above.The climb down is easier than the climb up, but caution is still required especially from the higher point. Upon finishing the hike, I rest and enjoy the view from the ground, which is still great in itself. This time however I am buggered with my legs shaking. I realise I need to exercise more when I get back to Australia.

Back on the boat. It is time for lunch. It is a Thai buffet lunch, which is not anything special. But from there it is onward to the next island at Angthong. Kayaking is next on the agenda. Never have I kayaked anything more beautiful than Angthong, with the waters so placid. We Kayak from one side other island to the other. Going under caves and over coral, bypassing other islands in the meantime. Another great experience on my trip.

Getting to the other side of the island it is time to get the snorkels out and view the fish. Probably not the greatest experience of the day but I have been spoilt enough and I am not going to let anything ruin the day. The last thing I do is buy an ice cream and gaze around the islands one more time, before heading back to Koh Samui.

Dinner that night is at Beryl’s Bar, a small , low key bar and restaurant, that is a short walk from the Mai Samui Resort. Of course the prices at the bar are a lot cheaper than the resort and the food is good too as we watch the sun set in front of our eyes. It has been a busy day and it is time to relax and chill.

Day 6 – A rest day and a Massage

It begins with breakfast as usual and a quick dip in the pool. A rest in the room follows and then it is a stroll on the beach and rejecting all the masseuse parlours stationed at the beach as we walk. We have a complimentary massage at the resort later in the day. Lunch again is at a small local bar near the resort, where I enjoyed a nice chicken coconut curry.

As mentioned earlier we are booked for a massage at the resort. Part of the package. Wow the whole experience was very professional and relaxing. In a well presented and designed massage centre. A welcome drink was greeted to my wife and I on arrival, we were give a change of clothes and a restful Ancient Thai Massage that lasted an hour and ended with cup of Thai tea. Fair to say I felt a million dollars afterwards.

Dinner that night was at the Mai Samui pub restaurant. Free voucher where were given a set meal. Due to a big storm and rainfall, all restaurants at the resort were packed. No one was heading out. It took a good fifteen minutes to get table, even though we had booked and over an hour to get the meal. Extraordinary circumstances, no panic and we were not in a hurry.


Day 7 – Return to Chaweng

Today was another return to Chaweng on yet another laid back day. Again on the free shuttle bus to town. The day at Chaweng started with an ice coffee on the beach, shopping for an hour, a half an hour foot massage and little bite to eat from a food stall on the side of the street. Before the rain came but luckily the shuttle bus returned ad it was back to the resort.

The day finished a little earlier. A big day is planned tomorrow. Dinner again was a local bar but different bar at PJs. We ate light, a Thai Salad and chicken satay with a few beers that cost only two dollars a pop. Splendid price for a beer hey. It is bloody tough being on holidays.

Until next time travellers. Take care.


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