Imagine this! You’re in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, you have no sim card, WIFI is limited, and you are wondering what the heck to do to find yourself. Thankfully, before your trip, you downloaded the IOS GPSMyCity App, and all your problems are solved.

Covering over 750 cities throughout the world, GPSMyCity produces city walks Apps that can do anything from navigating the busy streets of Saigon or taking in the natural beauty of Kings Park in Perth of Western Australia. It is up to you how and where in the world you wish to use it. 

The App uses GPS tracking from your smartphone, so you can get around to specific locations within the city and making sure you don’t get lost in the meantime. The city Apps have links to various articles throughout hundreds of cities throughout the world and include restaurants, café’s museums, attractions and many other shops that are of interest to the everyday traveller.


Perth to Jurien Bay

Don’t get stuck in the middle of anywhere; use GPSMyCity.


Quite simply, it is a travel guide right on your iPhone. You download the articles of the city you are visiting in the GPSMyCity App, and you in no time you’ll have handy offline travel assistance.

Therefore, when you are in the middle of an unfamiliar city, wondering what to do next, get out your phone, head to the  GPSmyCity App and check a list of ideas within that city that you previously downloaded, without needing any internet coverage whatsoever.

How beneficial is that? And who said travel couldn’t get any easier with the perks of the modern world today, because right now, GPSMyCity has taken your travel perks to a whole new level in terms of simplification.



Wherever you are, you’ll find your way.


The GPSMyCity App Giveaway

Downloading the App is easy. Click on the links to the articles below and that will lead you to the App store, from there, you can now download the GPSMyCity App. Once in the official App, you can browse many cities and download different articles that you think will be helpful for your next trip.

For a limited time only, until Thursday the 2nd of May, I am offering you one article that you can download for free. That’s right, nothing! Click on the item below, it’ll take you to the location of the article, and If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, the links will instruct you on how to do so.

Free Things to Do in Macau (free giveaway)

Other travel articles from the website that you can download from are as follows:

Quite Simple, it’s your new travel companion right in the palm of your hand. What are you waiting for with the downloads? Get your GPSMyCity App today and make travel more accessible in the future.

Disclosure: Naturally if you do download one of my travel articles, I will receive a small profit, but don’t worry, it is not at an extra cost for you.


Jurien Bay

Family travel has never been so easy, thanks to GPSmyCity.
James Bond Island

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