Koh Samui diaries continue and in this second edition, I headed to the Hin Lad Waterfall and Chaweng town centre, where the main action on the island happens.

WIth romance continuing in the air on our tenth wedding anniversary, enjoying the tourist island of Thailand and basking in the warm weather was the best way to go about days three and four in Koh Samui.


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koh samui waterfalls

Enjoying the waterfalls.



Day 3 – Settling in Koh Samui and a waterfall

Surreal feeling waking up first morning in Koh Samui. Beautiful resort, soaring temperatures and a good break from the winter chill back home. I still need to give myself a pinch to see if it is a dream.

Breakfast comes part of the package for staying at the resort. A buffet style, with a chef stationed at the grill to cook your eggs to order. I’ll have a mushroom and bacon omelette thanks. Breakfast is made up of traditional foods you would have in Australia, toast, cereal, etc. With some Thai food thrown in for good measures. On this occasion, I get a bloody Mary thrown in for a drink. wrong choice. much too strong and too early for alcohol.


Koh Samui

I am not lost, I am just having a peek.


First destination of the morning is a waterfall and temple tour organised through the Mai Samui Resort. Arriving at the Hin Lad waterfall, a thirty-minute hike is required through the rain forest on rough terrain to get to the waterfall.

On arrival at the waterfall, I find it to be a tad underwhelming but the water is flowing and it is still a nice experience. at least it burnt a few calories. A thirty-minute return hike is flowed by a brief visit to a local temple. When I say brief I mean brief. Besides a nice building to gaze at, there wasn’t a lot to gaze at. Still, it is an experience and it didn’t cost a thing.

Back to the resort and all sweaty from the hike. We keep the momentum going with a game of squash. Located within the resort, I get in an hour of squash with my wife. An intense game much like it is back in Australia and this time I get the bragging rights. After a good couple of hours of full-on exercise, there is no better time for a dip in the pool and make use of the bar again. Gotta love happy hour.

A few hours of rest followed before taking a shuttle bus out to the night markets at Nathon Pier, on the west side of the island and a fifteen-minute drive from the resort. The market is a food only market, but at a real cheap price and best of all the food is good and mostly satisfying. It caps off a busy Sunday nicely.


Koh Samui

Enjoying the culture of Koh Samui.


Day 4-  A Visit to Chaweng

Late morning sleep is followed by breakfast, before we take off by shuttle to Koh Samui’s main shopping area in Chaweng, on the Island’s east side. A thirty-minute shuttle bus courtesy of the resort, we are taken in style and with the air-conditioned van.

The action is certainly livelier in this part of the island, with restaurants, pubs and great shopping available. But the best bit is the Beach that stretches far ns wide, with massage parlours and resorts spread throughout. With great swimming and safe swimming at that as the water is so calm, but watch out for those jet skiers.


Chewang Beach

Chaweng Beach.


We stick around for a little bit, but on this occasion, we brought our shopping gear and not our swimwear. So shopping is on the agenda and it delivers in spades. Oh but not before a quick beer t an Irish pub,  quite cheap too.

Chaweng shopping is one big street with markets and stalls that sells clothes, accessories and souvenirs. But it is also the home of the Islands only shopping mall. Not to mention the countless amounts of massage parlours, both on the streets and on the beaches.

Then there isCentral Festival Samui, is an outdoor style more that goes over two levels and quite long in length. It has top of the range products you would find in Australia, like Nike, Adidas, Quicksilver and Rip Curl to name a few. Located within is also a cinema, food court and a couple of coffee shops such as The Coffee Club and Starbucks. Throw in a couple of popular ice-cream shops too of course.


Central Festival Samui

Central Festival Samui.


Wandering through the shopping mall for a couple of hours, it was time to hit the streets again. Where everything is much cheaper and the brands are quite reputable.

Of course, I bought myself a singlet, a tradition of mine whenever I go into any other country. A light lunch followed at a quiet Thai restaurant called. Will Wait, opposite the main shopping mall, but there are many available. Before needing to head back to the shuttle bus and back to the resort and feeling weary after being on our feet in hot, humid conditions.

returning to the resort, it is a dip in the pool and a quick beer before happy hour ended. A casual stroll on the beach follows, enjoying the marvellous views of the sunset. With dinner for the second time taking place at BBQ Beach restaurant, the theme of the night being pasta. better yet this meal came complimentary due to the package we had with the resort.

It was an early night on the fourth night after a tough day walking in the heat exhausted both myself and my wife. Yet we soldier on and look forward to the next day.


At Tropical Murphys

At Tropical Murphys


James Bond Island

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