It has come to an end, Koh Samui. I had eight wonderful nights on this fantastic island and already I am longing for a return. Samui, I will miss you.

Please enjoy the last edition of Koh Samui Diaries.

Day tour Samui Style

Day tour Samui Style

Day 8 – a trip around the island.

What a day.

I never thought the Angthong Marine National Park would be beaten and maybe it wasn’t. But a spur of the moment decision to go on a four-wheel drive adventure in and around the island of Koh Samui was a memorable one. A day full of laughs and adventure and all on four wheels. Unfortunately, not all of it was great but more on that later.

Picked up from the hotel at eight in the morning. We were greeted with a four-wheel drive ute. We got in the back, with benches on either side of the tray, strapped and off we went, with the breeze of Koh Samui brushing through our hair.

Once everyone was picked up from various resorts. The day officially started and it kicked off in style with the amazing Wat Plai Laem Buddhist temple that is over 200 years old and is made up beautiful temple sculptures and it also includes the incredible Chinese Lady Monk. The temple also had plenty of souvenirs available too, so you can choose to take home a bit of Koh Samui history for yourself.

Chinese Lady Monk

Chinese Lady Monk

Big Buddha temple was next on the list in the north eastern part of the island in Bo Phut. Yes, another temple. And it is what it says, a large statue of the Big Buddha that stands large and almighty at the very top of seventy-seven steps of stairs. It was a short stay and a popular tourist attraction with many markets and cafes available to buy from.


Wat Plai Laem

Next was the disappointing part of the day. The elephant shows and trekking along with a monkey show. I won’t spend a lot of time on this but you can read my article on Elephant treatment with this link to see why. The experience was an eye opener and maybe it was a bonus I could experience it so it could give me a chance to express my thoughts. Enough on that that as we move on to the next on the list.

The coconut farm was next. We got a brief lesson on the use of coconuts as a whole nd it is more than eating the white stuff. Each part of the coconut is used and sold for a purpose, from making drinks, to making pillows. It was a great insight o the little things we knew nothing about.

Onwards we go. This time we went in land on Thailand and that meant two people could sit on top of the ute, strapped in and given the best view of Koh Samui. It was an unreal experience as we dodged incoming branches onward to our next destination. Yes, you guessed it another Buddhist theme, but at least this one came with an incredible view.

riding on top of the ute

riding on top of the ute

With lunch approaching we had one more stop and it was at the magic garden. A magical theme with creatures and small houses set next to creek. Not too bad but it was covered in shade and that was a good thing. Finally, it was lunch, buffet style of Thai food, a nice meal but not nearly as nice as the view we had from the dining table.

The Namuang waterfall was next. Unlike the other waterfall from earlier in the trip, the Namuang Waterfall was bursting with fresh water, it made for an incredible sight as locals could be seen swimming at the fall of the water.

Namuang Waterfall

Namuang Waterfall

The Hin Ta and Hin Yai was the last on the list. Also known as the grandfather and grandmother rock. Appropriately named because the rocks are shaped like each genders genitals. Yes, Thailand can have a sick and twisted sense of humour sometimes but good on them I’d say. You can’t always take life too serious.

The nine-hour day was complete and just in time to a cocktail party put on by the Mai Samui Resort, for whatever reason, but for an hour and a half the resort handed out complimentary cocktails with nibbles and it all happened during another Koh Samui storm.


Day 9 – A walk into Na Thon

It’s all starting to wind down. The second last. Sadness to leave but happiness to get back home to the boys. It’s a relaxing morning, late breakfast and the feet up recovering from a busy Friday. A spur of the moment decision is made to head to Na Thon by foot. Not much else was on, so why not.

Get a cool breeze riding around in the back of these vehicles

Get a cool breeze riding around in the back of these vehicles

The walk to Na Thon took about forty-five minutes. Starting at the beach of the resort before moving to the path on the main ride. Hot and sticky from the humid conditions, the first thing we do is get an ice coffee at the first shop we see in town. A little walk around the town, which is not as big as Chaweng, before moving in for lunch at local restaurant. Which sad to say was the worse meal ii had in Koh Samui. Deep fried beef with rice. Very plain.

A little more shopping and a couple of more singlets bought, better than the singlet I bought earlier in the trip. We move on to the supermarket and it is decided we will buy our dinner and  we will eat in the resort room later that evening, to keep the cost down.

Na Thon Town

Na Thon Town

A couple of hours is up in Na Thon and we head back to the resort in a back of the ute, half the price of a taxi. A quick swim then it is time for our last massage. Another classy massage by the staff at Mai Samui resort, this time I got the oil massage, it was fantastic and all I remember s nodding off during the hour session.

That caps off our Saturday perfectly as we keep in the hotel room for the evening, enjoying our pre-bought dinner from Na Thon supermarket. The trip is coming to an end.

Day 10 – Heading home and Phuket


Home time. Last breakfast, early check out and shuttle bus to the airport. The Koh Samui airport is one pretty airport. I mean I knew it on the way in, but when you have a couple of hours to spare before boarding you sit back and take a better look. They get the tropical look right at this airport.

We board the plane and arrive in Phuket. We have seven hours to spare. What to do. I have no idea about Phuket. We learn of this little beachside town near the airport called Nai Yang Beach. We go there, why not it is only five minutes from the Phuket Airport.

Nai Yang is a small town with markets, restaurants and bars. Much like the rest of Thailand. But with less people, it is a nice change. We have lunch, a couple of light soups and beer. Cheap in Phuket too. We take a light walk on the beach of Nai Yang, which II must admit is a fabulous beach with a bit of swell, A lot of windsurfing going on.

It is time to head back to the airport. The trip is coming to an abrupt end. it has been an excellent trip and Thailand will be missed. Until now until the next diaries, take care and thank you for reading Koh Samui diaries 2016 edition.





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