It’s only a moment away from Perth, a ninety-minute drive north to be exact, onward to a gorgeous stretch of land along the Western Australian coast, where two neighbouring towns come together in the names of Lancelin and Ledge Point.

When you want to escape the city life for a few days, the best way to occupy your time when venturing into the twin towns is a choice of either adventure, relaxation or sightseeing.

When you break it all down in the small rural towns, there is plenty to see and things to do in Lancelin and Ledge Point if you conduct a little research before the trip in the Gingin Shire.

It’s another town of the WA state to check out, so let’s have a detailed look at what do in Ledge Point and Lancelin.


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Lancelin and Ledge Point

Visit Lancelin and Ledge Point in Western Australia.




Where is Lancelin and Ledge Point

Travelling from Perth to Lancelin is around 126-kilometres from one to another, driving down the Indian Ocean Drive, a large coastal drive which takes you to through to many regional towns including Cervantes.

The turnoff to the smaller town of Ledge Point arrives first and is a good five minutes from Ledge Point to Lancelin turnoff.

The drive along the Indian Ocean Drive is quite dull and unattractive, with the straight and hilly road lacking any scintillating views unless you turn off the way at various times to take a further look.

It’s advised you drive with caution and be patient on the road to be assured that you arrive safely on your tri to Lancelin.

Many heavy vehicles such as caravans and trucks are on the road and may slow you down, please take care and use the overtaking lanes which appear regularly to overtake the slower vehicles.

Let the trip be remembered for all the right reasons.



Take a drive away from the big city.



Places to stay in the Area

You won’t find any shortage of places to stay in Lancelin with holiday houses, caravan parks and hotels to choose from, as well as areas to pitch a tent when the budget is a little less.

Lancelin accommodation is found in various forms with a few standard hotels available to the tourists with the Lancelin Beach Hotel the pick of the lot.

Ledge Point accommodation is commonly known for renting modern and rusted down holiday houses that are situated a walking distance to the beach area or even overlooking the ocean.

The Ledge Point Holiday Park gathers most tourist in the area, with the well-priced Holiday Park containing Chalets and powered-sites for those with personal caravans and tents.


Lancelin Hotels on



Stay in amazing Lancelin holiday houses.



Fun at the Sand Dunes in Lancelin

Let’s get into the major Lancelin attractions and activities because a fair bit is going on and no more exciting than the famous sand dunes.

The sand-dunes offer a variety of activities with sandboarding, quad bikes, motorbiking and a 4WD adventures for the hilly sands. The dunes occupies your interests for hours on end and creates a memorable family experience with many photos to be taken.

Never fear if you come unprepared for your Lancelin sandboarding experience, for you can hire the boards and quad bikes at the site for as little as $10 aboard and hit the sand slopes for hours of fun and nasty spills.

Don’t forget the dunes are exhausting as the only way back up the slopes is to use your legs, which do get heavy in quick time after a few attempts at sliding down the Lancelin sand dunes.


Lancellin dunes

Things to do in Lancelin including surfing down the sand dunes.



Visit the Pinnacles Desert

When it comes to finding more things to do in Ledge Point and Lancelin, it requires a drive away from town to the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. It’s a must-see natural landmark you must visit in Western Australia.

The Pinnacles is around 75-kilometres north of Lancelin, in the Cervantes area, and it’s fascinating to visit a desert full of large rocks that stick out of the sandy grounds.

There are two ways to see the Pinnacles during your visit; you can park your car in the large car-park and visit the gallery and souvenir store, before taking the walking path to the Pinnacles.

Alternatively, the preferred option is to take the driving track around in the Pinnacles desert, stopping at allocated spots and getting out of the vehicle at will and walking amongst the fantastic rocks. It’s a magnificent sight to see at any time of the day.

Just a reminder, it cost around $12 a car to enter the desert. There is another cost involved if you are travelling on a motor-bike, tour coach or perhaps have a senior’s card, which gives you a discounted price.

It’s just another of the Lancelin things to do and for a Piinacles visit, you can check the website for further details on costs and other relevant information.


The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert.


Go on a 4WD Adventure

Often throughout your drive, you’ll notice plenty of off-road 4WD driving tracks for those who love the rough around the edges type adventure.

Whether it’s an in-land drive through rough terrain or driving along the pristine Lancelin Beach, you’ll find a path suitable for you, but I recommend you have a little prior experience before htting the dirt track.

If you do manage to own or rent a 4WD drive vehicle, it’s a great chance to let your tyres down and go for an epic off-road adventure in Australian nature. Just don’t get bogged or you could have a few hassles on your hand.

Deflate the tyres to 16-psi, set your 4WD vehicle into 4H and hit the extreme tracks for a bit of fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Make sure to have supplies handy and bring plenty of extra water, fuel, a shovel and a charged up smart-phone in case you need to make a phone call for a little assistance. You may get bogged because life’s nuisance problems do arise when you least expect it.



Go for a drive along the beach.


Throw a rod in and go Beach fishing

A 4WD drive adventure will lead you to do a little beach fishing, not that it’s necessary as the beach is easily accessible off the bitumen road with ample parking areas.

If you do like to reel in a fish or two, bring the fishing rods, purchase some bait from a couple of convenient stores and have a few hours of beach fishing when the time seems appropriate.

Perhaps you like to go deep into the Indian Ocean itself; you can organise to go on a Lancelin fishing charter and try your hand in some deep-water fishing for the giant fish, or dare I say it, a Great White shark, the last one may be a joke.

You can also hire a boat or bring your own if fortunate to own one and set sail into the ocean yourself, but I do recommend that you know what you are doing, because as you know, the sea is a dangerous beast.



Go fishing along the beach or on a charter boat.


View the mesmerising Coastline at Lookout Points

What to do in Lancelin includes the mesmerising coastline along Western Australia, it’s one of beauty wherever you gaze your eyes in any part of the state.

A road trip to Lancelin includes a drive along the Indian Ocean Drive. where you will come across a few resting spots to get out and stretch your legs with some beautiful scenery bound to be seen.

Not only will you come across many vantage points of the coast, but you’ll also see some delicate Australian shrubs, native plants and the gorgeous wildflowers which is a treat when in season during September and October.

The Nilgen Nature reserve between Lancelin and Cervantes is an area where you can get the best of everything with views of the coast, shrubs and vast inland seen from the spectacular observation point. It’s also an excellent spot for picnic lunch.


Ledge Point

View the coastal areas from lookout areas.


Watch the sun come down over the Indian Ocean

Western Australia and gorgeous sunsets are like bees to a honey pot; they come naturally together.

It includes mesmerising views along the coastline of Ledge Point and Lancelin. For nothing beats setting up a BBQ dinner, playing cricket in the open parklands and enjoying the sun come down over the Indian Ocean to end a fantastic day in WA.

Set up the camera, get those lenses cleaned or even record a video because you’ll want to capture the gorgeous sunset when you get the chance.

Let’s hope the evening is clear, so you can appreciate a Western Australian sunset at its full potential, because those dark clouds may creep in to ruin the golden views.


Lancelin WA

Capture the Sunset over the Indian Ocean.


Visit Neighbouring towns on a Good old Road Trip

You don’t need to keep to one location when spending a few days exploring the area, visiting neighbouring towns needs to be on the cards.

You can head a little south and visit the breathtaking Moore River in Guilderton, take a drive north and find things to do in Cervantes and further north in Jurien Bay.

There are many beautiful and unique towns in Western Australia, and it pays dividends to spread your wings and see what else is on offer.

However,there is nothing wrong in setting up base in Lancelin and Ledge Point, because it is as good as any location to call home for a little while.


Guilderton, Australia

Stop by at Guilderton on your way to Lancelin Australia.

Lancelin WA

Lancelin and Ledge Point
James Bond Island

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