One night in Kuala Lumpur, when one night is never enough. It is hard to fathom why someone may spend to choose one night in such a clean, modern and beautiful city, but when you are in transit, it sure beats sitting around the airport.

What do you do with one night in Kuala Lumpur? 18-hours to be exact. There is not a great deal, except to see an exciting city for the first time. You get through customs and get to your budget hotel previously booked, which takes about an hour from the international Airport.


Wet and misarable on the drive in.

So, after all that and a quick settle in, it’s time to get to your feet, there is a city to see after all. Unfortunately for me the sun had gone down by this stage. Perhaps it wasn’t so unfortunate. Kuala Lumpur is brilliant under lights, much like most big cities.

The big city is alive. The food street is buzzing, restaurants workers are asking politely to eat at their shop, finally you give into a demand and you sit down and eat some delicious Malaysian meal, Buttered prawns, clams, grilled pork and roasted duck. It’s making me hungry thinking of my only dinner in Malaysia.

One Night in Kuala Lumpur

One Night in Kuala Lumpur at lots of food around.

After you eat dinner, you still feel peckish. There are so many food stalls, so you grab and run also and perhaps buy a souvenir or two. In Kuala Lumpur, there’s also a street dedicated to massage parlours, I don’t give into the demands to stop in for a foot rub on this occasion, although the temptation was there. So, you keep on wandering.

You know the city is famous for some landmark buildings so you try and find some vantage points, careful not to get lost and remembering the stay is short. While I don’t quite get to the Kuala Lumpur tower or the Petronas Twin Towers, you can tell from a distance it is magnificent in all its lights.

K tower

Kuala Lumpur Tower in all its lights

It’s all getting late. In the morning, I have a long flight back to Perth, Australia. It’s time to get back to the hotel. By the way, I was staying at the Corona Inn Hotel, a very nice boutique hotel. Recommended if you want to stay in the heart of the city on a budget.

I have been tempted and seduced by a fabulous city. I will return again and hopefully real soon, there is so much more to see and food to eat.

One night in Kuala Lumpur, whatever was I thinking.

Street foods

Great street foods in Kuala Lumpur

Corona inn

Large rooms at Corona Inn Hotel in KL

James Bond Island

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