While sitting at an airport and getting ready for my next adventure, it had me thinking of when I last visit to Seoul in South Korea and how the craving I had to get back their real soon. I have already visited the city on three separate occasions, yet, I still yearn for more Korean. The country is that good when it comes to travel.

Thinking of Seoul had me jotting down what makes that country so unique and why it would appeal to so many other travellers who wish to visit the East Asian country (forgetting about the bullshit in the north, although of little concern now). Hence, I turned my current reminiscing into a blog post while waiting in transit in Bangkok.

All in all, I came up with nine significant reasons why you need to visit Seoul in South Korea, yet if I thought longer and harder about, there would be a heap more than nine reasons to visit the buzzing city.


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Visit Seoul in South Korea

9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea.


9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea


The Culture

Like with any Asian country, culture is what makes the destination so fulfilling as it is. South Korea is no exception as it’s rich history and proud tradition due to Korea’s strong heritage. The Korean culture is evident throughout, from their polite manners, fantastic food, strong family values, deep history and even their traditional dress (hanbok), South Korea is full of culture and ethics.


The people

In everyday life, South Koreans are busy folk and always move with urgency. It comes with the experience of living in the city of Seoul. On the streets of Seoul, it’s each to their own, doors won’t be held open for you, even if you are standing two feet behind the person in front of you, and on those crazy train rides, you need to push and shove to get anywhere, or you may miss out.

Don’t take it personally; it just comes with the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The Korean are astonishing people and very respectful. They show manners to their elders with kind words and politeness in everyday life, especially within their own families. 


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Places to visit in Seoul

The people of Korea are fabulous and friendly people.


The Bustling city of Seoul

The modern town will delight you from the outset. It’s a crazy city that packs the lot, from the stunning Skyrise Buildings to the gorgeous landscapes which are remarkable within the CBD, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is an example of that.

The City of Seoul honestly has no boring bits, with their walking streets, side alleyways with fascinating hidden restaurants and astounding attractions that are a tourist hit. Seoul in South Korea is a city that truly never sleeps.



Visit Seoul in South Korea


Temples and Palaces

Seoul may be a modern city with modern luxuries. However, it does not forget about its proud tradition and astonishing history. There are many essential temples in Seoul, which are incredible in design and the landscaped gardens throughout various attractions, is delightful.

A day is not wasted when you spend only a few bucks to stroll the major temples or palaces with hundreds of years of fascinating yet sad history. During your Korean vacation, make sure you visit one of the major temples, even, all of them, during your stay in Seoul.


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the crowds gather to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.



Lush landscapes within the City Centre

As mentioned previously, the views and gardens within and around the city are beautiful. It’s fascinating how a big city like, with millions in population, can get it so right. It’s quite mesmerising to see the colour throughout the city and its a Credit to whoever is responsible for the glamorous layout. No matter whichever the season you are visiting, Seoul is always looking fabulous.


Hangang Park

Hangang Park in Seoul is a stunning location by the river.


Delicious Korean Food

Asian food of any variety is typically merely divine, and of course, Korean food is no exception. During your stay, make sure you are dining out on their sizzling Korean barbeques, bulgogi (marinated beef), a fulfilling rice noodle soup and delicious black bean noodles, to only name a few. You will find a vast range of delicious foods to try when you visit Seoul in South Korea.

For more information, take a look at my top 5 foods to eat in Korea for further advice.


Amazing Attractions of Seoul

Family fun is assured in Seoul and the surrounding areas, with a large number of attractions that would delight any traveller to the East Asian country. Everland, just a little out of Seoul and it matches with any theme park in the world with its thrilling rides, entertaining shows and the Safari Park with wildlife galore.

In the city, there is an indoor theme park, Lotte world, that you need to visit during your adventure, along with numerous other parklands and attractions.


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Sports Craze in Seoul

If you are an avid sports fan like me, then  South Korea has you covered. Soccer, baseball and Taekwondo are the big three amongst a broad range of sports on offer in Seoul and to attend a professional sporting event is value for your dollar with fan interaction taken to another level.


Jamsil Stadium

Supporting the Samsung Lions in Korean Baseball at Jamsil Stadium.


Snow time in the city

If you love to ski or snowboard on the slopes, South Korea is full of mountain ranges with plenty of thick snow to enjoy the thrills of the winter sport. The snow season generally starts in December and runs through to April and during this time of the year, the ski fields are alive and buzzing with many tourists.

The best bit about a lot of these ski fields is the most famous slopes only a couple of hours from Seoul. I highly recommend  Deogyusan National Park in Muju for an epic winter thrill.



Seoul, South Korea

Snow time in South Korea is gorgeous.


James Bond Island

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