Whenever you are visiting Perth, Western Australia, a short ferry trip over to Rottnest Island is non-negotiable when choosing from a host of activities to do in Australia’s most Western state. 

Whether you are seeking a day trip to the island or a short break over a weekend, Rottnest Island has you covered for any adventure.

Whether it’s a family outing or a romantic getaway, because for whatever the occasion, this picturesque island has you covered in more ways than one with plenty of things to do in Rottnest Island.

Hardly surprising too, when you think of all the activities on offer on the island adds to the tourist, with the opportunity to capture stunning coastal views over the Indian Ocean, or to snorkel over the reef in the lagoons and getting up close and personal to the adorable little Quokkas who are literally the life of the island.

It’s Rottnest Island, it’s Western Australia.


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Rottnest Island

Taking in the surrounds of Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Go Exploring at Western Australia’s Rottnest Island


Getting to Rottnest Island

 Unless you plan on swimming in the Annual Rottnest Channel Swim, the only way you’re getting to Rottnest Island is by the Rotto ferry, or perhaps your own or a cruise liner. There is a chance to take light aircraft ride to the island, as it does have a light landing strip, but for this exercise, let’s stick to the norm.

There are a few Ferry companies that operate several times a day to and from the Island, with the central locations from the mainland of Western Australia to Rottnest, coming from either Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys Boat Harbour.

A ferry trip usually goes from 45-minutes, depending on where you are leaving from and you can find the cheapest ferry to Rottnest Island with Klook. 


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Sealink Rottnest

Take the Sealink ferry to Rottnest from Fremantle.


Grab a bike and explore What to do in Rottnest Island

 It’s the best way to see this sensational Island, by bike that is, whether you bring one across the ferry with you or get a Rotto bike hire from the Pedal and Flipper hire shop and go exploring Rottnest Island with your lover, family or friends by your side.

With bitumen roads throughout and little traffic around, albeit a few tourist buses roaming about, it’s a Rottnest Island bike ride with freedom, and it’s magnificent with all the beautiful views.

Be warned; however, there are many hills to conquer on the Rottnest roads, and after a couple of hours of riding, the legs will begin to feel heavy.


Bike rottnest

Getting around on a bike with safety on a helmet is the best way around the island. 

Stay a little longer with a host of suitable Rottnest Island Accommodation.

 Sometimes you’ll think a day on the island is not enough, and you’ll want more for your Rottnest Island holidays.

When desiring to stay a little longer, there is always the options staying a night or two at Rottnest island at a few of the top- notch accommodations available to the tourist.

A few of the Rottnest choices available on the island are from the following:

·         Rottnest Island Authority

·         Hotel Rottnest

·         Karma Resort

A prior warning, however, you’ll need to book long in advance to stay at the Hotels, Rotto Accommodation is generally booked out months in advance, especially during the summer months, long weekends and school holidays.

Quite understandable really when there are many fun things to do on Rottnest Island. 


Geordie Bay

Rottnest Island Accommodation Geordie Bay.



Take a wander through the Vibrant Rotto Township

 In the heart of Thomson Bay, where the ferry’s come to drop off their passengers, it’s where the all the action happens in terms of food, entertainment, Information centre and retail outlets.

Wandering through the main town centre of Rottnest Island is another treat on the island, and it starts with the food. You can enjoy a few baked goods from The Bakery or enjoy an old favourite footlong sub from Subway.

Perhaps you want to dine in style, well you can, with a selection of fine restaurants on the bays of Rottnest Island with breathtaking views.

A list of Rottnest Island Restaurants:

·         Thomsons Rottnest

·         Riva Restaurant

·         Aristos Waterfront

·         Frankie’s on Rotto

·         Geordie’s Café (Near Geordie Bay)

Shopping is also an option in the Thomson Bay area, with a range of souvenir shops, a supermarket and even women’s swimwear outlet of various sizes and designs. It may not be your local shopping centre, but it can be a chance to take home a little Rottnest memento.


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Rottnest Bakery

Enjoy a pie at the Rottnest Bakery is one of the popular Rottnest restaurants.

Be Mesmerised with Stunning Rottnest Island WA views

 You could spend an entire year exploring Rottnest Island attractions, and one thing is for sure, you’ll never get tired of view the mesmerising coastal views of your Rottnest Day Trip.

From every corner of the island to the edge of every bay and on the sands of every beach, Rottnest Island has fantastic beauty and picturesque views from location to another.

With the best way to capture all the magic is to ride the bike and take in the surrounds slowly, whether it be Thompson Bay or the stunning Geordie Bay.


scenery rottnest

Be mesmerised by the scenery at Rottnest.

Boats, boats, boats – they are all around when you visit Rottnest Island

From the moment you arrive at the island on a Rotto ferry or when riding around on the bike, you’ll notice that boats of all shapes and sizes and anchored in on the bays of the picturesque island.

From Geordie Bay to Thomson Bay and onto Salmon Bay on the other side of Rotto, boats can be seen everywhere lining up in a wave of numbers and enjoying a day out in the hot Western Australian summer.


Rottnest boats.

Boats come in droves to Rottnest Island.


Fun in the water – Don’t mind if I do with many Rottnest Island Activities

Boating, snorkelling, or a dip in the ocean, water activities are at a premium on the Island, and there is nothing more refreshing than hitting the water on a scorching summer’s day while you go searching for the perfect Rottnest Island deals.

Pack your swimwear, the beach towel and enjoy a swim at a variety of beaches as you cruise from one to another and take advantage of more gorgeous views.

If snorkelling is your thing, you’ll find many hotspots on the Island to get out and explore the calm lagoons and keep a keen on eye on the reef and the creatures of the sea.

If you didn’t bring any gear, then the Pedal and Flipper hire shop has you covered for your snorkelling gear.


Grab a  ferry ticket and bike hire in one go through Klook!



Rottnest beaches

A little beach time, Rotto style. 

You’ll fall in love with those cute Little Quokkas

 The biggest threat when visiting Rottnest Island is getting up close and personal to the little Quokkas, the most adorable small animals you’ll ever see.

What is a Quokka? Well, it’s like a real miniature Kangaroo who do sneak up on you from out of the blue. These little marsupials are the life of the island and are roaming about everywhere you go, including the main town centre, where these little creatures will get close for a feed.

Rottnest Island does have a no-touch policy when it comes to the little quokkas, and you can’t blame the authorities for enforcing such a rule either, especially with the unfortunate mistreatment these small animals have had over the years from misbehaved tourists.

Hard to imagine anyone would want to hurt these little guys. Still, it only comes from a tiny minority of tourist who has had a little too much to drink.


Rottnest Quokkas

Little Quokkas of Rottnest.



Come on!!! Make your way for a Rottnest island Holiday

 What are you waiting for, an Invitation?

If you are visiting Western Australia, or more importantly the City of Perth, then Rottnest Island is worth every single consideration for a day well spent, it’s only a short ferry ride from either Fremantle, Perth or Hillarys Boat Harbour and it will be a day well spent exploring all aspects of the island.


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Rottnest Island Western Australia

How beautiful is Rottnest Island Western Australia?

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