7 of the best Cable Organiser bags For Your Travels

7 of the best Cable Organiser bags For Your Travels

If you’re anything like me, many different electronic devices are coming with you on an adventure. Items of importance such as a smartphone, laptop, camera, gimbals and even portable chargers. In the end, that equates to a lot of different cords and cables.

A cable organiser bag is the best way to keep all of your electronic cords and cables in one place and an organised manner.

You can separate each wire and place them separately in your small organiser bag. Meaning it’s easy to find the right cable for the right device at the time you need it.

The best part about the organiser bag is that they’ll fit appropriately in your luggage or carry-on travel packs without taking up too much space. Meaning cords and devices are not left at home because of the fear of being over the weight allocation when travelling by air.

Which are the best cable organiser bags?

There is plenty to choose from, and in the list below, I have gathered seven of the best packs that may fit your criteria to the best cable organiser bag for you. Let’s check it out and go travel shopping.



cable organiser bag

A cable organiser bag can assist with devices such as a gimbal and smartphone.



7 of the best Cable organiser bags for your travels


Disclosure: If you are to purchase a cable organiser bag through the Amazon Affiliate program, I may earn a couple of dollars from the purchase. Don’t fear, it is at no further expense to you, the buyer. You can read more at this disclaimer.


1. BAGSMART 3-Layer Travel Electronics Cable Organizer

This water repellent nylon bag with padded protection helps keeps all those cables and personal belongings protected on your trip.

Alternatively, even for other day uses such as work and school. Inside, there are many pockets for not only your cords but for other items such as passports, credit cards and a smartphone.

It’s perfect for assisting you when out and about during the day, and the double zipper will create easy access for you.

Added features:

– Many pockets to secure your belongings.
– High quality and lightweight material.
– Double layered with dual zippers for easy access.


2. BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Universal Cable Organizer Case

The cable bag is the ultimate travel companion with a sturdy carry handle, smooth zippers and durable materials all ready for adventure. The Cable Organizer Case has three different dividers, to make it easier to store cords and so much more valuable things during your travels.

Added Features:

– Water repellent and durable
– 1 Zipper mesh pocket to protect your harder devices.
– Strong carry handle.



3. BGTREND Electronic Travel Cable Organiser Bag

This ideal travel case is larger than a lot of the organisers, and it will undoubtedly come on many trips with you for years to come. With many different pockets, loops, secure mesh it will hold and protect many of your devices.

Added features:

– Great for charging your electronic devices on the go.
– Many pockets and loops to store accessories and cables.
– Ideal for travel and work purposes.


4. ProCase Travel Gear Electronics Accessories Bag

This handy cable organiser bag will roll up and fit into your luggage, laptop bag and backpack with ease during your adventure. The flexible design will be great for organising all your small items such as power banks, cords, pens, passports and any other smaller devices for your trip.

Added Features

– Nylon made, meaning its water resistant, strong and durable.
– The bag can be used for a variety of purposes during any day.
– Rolls up, so it is easy to store away.


5. BAGSMART Universal Travel Cable Organiser Carry Bag

Maybe you want a cable organiser bag that looks good, as well as, doing the job it needs to do when you travel.

This universal carry organizer bag is screaming out to you for your next adventure. The pack offers durability, with reliable protection, double locking zips and will store many of your smaller devices, including your cords and cables. Heck, it will even fit a 9.7 iPad.

Added features:

– Large cable bag fitting many smaller electronic devices such as power banks and smartphones.
– Stylish and strong design.
– Many pockets and holes to secure your many different cables.
– Affordable price.


6. ZRSE Electronic Organizer Travel Bag

An Electronic organiser bag with a difference that doesn’t come with all different tiered compartments. At the same time, it’s an organiser bag with many pockets to fit your devices, cables, hard drives and will store away in your luggage with ease.

Added Features:

– Great price!
– A bag is suitable for various usages.
– Portable, convenient and the perfect size for travel.


7. Cable & Accessories File Bag

Another cable organiser bag that offers something unique, instead of storing your cables away securely, file it away instead.

This bag may be a lot more expensive than others in the market. However, you pay for what you get, because this handy file bag is strong, prominent and even comes with a padded shoulder strap. Meaning it could also prove to be a convenient day pack.

Added features:

– Will store your light devices and cables.
– Very durable and strong.
– A variety of pockets and slots.
– Can be used as a day pack.


cable organiser bag

Keep the charger cords all ready for your camera when out and about.




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