Awesome Things to do in Fiji besides cocktails and sunsets

Awesome Things to do in Fiji besides cocktails and sunsets

The lure of Fiji is obvious for any traveller, because there is lots to get excited about on the island, like beautiful beach side resorts, stunning sunsets, cocktails by the pools and afternoon siestas on the deckchairs.  All things that are pure delightful, especially when seeking comfort in paradise.

There is, however, a lot more things to do in Fiji besides enjoying tasty cocktails and viewing beautiful sunsets and if you let those small precious things pass you by, you could miss out on the big moments that can give you a different meaning on life and the way you look at Fiji.

So it has inspired me to come up with a list of the things you need to do in Fiji, besides the obvious, because if you blink, you will miss it, an there are some things in lie that you shouldn’t miss.


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6 Things to do in Fiji besides cocktails and sunsets


Visit a local Villiage

It’s easy to keep to the tourist locations such as Port Denarau, the main Marina area in Fiji, with ample luxury hotels, water sports, fine dining restaurants in breathtaking locations and a whole host of other activities that will make your time in Fiji all the more worthwhile. However, it’s important to branch out a little a see the real Fiji.

During my time in Fiji, I took a 4WD tour up into the hills for an hour drive to a local village, where we were greeted by the friendly locals who entertained us with a kava ceremony (more on that later), sang songs and the village people cooked a vegetarian lunch to complete the tour in style. There was no meat was provided because quite simply the locals can not afford it, but the feed was decent nonetheless.

The best part about exploring the village and to witness their way of life, is that they lived without technology and the comfort of bedding or modern facilties, which didn’t appear to make them unhappy at all because they were a happy bunch of people. Like in most villages in Fiji, they had their own church and also a village leader.

Fiji village

Visit a local village when holidaying in Fiji.


Go Shopping in Nadi

Only a short bus ride from Port Denarau, Nadi is on the west side of the main island of Fiji and if you’re staying in the area, a day trip to Nadi is a must to get a real vibe on how the locals of the country live their day to day life.

Nadi is a shopping district that is a lot cheaper than the tourist areas of Port Denarau with plenty of shops that are situated on the main streets with a selection of clothing and local souvenirs to purchase on your travels. Be sure to check out the huge fruit and Vegetable market with plenty of seafood too, that is situated off the main street, you won’t miss it. Purchasing fruit has never come so cheap.


Visit a local Primary school

A visit to a local school will delight your heart when you see the happy kids strut around in their classrooms without the technology we are use to in the modern world. On a good day you might even get out a song, as anyone who knows the Fijians will know they love to sing.

It is a great way to get out and about and see the local schools and how different they are to western civilisation. If you want a real reaction from the kids on your visit, bring a bag of lollies with you, but be warned, you will be swamped by kids who have a keen eye for the candy.


Mud Bath ad Hot Springs

Organise a taxi, or any other personal driver who is willing to drive you to inner areas of mainland Fiji and head to the mud baths and hot springs, there is one located near Nadi. If you love to willingly jump into a pool of mud then dump yourself in one of these in Fiji, apparently it is meant to be good for your skin but I don’t really know to be honest. All I know is that the best part of the trip is washing the mud off in the hot springs that is very refreshing, even in the heat of Pacific Islands.


Fiji Mud baths

Take a dive in the Mud Baths and Hot Springs.


Drink Kava, The Fijians Love it

The famous Fijian drink the locals love more than anything else on the islands of Fiji. On the Island you will have more than a chance, often ample, to be brave and drink the unique flavour of Kava. It has a strange taste I’ll admit that and it won’t be to everyone’s liking, but how often are you going to be in Fiji, so give everything a go at least once. It won’t kill you that I promise you.


Take a cruise to a smaller Island

332 Islands make up country of Fiji, so it i a no brainer when it comes to visiting Fiji, that you must take a cruise to one of the smaller islands nearby. The most popular cruise companies that take you out to the island is Captain Cook Cruise, use their services from Port Denarau and head off to an island for a day or even a few days, as there are few luxury resorts located on the smaller islands.

Day trips are great, with most coming with a Fijian style buffet. snorkel, Kayak and take a stroll on the white sands of Fiji and be in pure bliss in paradise. Happy Travelling.

Cruise in Fiji

Go on a cruise in Fiji.


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