Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali

Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali

Bali – a holiday destination so unbelievable that choosing an ideal location, while fun, can also be a little stressful as you find the right accommodation, whether it’s a high-end Resort or you need to travel into Bali on a budget.

Questions fly through your thought process asking such questions, is this resort one of the ideal places to stay in Bali? Is the dining ideal? What is the customer service like? Is it family friendly? Or is the resort in a good location?

So many questions and so many reviews to look at and it can be confusing at which way to look. Some guests give raving reviews for their resort in Bali, and others give negative reviews on the very same resort.

You know what I’m talking about, that wonderful booking websites such as TripAdvisor or where everyone’s point of view is different and two opinions are never the same. There are no right or wrong answer; it is just the way people think.

Opinions always differentiate from individual to individual.

Talking about a point of view, how about I throw in my own two cents into the conversation when talking about the best places to stay in Bali. I have been fortunate enough to stay in a few magnificent resorts/villas throughout various countries, including Bali.

Whether you’re seeking a holiday on the beach or in the beautiful rice fields of Ubud, these four resorts or villas will undoubtedly make your stay in Bali that much more enjoyable.


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Sakala Resort

Sakala Resort’s large swimming area.





Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali



The Sakala Resort in TanjungBenoa

  • Where is it: In the Tanjung Benoa area of Bali and on the doorstep of Nusa Dua, The Sakala Resort is in a quieter part of Bali, that is famous for its adventure on Beach and vibrant nightlife. The resort is only about twenty minutes from the International Airport.
  • The features: The stunning Sakala contains large rooms, fabulous dining and swimming pools that are surrounded in tropical gardens with great pool bars to sip down a few cocktails in the Bali sun. The Wellness Spa is also an incredible experience that needs your time for a well-deserved pampering with a professional massage. The Sakala is your 5-star resort and is worth the dollars you will spend during your stay.
  • Dining Experience: Two amazing restaurants that will have you licking your plate clean. One of the resort side where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, with delicious local and International cuisines.
    Alternatively, you can cross the road for a different dining experience altogether at the Sakala Beach Club, where not only does it offer a fine-dining area, but a sparkling swimming pool, with deck chairs to enjoy the views of the nearby beach.

You can check out Fair Dinkum Traveller’s very own review of the Sakala Resort by checking on this link. 


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Sakala Resort

Sakala Resort.

Alaya Resort in Ubud

  • Where is it: The Alaya Resort is smack bang in the middle of Ubud with plenty of action all around you and situated only 200-metres from the Sacred Monkey Forest and close by to the Ubud Markets, street shopping and cafes. The Alaya Resort is a good hour from the International airport.
  • The features: Great dining, spacious rooms and the Dala Spas are the real delights at the breathtaking Alaya Resort. Not to forget the boutique swimming pools that are surrounded by gorgeous landscaped gardens and boutique rice fields inside the resort grounds. It makes it easy to unwind and take in the nature that you are surrounded in during your stay in Ubud.
  • Dining Experience: You will love the Alaya Resort dining experience with their pick of two tantalising restaurants. The Petani and Manisan. The Petani is situated at the front of the resort and off the streets of Ubud, near the lobby. It has a lively vibe about it with some live entertainment during the evening and a menu where you’ll be spoilt for choices.
    Then there is the Manisan Restaurant, which is tucked away in the middle of the lush rice fields, with the fabulous resort in full view. The Manisan Serves only divine Indonesian food, offering a great dining experience and even better with your loved one sitting opposite to you.

Check out my own review of one the finest Bali Resorts, The Alaya Resort, by checking this link.


Find great deals at Alaya, by checking out the prices on!



Alaya Resort in Ubud.

Ellora Villas in Sanur

  • Where is it: Ellora Villas is situated in Sanur and close by to beautiful beaches, street shopping, massage parlours, bars, restaurants and cafe’s and it’s only about 20 minutes from the international airport or the popular Kuta area.
  • The features: The feature is own your very own villa with a private swimming pool. It’s great for families, with the two-bedroom villas and even single room villas for those who require a little less space. You’ll have a perfect time at Ellora Villas with its large rooms, bathrooms and even a private kitchen area by the pool for a hot style BBQ.
  • Dining Experience: The Beach Café and Club is a short walk from the Villas and serves exquisite meals. The treat though is at breakfast time when you get your chef to cook you up some excellent foods, such as waffles, eggs of your choice and pancakes, to name a few. It is a five-star experience every day at Ellora for your ideal Bali Villas.


Check great prices at Ellora Villas on!



Ellora Villas, Sanur.


Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud

  • Where is it: Adiwana Resort Jembawan is tucked away in Ubud, and While hidden away from the central hub of the town, you’ll still find many activities and boutique market stalls on the streets nearby during your stay at this peaceful Bali Resort.
  • The features: It is a Wellness retreat for those looking for ultimate hideaway With only 38-rooms in total. You won’t get the large crowds that you get with some resorts in Bali, but you will get some rejuvenation for your body with the Dala Spa and daily yoga classes. Of course, there are the blissful swimming pools to occupy your time, be it, in the water or sun-baking on the deck chairs.
  • Dining Experience: Healthy eating only at Adiwana Jembawan, which happens in the laid-back Herb Library Restaurant and is mainly a vegan menu but it does have its selection of white meat. The food is still delicious & healthy, and their juices are incredible.

Check out my piece on Adiwana Resort by checking on Fair Dinkum Traveller’s article, right here. 


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Alaya Jembawan

Adiwana Jembawan in Ubud.


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A Traveller’s Guide To The Best Of Indonesia – Destination Asia

A Traveller’s Guide To The Best Of Indonesia – Destination Asia

Guest Post For Fair Dinkum Traveller by The Gypsy Heart Travel


There’s so much more to Indonesia than just the beaches of Bali and The Monkey Forest, if you want to see the best that Indonesia has to offer, take a look at my guide, which will take you overland to some of the famous spots but also some more off-the-beaten-path destinations to ensure you get a chance to see the real Indonesia in all its glory…



Experience the best of Indonesia.


A Traveller’s Guide To The Best Of Indonesia




Start your Indonesian journey in Jakarta


Jakarta is a cheap place to fly into and makes a great launching pad for your Indonesian adventure. Be under no pretences that Jakarta is not a particularly beautiful nor exciting place, it’s a loud, busy and smelly concrete jungle for the most part – but a few rough gems can be found. Such as ‘Kota Tua’ (the old square), with its Dutch colonial era buildings and restaurant; there’s also a Gothic church (which is unusual for Indonesia), the Istiqlal Mosque which sits opposite (and houses the second largest drum in the world apparently) and the independence monument, with a 360 panoramic view of the city from the roof.

Accommodation options: I found Six Degrees a pleasant hostel to stay in whilst in Jakarta. Well located with friendly staff, excursions, kitchen facilities and comfortable beds with privacy curtains.

From Jakarta you can you can easily get a cheap economy ticket for the train to Yogyakarta. The journey is about 9hrs, and I would suggest, if possible, to take some food with you, especially if you have dietary requirements as the food on board is limited and not very tasty. If the weather is good, you can catch glimpses of the countryside, local towns and everyday lives of locals as you pass through.


Best of Indonesia

Dutch colonial buildings in the old town square.


Jakarta Gothic church

Jakarta Gothic church.


independence monument

Bas-relief wall at the independence monument.



Explore Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is quite lovely and there’s plenty to do, from the palace and traditional puppet shows, to various art galleries and museums. There’s colourful local markets to explore and lots of great places to eat (if you fancy a nice meal head to House of Sate for some of the best satay, including vegetarian/vegan tempeh options). It’s easy to book a tour to the famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and the drive is not too long.

We also did a cooking and cycling tour, which took us through local rice paddies, to a small tempeh factory, to where locals made mud bricks in the sun and then to the house of a local woman who taught us how to make some traditional recipes such as coconut stew and Gado Gado.

Accommodation option: I loved the Good Karma hostel in Yogyakarta, it had a wonderful vibes, lovely staff, probably the most amazing (included) hostel breakfasts I’ve ever had, and they offered some really great tours such as the cooking and cycling tour that we did.


Stupas at Borobudur

Stupas at Borobudur.



Detailed stonework at Prambanan.


best of indonesia

Learning the whole rice growing process from planting to harvesting on our tour.


Indonesian food

Learn how to cook traditional food such as coconut stew, tempeh and Gado Gado.



Head to the mountains: Volcano treks in East Java

From Yogyakarta, you can either get the train to Surabaya or book a tour that will pick you up to head to Mount Bromo and/or the Ijen Crater. The journey is a pretty long drive, so make sure you wear comfy clothes and have things to hand to keep you entertained. We booked a tour that drove us there, and included a stay overnight near Mount Bromo, a walk up to the crater, and then another drive to the Ijen Crater.

We stayed the night there and got up early to hike up to the Sulphur Mine of the Ijen Crater and then the tour drove us to the ferry port so that we could get the boat to Bali. The total cost for all of that was probably around £100 (for the tour, not including the ferry ticket), and sure, if you really want to save money you can do it all yourself, but with a lot more hassle.

Mount Bromo

Sun rise view of Mount Bromo.


Best of Indonesia

Offerings at the crater.


Ijen Crater

A view of yellow Sulphur rocks and the acidic lake in the Ijen Crater.


Take a break after your hike in Bali

From the ferry port you can head to Bali. Depending on what you want to see, there is the cultural hub of Ubud with the nearby Sacred Monkey Forest, temples of Goa Gajah and the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, or for surfing you can head to Uluwatu or Canggu. There are plenty of surf and yoga retreats that you can book into, and loads of hostels to choose from.

Accommodation option: I stayed at the Canggu Surf Hostel in Canggu which was a nice enough hostel (not the best but not the worst) but some of the staff rubbed me up the wrong way. In Ubud I stayed in Wayan’s Family Hostel which was quite lovely, close to the Monkey Forest, and had a nice small pool and breakfast included.


Monkey forest

Monkey forest.


Goa Gajah

Cave mouth at Goa Gajah.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terraces.



Head to the Gili islands for parties and snorkelling

From Bali you can easily get a 2hr boat to the Gili islands. There’s three main islands, Gili Trawangan is most popular with backpackers and is a huge party spot, then Gili Air and Gili Meno are much more quiet and secluded. The Gili islands have a no motor vehicle policy, so you won’t see any scooters zipping around here, but plenty of bicycles and horse-drawn carts!

The Gili islands are amazing for snorkelling, so if you want to swim with turtles, then this is a great place to do it! Party the nights away on the main strip of Gili T, cycle around the whole island trying out different snorkel spots, or splash out on a glass bottom kayak!

Accommodation options: We were a bit stuck for choice in Gili T as most places were fully booked, we stayed a few nights at Wonderland Guest House and a few nights at Flipside Bungalows.


Gili islands

Snorkel with turtles in the Gili islands.


gili t

Cocktails with a view in Gili T.



Other awesome options for the Best of Indonesia

From The Gili islands you can head down to Komodo to see the Komodo Dragons, or get a short boat ride over to Lombok. If you decide to go to Lombok as we did, you can explore waterfalls, relax on Senggigi beach, and visit temples carved into the rockface.


Senggigi beach

Senggigi beach.



Temples by the sea, carved out of rocks in Lombok.


Accommodation Option: We stayed at Ressa Homestay in Lombok which was basic, but the staff were very friendly and helpful.

From Lombok, I flew to Sulawesi. If you’re looking for a totally unique cultural experience, where you can see something totally authentic and different to the hoards of bikini clad tourists that throng the beaches of the Indonesian islands, then Sulawesi might just be the place for you!

Head up into the highlands of Tana Toraja to see a dying culture who still have strong animist beliefs, hold sacrificial rituals and bury their dead in caves and cliffs. If that doesn’t seem your jam, Sulawesi is also amazing for diving. If none of that takes you fancy, then head to neighbouring Borneo instead to see some of the most incredible wildlife in the world and visit an Orangutan sanctuary.

You can fly onwards from either Borneo or Sulawesi to the Philippines, back to Jakarta, or to Kuala Lumpur. This whole trip, depending on how long you stay in each place, will take more or less just under a month in total. Take some time to see the real Indonesia and you won’t be disappointed!



Unique culture in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi.


Author Bio

Rhiannon is a freelance writer, who funds her intrepid travels with her words. She loves adventures and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. She’s curious about the more weird and wonderful aspects of life, and would rather be trekking to remote tribe villages than be out hitting the clubs. You can follow her latest escapades on her blog The Gypsy Heart Travels. [LINK]

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Walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa – Bali, Indonesia

Walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa – Bali, Indonesia

I loved every moment of my experience when I was walking the streets of Ubud, in fact I loved it so much that I thought it was time to venture to another part of Bali, a different and much quieter part of Bali, that’s if your not on the beach of course, and with my very own two feet I’m walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa, a laid-back area of Bali.

Tanjung Benoa is a magnificent part of Bali, which is situated on the East coast of the famous tourist island of Indonesia and only a stone throw from Nusa Dua. The area is known for its active beach over the Benoa Bay, spectacular beach-side resorts and a relaxed atmosphere on the streets of the boutique township.

The kind of relaxed atmosphere that someone like me loves to be associated with, because as far as I am concerned, you can give me a laid back, more peaceful vibe anytime of the week and I’ll be a happy man while travelling the world.


 Are you heading to Tanjung Benoa for a relaxing holiday? Check out TripAdvisor for Hotels!


Walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa

Praying on the streets of Tanjung Benoa.


Walking the Streets of Tanjung Benoa – Bali



A Quieter Part of Bali

 As I have mentioned, Tanjung Benoa is a quieter part of Bali, at least when it comes to the streets anyway. I’ll touch on the busy beach in a moment. For a tourist who is seeking a quieter vacation, Tanjung Benoa will certainly deliver for you, it’s an area that has magnificent resorts and plenty of stunning beach bars that over look the bay, even if the drinks come at a price, you won’t help but fall into the luxury lifestyle and order a few more cocktails at the local resorts pool bar and resting pool-side on the deck chairs.

The old saying goes, that life is meant to be lived. 


Tanjung Benoa

The Sakala Resort at Tanjung Benoa


The streets of the town are pleasant too, it offers the same as other parts of Bali, you know, markets, restaurants, cats and dogs wandering the street, but it has a lot less hustle and bustle, and in Tanjung Benoa, the locals are not in your face constantly trying to sell you a singlet or stubby holder.

Benoa even includes a Starbucks café, that offers instant relief from the heat with a tasty frappe, hot cappuccino and the delicious drinks are much appreciated air-conditioning. It’s fair to say I purchased an ice-coffee or two during my brief stay in Tanjung Benoa and lazed around in the comfort of the lounge area. Sometimes you need relief from the sizzling Bali heat. 


Tanjung Benoa

Enjoy a cold frappe at Starbucks.



Off the Streets and onto the busy beach

 Once you step off the streets and onto the beach during the middle part of the day, it is a different ball game altogether, you step onto the sands and enter the leisure beach of Bali that has a little chaos associated with it. The tour companies are waiting in their numbers to the give visiting travellers a good time, including the adrenaline rush that will follow as you participate in a range of activities on the beach. 


The action happens on the beach.


If you love your beach sports this is where you want to be, there is your jet-skiing, parasailing, cruise boats to islands and lot more going on in the waters of Tanjung Benoa. I particularly enjoyed rising high in the para-sail and getting a birds eye view of the madness below, there are lots and lots of boats in the water.

Of course, I need to mention some of the locals, the ones that are out there, trying to make a buck by selling a whole range of souvenirs that are cloaked around their bodies, and surely feeling every bit of that unforgiving heat. I suppose when you live in the country long enough, you just get used to it all, no matter how overdressed someone appears. 

The atmosphere out on the beach was certainly different, even a little hairy out on the waters, because it did indeed seem unsafe at times with all the boats and skies roaming about the place, but that is just another reminder to every traveller to purchase your travel insurance before you travel.



Getting high in the blue sky.


The conclusion the streets of Tanjung Benoa

Walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa is an unbelievable experience that I will long remember, mainly due to the peace and tranquillity of the township. When you exclude the madness on the beach during the day, that has no effect on your stay in a quality resort , it’s time to hit the night life in Benoa where the streets in the evening were mild and safe.

It’s a township that has plenty of happy locals too (don’t be afraid to say hi), decent restaurants with good food, a number of bars, market stalls with a bargain to be found and even trustworthy massage parlours that are only interested in giving you a massage and nothing else, it’s a time where you can relax in comfort.

The more I visit Bali, the more I become very fond of this famous island of Indonesia, and while no destination in the world is perfect, Bali does indeed understand the tourist needs and that extends to the streets of Tanjung Benoa.


Check for hotels in Tanjung Benoa on TripAdvisor and embrace paradise.



The streets get a little quiet and to some that is a good thing.


 Enjoying walking the streets of Tanjung Benoa? Check out more adventures below when I am busy on the streets all around the world!

Walking the Streets of Vientiane – Laos



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Tanjung Benoa

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Tanjung Benoa

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Walking the Streets of Ubud – Bali, Indonesia

Walking the Streets of Ubud – Bali, Indonesia

Another fantastic destination and another walking the streets experience in Southeast Asia, and this time we are heading to paradise in Bali, Indonesia. I’m walking the streets of Save & Exit Ubud for what promises to be a cultural education.

Now, I haven’t been to every town in Bali, far from it. However, I have been to a few spectacular tourist towns like Tanjung Benoa, Kuta, Sanur and even Seminyak. Yet, the pick of the crop for me in the Island of Gods is Ubud town, a Bali destination not even remotely close to a coastline.

That’s right, and I love the Ubud Streets and the culture that goes with it. Imagine myself walking down the streets, swinging my arms, head held high and whistling aloud as I wave to the friendly locals and just happy to be alive in paradise.

A bit extreme, yes, of course, I’m far too shy to be whistling out aloud as a solo traveller in Bali, but that’s just how I feel in this vibrant and cultural town that I instantly grew fond of when I was walking the streets of Ubud in Bali.


Are you heading to the streets of Ubud? Check out TripAdvisor for Ubud hotels and great deals.



The Ubud Centre and on a wet Balinese day.


Meet Wadi at the Monkey Cave, the home of the best coffee in Ubud.



Walking the Streets of Ubud in Bali – Indonesia



Off the streets into breathtaking Ubud Resorts

In one moment, I am standing in the hustle and bustle of the busy Ubud street, surrounded by massage parlours and a variety of restaurants, with people flocking in every direction to get to their following Ubud activities.

Then, in an instant, I step into a pleasing lobby of a spectacular resort, and It’s like I have entered into another Kingdom altogether.

Ubud is full of accommodations of all sorts with a range of budgets and ratings, but it’s the breathtaking 5-star resorts that tourists come to stay for their Ubud accommodation.

It’s easy to see why with its luxury rooms, swimming pools, top-class restaurants, and even Spa centres that come with it, and the best bit is these fine Ubud resorts are blended perfectly within the busy town centre. It’s all very convenient for any traveller.

I can’t forget to shout out to the fabulous Alaya Resort, one of the finest and prettiest resorts I’ve stayed. Alaya says culture from the moment you step off the streets and into the lobby of a whole new world.


Check out one of the best places to stay in Ubud at – The Alaya Resort!


Alaya Resort

Take the path to Alaya Resort.



Culture lives here when you Visit Ubud Bali.

Culture does indeed live in Ubud, and it’s all around you when you are exploring the famous tourist town.

Beautiful temples, The Tegallalang Rice fields, museums, and fine historic palaces are all incredible sights for a cultural experience for all visitors looking at what to do in Ubud.

A favourite cultural experience was purchasing a ticket to the Balinese Legong dance from local Bali streets and heading to a delightful performance that ran for about 90-minutes in the bliss evening times.

The Balinese show featured beautiful Balinese women in traditional dress, fabulous costumes and a great Balinese historical story told throughout the performance.

A Legong dance performance features many locations in Ubud town, and I suggest that you purchase an affordable ticket to the best show in Bali. You won’t regret it.


Find your very own Ubud Tour at Get Your Guide.





The Balinese Ubud at the Legong and Barong Dance is a cultural show for all attendance.


Inside the Monkeys Den at Ubud Monkey Forest

Monkeys run across the street, monkeys steal your food, and the monkeys dazzle you at will, but you will find the most monkeys inside their very own den, The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

To stroll into the forest, which includes a few market stalls, some temples and the energetic monkeys are swinging from tree to tree, putting on a show for the watching tourists.

I know first-hand that you do need to tread with caution around these cute little monkeys, who are pretty tame but do have a bite if you feel the slightest amount of threat and if you react in any way that gets those monkeys feeling a little nervous, they may decide to have a little chomp with their sharp teeth.

The best practice is to let them do their thing, and no harm will happen to you.


streets of Ubud

Inside the monkey den at Ubud Monkey Forest Bali.


Walking the streets of Ubud Bali

It’s loads of fun on the Ubud walking street or any roads of Bali, and to say g’day to the locals who are indeed friendly and polite.

It’s excellent to Wander into a coffee shop at will and enjoy a delicious cappuccino or frappe. Whatever it is you desire, maybe you prefer a petite Indonesian cuisine and what to step into a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

To walk into the bustling markets in Ubud Bali and take home a bit of a souvenir to treasure the time spent in Ubud long after leaving will not cost much and will be cherished.

Or you can window shop for an item and purchase something a little more modern and expensive at a range of retail outlets available on the streets.

There isn’t a beach in Ubud, but t doesn’t take the romance of being on a tropical vacation in paradise with many stunning Ubud resorts and hotels. Where the cocktails are still cold, the weather is hot, and the fantastic swimming pools are a welcome relief from the simmering heat in Bali.

All the while, here I am, walking the streets of Bali and savouring everything that this beautiful planet has to offer for the common folk like me and you. It’s walking the streets, the only natural way to see any destination.


Check out other walking the streets articles in Vientiane, Laos and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



Take a stroll through the Ubud Markets.

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Parasailing and Jet Skiing – Tanjung Benoa, Bali – Indonesia

Parasailing and Jet Skiing – Tanjung Benoa, Bali – Indonesia

Parasailing and Jet Skiing – Tanjung Benoa, Bali – Indonesia



It all happens by accident as do most things on holidays, because who really needs to make plans.

One moment you are walking the beaches of Tanjung Benoa Bali, then next moment you are talking to a kind local man who is trying to make a buck and he is trying to organise some water activities on the gorgeous, yet active Bay in Bali – Indonesia.

You finally give in to their persuasive powers, because the prices are ridiculously cheap and after negotiating a better price and paying some dollars for the events on Tanjung Benoa Beach (still a heck of a lot cheaper than what you will find in Australia), it’s time to hit the water have endure some action on the crazy beach.


Need to find Luxury Bali Accommodation in Tanjung Benoa? Check out awesome prices at!


Tanjung Benoa Bali

Tanjung Benoa beach.


The Process when wanting to partake in Tanjung Benoa Watersport

The next bit for me really is a blur upon agreeing to their prices, again it’s great. You pay at the counter, then you are rushed immediately to the boat that will take you to the parasailing. No boring bits and no waiting around, it’s bloody awesome I tell you.

It is that easy when it comes to the many companies who runs the Dive and Water sports in Tanjung Benoa, they want to entertain their client and make your Bali travel experience all the worth while and get you having fun immediately.


Check out a range of Bali Water Sports you can achieve at Get Your Guide!



Tanjung benoa beach

Taking the rusted old blue boat out to the Parasailing on the Tanjung Benoa Beach.



Adventure Parasailing at great heights to begin the Bali Water sports

Transferring from one boat to another, there is a little bit of a wait as others have their turn in front of you, but no more than 20 minutes which any person in a hurry can live with, not that I was in a hurry of course. Being the last to go meant that I got to look at their terrified faces before being hoisted into the sky brings a smug smile to myself.

It’s my turn to go and sorry, there is no camera for the gorgeous view I am hit with upon rising high into the almost clear sky, if only I had a go-pro at the time. There are a few clouds about, but it doesn’t hurt the moment. The view is breathtaking and the experience is more than worth it, especially for cost I paid, while you relax sky high and take it all in. It’s all over in about ten minutes, too quick, I could have spent a heck of a lot longer taking in the surrounds of Benoa Bali.


benoa bali

Getting high in the blue sky.

tanjung benoa bali

descending from the sail.


Jet Skiing The Bay on the busy beaches

Time is never wasted on Tanjung Benoa. As soon as I am off the boat for the parasailing, I am on the jet skis. This amazing experience raises the hair a little more because the Tanjung Benoa beach is always crowded with boats and other jet skis everywhere you look, at times you wonder if this is safe, you only hope it is I suppose.

But you are not alone the whole time. An experience instructor is with you and since I have zero experience on the jet ski. yes, I am in my thirties and never gone jet skiing, the instructor negotiates the busy beach area until I am virtually isolated in the ocean alone. Then it’s my turn and its full throttle on my own as I negotiate the swells of the ocean and enjoying every moment of the first experience. The adrenaline of the whole thing is such rush, I am like a kid on Christmas day, the smile can’t go away.


Jet ski

Getting a little Jet ski action.

Tanjung Benoa water sports Bali experience

of we go on the jet skis during our Tanjung Benoa water sports Bali experience.



Checking it off the bucket list

Maybe it’s weird for a man well in his thirties to get excited over parasailing and jet skiing, yet I’ll do it anyway. Why not, both water sports experiences were both a first for myself. So please forgive the excitement I am showing. Because at the end of the day, I’m just glad I am able to tick them off the list. Maybe next is skydiving and conquer the fear of heights.


What else goes on in the Tanjung Benoa Beach

There is more to life in Tanjung Benoa Bali than parasailing and jet-skis, naturally, of course there is snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, boat tours to a variety of awesome Bali attractions, Banana boat rides, the awesome flyboard and many more beach activities for the tourist to select from.

One guarantee is, you’ll have fun and plenty of it.


Don’t forget your travel Insurance before any beach activities

A last reminder for you travellers before you hit the Bali beaches, make sure you have already purchased travel insurance before entertaining the thought of any extreme activities. It would be a real shame if anything were to go wrong and you were jot covered.

So spend a few dollars, in the rare case the worst possible situation happens to you and you don’t have to fork out thousands on medical bills. In that instance, with any kind of travel insurance you can enjoy your time in Tanjung Benoa Bali with a few fears erased.


Tanjung benoa

Have your travel insurance at the ready before any beach activities.

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