When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

If you only had time enough in your busy schedule to spend one day in Macau, what would you do in those precious hours?

Would you rush over to as many Macau attractions as possible and take a glance at each unique attraction.

Alternatively, would you elect to see a handful of must-see attractions during your Macau day trip and further appreciate the best of what Macau has to offer during your limited time.

There is no right or wrong answer when making the decisions for your Macau trip and whoever tells you there is, have not got their facts right. For Macau tourism is full of epic attractions, lively Casinos and a vibrant pedestrian thoroughfare that are available to all the tourists who venture into the busy East Asia destination.

From someone who has spent a little time in Macau, let’s discuss the best of both worlds for travellers who need to make a choice. For when you only have a single day in Macau, let your Fair Dinkum Traveller help you to work out the right travel path that may suit each traveller’s requirements.


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things to do in Macau

When you have one day in Macau – What do you do?


When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

Let’s discuss your Macau Itinerary and make the most of your limited time in the busy Asian destination. 


Why would you only spend one day in Macau?

Macau in one day, why would you? I would recommend at least three-days, but time can be of the essence, and you may well just be tempted to tick Macau off the travel bucket list. Therefore, a day trip may be the only viable option for you this time around.

Generally, a Macau day trip will come about because you are holidaying in Hong Kong or a neighbouring city in Mainland China and you are looking to catch the Macau ferry and check out the sights of the neighbour across the ditch.

The great news is, when coming to tour Macau from Hong Kong, the first ferry will depart from Hong Kong Island at 7 am, and the last boat will leave Macau just before midnight, which makes it easy to squeeze in a lot of events during the day of Macau sightseeing and capture the stunning nightlife during your one day tour in Macau.





Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Catch the Hong Kong to Macau ferry for your day trip.



Have a Macau Bus tour with the Hop on Hop off Bus

Hop on hop off bus tours is a great way to see many cities around the world and on this occasion. It’s even more helpful, especially when you only have one day to get it right during your Macau travel adventure.

The Macau sightseeing bus can take you to 16-different locations including the significant glamorous casinos, the Macau tower, A-Ma Temple and St Ruins De Paul to name only a few of fantastic Macau attractions.

If you are interested in the Open Top Bus Tour, you can find the cheapest tickets with Klook and have your ticket at the ready on your smartphone and begin enjoying the fantastic Macau City Tour during your day trip.




one day in Macau

Get excited when you visit Macau attractions.



Making the most of the Popular Macau Attractions

If you were to narrow it down to the five or six attractions you need to visit and spend a little extra time at, it had me thinking what would be ideal to recommend when visiting the favourite Macau tourist spots. It’s not an easy feat with so many excellent places to visit, but I did my best.

Before I do carry on, you need to remember that free shuttle buses are the way around the area, with most casinos, hotels, shopping malls and other noteworthy attractions having their shuttle bus going to and from destinations. You don’t even have to be staying at a particular hotel to use their bus services; you get on the bus and head on over without charge.

More than likely you’ll start at the Macau Ferry Terminal and head over to attractions like Venetian Macau or Fisherman’s Wharf, from there, you’ll be able to interconnect with most Macau tourist attractions.

Major Macau Attractions to visit:

Fisherman’s Wharf: Fisherman’s Wharf is the closest attraction to the Macau Ferry terminal and is a waterfront location of entertainment, fine-dining restaurants, retail outlets for a little shopping and hotels.

Macau City: The main Macau city area is full of life, vibrancy and pedestrian thoroughfares where you can explore astonishing heritage buildings such as Senado Square, see the stunning architectural designs of the churches and Cathedrals, wander down the beef jerky lane for free samples and catch the ever-popular The Ruins of St Paul.

A-Ma Temple: The A-Ma temple is an impressive Chinese Buddhist temple of unique design, with beautiful religious relics, astonishing structures and a calm atmosphere in amongst a jam-packed city.

A pick of Glitzy Casinos: It’s hard to narrow it down to one casino because there are so many out there that you could have your very own Macau casino tour in the process. To narrow it down a little further, Casinos that need to be on the list, that is not all about gambling, is Venetian Macau with the romantic Gondola rides and the Galaxy Macau which is a theme park within a casino. Both of those Casinos are in the Taipa area of Macau at it will be easy to visit both on your day trip.

The House of Dancing Water: When you have one day in Macau, the House of Dancing Water is a must-see performance show that will blow your mind a way. It’s a circus-like performance of adversity, love and friendship. In the meantime, you’ll be mesmerised by the layout, the all-around acting and the acrobatics are a standout throughout the 85-minute performance. If you are keen on seeing the House of Dancing Water, you can buy your tickets through Klook.




The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water.


What’s your Choice?

The choice is yours and yours only to make, there are plenty of options to make the most of your one day in Macau and plenty of hours to do it in where you’ll be able to create incredible memories of your time in Macau.

How would you spend your day? Or have you already had a Macau day trip? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below of how you have fully utilised your single day in Macau.


Check out this helpful guide of beautiful attractions to visit in Macau!


Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

Check out the best of Macau with these great tours!



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Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited

Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited

The East Asia adventures continued from Hong Kong, this time, visiting one of the unique destinations I have ever been to in my life, Macau.

With only three days in this vibrant destination with the family, the schedule was hectic visiting several Macau tourist attractions.

Macau tourism is literally in your face from the moment you get off the Macau ferry, with neatly dressed women in their high shorts handing out flyers to the casinos they represent.

It’s at that moment; you realise Macau is a real adult destination with gambling, a vibrant nightlife and mesmerising Macau shows that are a hit with the public. That being said, Macau is certainly suitable enough for families too.

However, the nightlife and casinos are just a small part of what Macau attractions represent. Plenty is going on with old Portuguese Heritage Buildings, the busy city streets which endlessly leads you to the best Macao attractions.

When it came to finding out what to do in Macau in 3 days, our family entertainment never ended. By the time the trip concluded, it’s fair to say we were exhausted hopping from one place to another.

If you only have a few days in your Macau travel schedule yourself, follow this similar itinerary, because I can assure you that it’ll work for you and there are plenty of things to do in Macau that won’t cost you a dime.

Let’s check it out; Fai Dinkum Traveller’s very own special edition of Macau Diaries.


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macau tourist attractions

Go with the crowd and visit the mesmerising Macau tourist attractions.


Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited



How to Get to Macau from Hong Kong

Catching the Hong Kong to Macau Ferry is the best way to travel between the two destinations, and it’ll only take about an hour of sailing through the waters to arrive at your destination, whichever way you are going.

I have written an in-depth article of the Hong Kong Macau Ferry system, which you can read with this link.

In a nutshell, there are two ferry companies TurboJet, and Cotai Water Jet. Each ferry departs or arrives at the Hong Kong- Macau Ferry Terminal and travels between the two main Ferry terminals in Macau.

All ferries run regularly throughout the day, so don’t have to worry about missing out on a ride, with the first ferry usually departing either terminal at 7 am and the last boat of the day leaving just before midnight.

The cost of a ferry can vary depending on class, but tickets usually go from HKD$160 for an adult.




Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

The Hong Kong Macau ferry will get you between the two destinations.



The Macau Hotel we Regrettably Stayed in

Luckily, we only stayed in Macau for two nights, because the disgusting cigarette smell in our non-smoking room at the Emperor Hotel was deplorable, that the huge money we spent for this particular Macau Hotel would have had us going crazy.

The hotel had all the fundamentals to be brilliant, and for some tourist, it would be the case. The hotel had big and clean rooms, and there were complimentary snacks in the mini-bar fridge.

The hotel served a substantial buffet breakfast, had a free shuttle service to the Macau Ferry Terminal, and a central location, with proximity to the Macau Casinos and other Macau best attractions.

What was the problem?

The problem and this is a big problem. When you pay AUD$314 a night for a non-smoking room, you expect the odour not to wreak of that horrible stench which was constant throughout our stay.

Upon complaining about the strong smoking odour in the family room to staff, they insisted the room is smoke-free, although it’s located on a smoking floor, and the smell tends to get through the vents.

Call me crazy, but that seems to defeat the whole bloody purpose of a non-smoking room if the smoke can filter through from other rooms, not to mention the cigarette butts in the ashtray provided near the elevator.

Unfortunately, there was not much else to do but to put up with the stench. As I said, we spent two nights in Macau, and we didn’t spend a heck of a lot of time in our hotel room.

If you are looking for great hotel rooms in Macau that is hopefully a perfect fit for you, check out Booking.com for great rates.


Macau hotel

The Emperor Hotel – Macau.



Macau International Parade

How fortunate we were to arrive in Macau on the very same day that Macau International Parade was happening.

An annual event in December that celebrates Macau’s handover back to China from the Portuguese, and aren’t the streets humming on this festive day.

It started at the St Ruins De Paul and ran through the busy streets of Macau, bypassing many Macau attractions in the process.

The streets were lined up deep with proud locals and curious tourist, to capture the festivities of the day, as various organisations showed off their skills and danced through the street providing fantastic entertainment and colour to the dazzled onlookers.

By accident, we got to witness the event, and by golly, it was fascinating to see the happy people participating in the parade or passing by and capturing the festivities of a proud nation. It kicked off our Macau trip in excellent style.


Macau Itinerary

Free entertainment is alive on the streets of Macau.



The Ruins of St Pauls – A Famous Macau Attraction

The Ruins of St Pauls is one of the top 10 macao tourist attractions and is undoubtedly one of the hottest Macau tourist spots to see during your visit.

I’m sure in your research, you’ve read about the famous church which was almost wiped out during a typhoon in the year of 1835, leaving a half-standing church you see today.

What remained a tragedy back then is now a tourist goldmine, because what is now standing of the Ruins of St Pauls, and gathers millions of tourists every year.

Keen travellers march their way through the busy streets to view the ruins and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the half-standing church.

From the moment you climb the steps of the church to the top and by-passing many other visiting tourists.

You can wander through St Pauls and discover historical facts about the church. Read about the horrific disaster and even take a few selfie photos in amongst the crowd of tourist, because everyone else is doing the same thing, so why not you too.


Macau trip

Away from the crowds – Inside the church that is the Ruins of St Pauls.

Walking the streets of Macau

In the main Macau City area, things liven up with tourist attractions popping up all over the place, while having the chance to be your very own Macau Tour Guide.

I found it fascinating to walk the streets and discover an area dedicated to delicious Asian soups, another strip dedicated to Beef Jerky with free tasting samples and finding good bakeries shops located through the city. The famous Margaret’s Café e Nata made the delicious egg tart, and the waiting lines could be quite excessive.

It’s through the city walks you’ll find churches, the Ruins of St Paul, Historic Macao attractions and other tourist places along the way by random. It’ll never hurt to get your hands-on a Macau Map to assist you in your travels.


Macau city

The streets get a little crowded in Macau.


Wander through the Historic Senado Square

The Historic area of Macau tourist spots continues to liven up on the busy streets with Senado Square. Once again, you’ll need to put up with the crowds, but that’s life during your Macau City Tour.

It’s a real Portuguese flavour to Senado Square, offering plenty of photo-taking opportunities of the Heritage buildings which make up the famous Square.

Inside you’ll be able to do shopping at a variety of retail outlets or market stalls, enjoy a delicious cappuccino at a nearby café’ or sit down for a delicious meal in a top restaurant.

The atmosphere is through the roof at Senado Square, so take your time to enjoy it and take everything in slowly; it’ll only make you appreciate it more.




Senado Square

Senado Square.

The Churches of Macau – There are Plenty

I could tell you about every church or cathedral I attended in Macau, but I’ll either bore you or require a separate blog post as my memory begins to test me.

Catholic Churches are common in Macau, and quite often you are stumbling upon them by accident while making your way around the city or even the backstreets.

A few notable churches we saw during our Macau trip, taking away the obvious of The Ruins of St Paul, is the Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady, Macau Diocese and the St Domini’s Church.

However, enjoy a self-tour at your will and see what you find when discovering unique things to do in Macau.


Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady

Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady.


The A-Ma Temple

The picturesque A-Ma Temple is one of the Oldest temples in Macau, dating back to the 15th Century and many people come to the temple for further Macau sightseeing and to worship if that is what their beliefs happen to be.

The A-ma temple ascends a slope of steps showcasing various structures along the way such as buildings, artwork and religious relics that are seen throughout your brief journey in the famous temple.

You’ll also come across great views from a higher vantage point that overlooks the Inner Harbour towards Mainland China.


A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple in Macau.

Wynn Macau – Casino

I visited Wynn Macau on a couple of occasions, mainly because this mega-casino was situated so close to our hotel.

It’s also an elegant Macau casino that offers entertainment, classy restaurants, expensive retail shopping and a range of café’s/bars for a quiet drink.

Of course, it had the regular gambling areas in the games room of slot machines and roulette tables, but I chose not to participate.

My favourite part at Wynn Macau was at the Rotunda. An area located at one of the entrances, with a quick five-minute show appearing every half hour, of either The Tree of Prosperity or the amazing Dragon of Fortune.

Another show would look outside the main lobby area of Wynn with the Performance Lake, a fountain show that appears every 15-minutes and is even better during the night.


Wynn Macau

The Dragon of Fortune ignites the guest at Wynn Macau Casino.


Venetian Macau – Casino

For the remainder of the Macau trip, before returning to Hong Kong by ferry, we spent several hours in the Taipa area of Macau with attractions such as Galaxy Macau, The Wynn Palace, The Parisian and many other fabulous tourist locations.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit all the Macau places, but we did make our way to Venetian Macau.

You know the one, the casino known for its fabulous Shoppes at Venetian, an indoor city which gives you a taste of little Italy, and the ever-popular Gondola ride with the sounds of Italian opera singing.




Venetian Macau

The gondola ride at Venetian Macau.

The House of Dancing Water Performance – Must See Macau Show

While browsing through the Klook travel App at a few of the tourist attractions in Macau. I stumbled upon the House of Dancing Water, a dazzling performance which had incredible reviews.

While this particular Macau show is not cheap, especially for a family of four, we went about booking the tickets through Klook and saved a few dollars in the process.

I’m glad we saw the performance because the whole event was mesmerising from start to finish and it had the entire audience hooked from the get-go.

The House of Dancing Water is what you would call a circus act, but with a great story of love, friendship and perseverance.

In the gripping story with a duration of around 85-minutes, there are fantastic dance sequences, acrobatics from great heights, and even a motorbike spectacle which dazzled everyone in the audience.

The most amazing part of this performance is how the main stage keeps turning from a pool of water to a stable platform in the blink of an eye.

Everything about the Water Dance was five stars, from the epic love story, the amazing choreography, the transformation of the stage and the sublime individual performances from the actors and dancers involved in the show.

Yes, five-stars and to anyone visiting Macau, make sure you are getting a ticket to the hottest show in town. You won’t regret it.




What we unfortunately missed in our Macau Trip

Three days in Macau is obviously not enough, nor is it enough in most destinations around the world.

Therefore we missed a few Macau attractions in the process. Like a few of the mentioned Macau Casinos in Taipa, The Macau Tower which we saw from a distance and the famous Fisherman’s Wharf.

They’re the breaks when travel is for a short time. However, didn’t stop us having a trip of a lifetime with many positive experiences in the process, and a few setbacks along the way (curse that hotel).

Macau is a unique Asian destination I have ever visited, and at the end of the day, I’m glad I chucked it on the bucket list.


The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water.

Enjoy a full day in Macau with these Awesome day tours!



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Free Things to do in Macau When the Budget is a Little Tight

Free Things to do in Macau When the Budget is a Little Tight

When you think of Macau, you think of the Vegas of Asia.

A highly-vibrant destination where you go to spend money with the high hopes that you’ll be coming home with a fortune, yet most hopefuls who visit Macau, rarely achieve that feat in what is a devil’s game.

There is more to life in the high-octane destination of Asia than chancing your luck at the roulette table.

In fact, you could easily enjoy a Macau day trip, only spending money on food or accommodation, and visiting a whole range of attractions that can provide you with a list of free things to do in Macau.

They are attractions that’ll keep you on your feet all day, even at times a little bedazzled by a few of Macau shows you’ll witness on the streets or in the casinos, because Macau is a vibrant destination that entertains their guest all around the clock.

Now, with all these things to do in Macau for free, let’s not waste another minute of your time and get you enjoying your stay while spending as little money as possible.


Enjoy Macau Tours with Get your Guide!




things to do in Macau

Free things to do in Macau include enjoying the beautiful structures of the Casinos.


Free Things to do in Macau



Wander through the Casinos on Macau – It’s not only about Gambling.

Casinos are meant to be about spending big and traditionally that is the case.

However, like most significant casinos around the world and they lure the tourists through the front doors by offering free dazzling entertainment.

you know it, you become foolish enough to go and spend your hard-earned money on gambling, hotel rooms and fancy restaurants. The experience is no different during your Macau travel experience.

For example, at Wynn Macau, you can capture a variety of shows every half-hour at the Rotunda, the Dragon of Fortune is especially a dazzling five-minute event.

From there, you’ll have the chance to go outside and witness a fountain show at the Performance lake which is better seen under the Macau lights at night.

At Venetian Macau, you’ll love to wander through the Shoppes at Venetian. Naturally it’s expensive, but to take in the atmosphere of the Venetian area is amazing while enjoying the sights of little Italy, and watching Gondola rides flow through the water with Italian Opera Singer at full voice. There are also a few street style entertainments happening in the Venetian at various times of the day.

It is only scratching at the barrel on what is on offer inside Macau Casinos, because there are so many to see, with each Casino offering their style of entertainment to take full opportunity of the phenomenon, which is Macao tourism.

Top 5 Casinos in Macau

  • Venetian Macau
  • Galaxy Macau
  • Wynn Macau
  • Wynn Palace
  • MGM Cotai


Enjoy an Open Bus Tour with Klook and see all the fantastic Macau sights!



Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

Macau Activities are better under the Night Lights

Macau is spectacular under the night lights, and you can be mesmerised by walking the streets at dark and seeing the buildings, the hotel and lavish Casinos all lit up at night.

Free entertainment is available when out and about, whether you’re taking in the atmosphere on the streets, before checking out a few freebies shows in the Casinos.


Macau activities

Macau looks even better at night.



Explore the crowded atmosphere at Ruins of St Pauls

Macau famous landmarks include the ever-popular Ruins of St Pauls, you know, the famous church that is now half standing due to a big fire caused by a typhoon back in the year of 1835.

While tragic back in the day. What remains of St Pauls, established in the 17th Century, can only be described as a tourist phenomenon. Every year millions of travellers make their way to one of the popular Macau tourist sites to have a glimpse of the church from afar or up close after.

After ascending the steps to the church and the wave of tourists in the way, you can discover a large number of facts about the church. It’s disaster and history timeline upon entering the through the entrance the Ruins of St Pauls.


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Free things to do in Macau

The crowds make their way to the Ruins of St Paul.

Go Hopping between Cathedrals and Churches

To find a famous Church in Macau may not come to the forefront of your mind during your Macau Itinerary. However, you don’t need to have a religious mind to appreciate the beautiful architectural designs of the buildings, because there are plenty and they look sensational on the inside and out.

Throughout the hidden streets of Macau, there will be many Cathedrals and churches to find, whether you’re meaning to or not.

There is the Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady, the St Dominic’s Church, the Macau Diocese, the Igreja De Santo Agostinho and naturally, The Ruins of St Pauls, to the only name a few of many religious sites in Macau.

Top 5 Churches and Cathedrals to see in Macau:

  • St Dominic’s Church
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady
  • The Ruins of St Pauls
  • Macau Diocese
  • St Laurence Church


Enjoy an Open Bus Tour with Klook and see all the fantastic Macau sights!



Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady

Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady.


Enjoy Macau Sightseeing walking the streets

Get out those walking shoes and explore the city the way you are meant to because it’s guaranteed that you’ll come across something beautiful or something hidden throughout your Macau trip.

Without any prior planning, you may come across the famous Margaret’s Café e Nata. A bakery where tourists will queue up for miles to have a bite of their famous egg tart.

You’ll wander down to Jerky Street, where you guessed, beef jerky is on sale wherever you look with plenty of free samples handed out.

There is a little walking strip dedicated to delicious Asian soups. The lines are long, but it’s worth it to have a fulfilling bowl of soup in your hand, and you’re devouring all the flavours.

It never stops in Macau. You have bakeries in all corners of the city, retail outlets for the latest clothing designs, coffee shops and historic buildings. You’ll also stumble upon a few famous Macau tourist spots like the famous Fisherman’s Wharf’s neatly located along the Harbourfront.


Macau guide

Walk the crowded streets of Macau.


Take in the Macau Sights at A-Ma Temple

A temple to the Chinese Sea Goddess, the A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest temples in Macau that dates back to the 15th Century and is still an active place of worship among the locals or tourists who venture to the Sao Lourenco situated temple.

The A-ma temple is a variety of structures that ascends a slope, meaning there will be a few steps to navigate along the way as you wander through the maze of A-Ma temple.

It’s fantastic to look down over the temple from above and admire the sculptures and artwork on display. You can even admire the Inner Harbour towards Mainland China from a high vantage point. It certainly is one of the must-see places to visit in Macau during your time in the City.


A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple in Macau.

Take in a little bit of Portugal with Macau Historic Sites

It’s a well-known fact that Macau once had been colonised by Portugal before it was handed back over to China in December 1999. With that, there is a strong Portuguese architectural presence throughout the city with many historical places in Macau.

You can wander through the heart of the city and take in the sites of Senado Square, a vibrant area that consists of a paved town square with European style buildings.

Travellers love checking out the tourist places of Senate Square (another name), purchasing a few cherished items in the market stalls or the retail outlets situated along the pedestrian thoroughfare.

Historical Places in Macau continues far and wide. You have the Taipa Old market that sells your usual arts, craft and cherished souvenir items.

There are the Guia Lighthouse and Monte Fort which dates back to the 17th Century. With tourist eager for a photoshoot of iconic Macau sites, and you can capture one of East Asia’s first theatres, the Dom Pedro V Theatre.

However, during your Macau tour, you’ll find many Historic Sites in Macau while walking the busy streets. Make sure your camera is fully charged because you don’t want to miss the perfect picture while ut and about.

A selective list of Macau Historic Sites to check out:

  • Ruins of St Paul
  • Guia Fortress
  • Monte Fortress
  • Senado Square
  • Taipa Old Market
  • Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • Holy House of Mercy


Enjoy an Open Bus Tour with Klook and see all the fantastic Macau sights!



Senado Square

Senado Square.



Ride for free on the Macau Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses are everywhere in Macau. That is because most hotels and casinos offer a free shuttle bus service between the Macau Ferry Terminal, shopping malls and other Macau tourist attractions. Hotel chains may have an association with major Casinos in Macau, whether it’s in Macau proper or Cotai Island for the use of their shuttle bus also.

The best part about these services is, you don’t need to be a guest at their hotel to ride the bus. You can stand in any queue, get on the bus upon arrival and take a journey to your next attraction without paying a cent.

Therefore, you can ignore the taxis stands or the overcrowded public buses and move freely through the tourist destination. Whether you’re taking a shuttle bus from Venetian Macau to Senado Square or back to the Ferry terminal on your way to Hong Kong.

It’s just another of those complimentary perks of the many free things to do in Macau.

While the lure will always be to the fascinating Casinos, remember, there are many other places to visit in Macau that don’t require you to spend any money.


Check out more on Macau with GPS MyCity!


Enjoy Macau? Check out Fair Dinkum Traveller’s events in the Hong Kong Diaries – Edition 1 – A Hong Kong Family Trip.


Look for impressive hotel rates in Macau at Booking.com!


Macau Itinerary

Free entertainment is alive on the streets of Macau.



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The Convenience of Going From Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

The Convenience of Going From Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Travel is a breeze through the open waters, and the process is simple for any traveller when you’re going between Hong Kong to Macau by ferry and back again.

It’s ideal transportation for a quick getaway for either sightseeing, gambling in casinos or to even check out what it’s like on the other side because of a simple case of curiosity.

I can personally vouge about the ferry experience between the two destinations, using the services of Turbojet during my travels in Hong Kong and Macau.

It was quick, easy and even affordable when choosing this form of transportation in the open waters of the two popular Asian destinations.

The overall trip comes with little fuss, including through the custom gates where it is often as simple as scanning your passport through the gates and onwards to continue your adventures.

Sit back, the seats are comfortable on these cruise ferries, and enjoy the seas of travelling between Hong Kong and Macau by Ferry. 

I promise you the trip is mainly hassled free, but I can’t guarantee you that you won’t get a little seasick as the seas get a little rough. Don’t worry the Macau ferry trip is usually over in around an hour.


Are you travelling to Hong Kong? Find great hotel rates at Booking.com.


Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Travelling between Hong Kong to Macau by ferry.




The Ease of Going From Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry and Back Again



Main Ferry terminals in Hong Kong and Macau

There are the four main ferry terminals to travel from between Hong Kong and Macau, which one you depart or arrive at may depend on where you are headed to in either destination.

Not that it matters too much in Macau as it doesn’t take a great deal of time to get around the unique and vibrant destination.

In Hong Kong, you have the two main ports; the major one is the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal situated in Sheung Wan on the Hong Kong Island, not far from the accessible Central Piers.

The other terminal is the China Ferry Terminal, which departs in the other Hong Kong hotspot of Kowloon.

In Macau, there is the Macau Outer Harbour, which is located to the famous city streets, popular attractions, cathedrals and casinos.

The other terminal is the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is located to nearby popular attractions including Venetian Macau, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams Shopping Mall and the Hotel Parisian.

Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong to Macau Ferry

  • Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan)
  • China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon)


Ferry Terminal in Macau to Hong Kong Ferry

  • Macau Outer Harbour (North part of Macau)
  • Taipa Ferry Terminal (South Part of Macau)




Jetturbo hk

Get comfortable on Jetturbo HK.


Cruise companies between Hong Kong and Macau

Two major cruise companies operate between Hong Kong and Macau.

First, there is the TurboJet, the red-coloured ferry cruises that run from ports between Hong Kong and Macau. The TurboJet operates from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal to Macau Outer Harbour from 0700 -2359 and runs every 15-minutes in both directions.

There is also a least frequently operated cruise from TurboJet that operates between Kowloon/Hong Kong Macau Ferry terminal to Taipa Macau.

You can check the Hong Kong Macau ferry timetable for a full schedule.


The blue-coloured Cotai WaterJet is the other cruise company that runs between all ports in Hong Kong and Macau. The Cotai runs mainly from the Hong Kong Macau Terminal to the Taipa Terminal in Macau at a frequency of every 15-minutes between 7 am to 1 am daily.

You can check out Cotai timetables and schedules at their main website.



Hong Kong Macau Ferry ticket price

The ticket prices remain steady between the two cruise companies, with different pricing available for weekdays, weekends and night sailing.

Prices through the website usually start at HKD$171 and extend for depending on the time of cruise or class you elect to travel with to your destination. You can find fantastic ticket prices through Klook, which is usually cheaper.

Extra allowances are starting from HKD$25 for large luggage pieces which you pay upon entering the gates for your cruise on the day.


To find a real bargain for cruise prices, you can book through the travel agency app, Klook. With Klook you can save several dollars, and the process is hassle free from booking to boarding. It’s what I used for my travels between Hong and Macau, and I saved a few dollars each time.

You can check out Klook for further booking details, but tickets are always limited so plan.




How long travel between Hong Kong and Macau?

No matter which port you travel between, you’ll find the actual cruising times go from around 1-hour to one hour and fifteen minutes. Allow extra time for preparing your pre-bought ticket at the counter and immigration checkpoints on either side of the cruise.

If you find you get to the terminal early, the cruise company usually allows you to travel on earlier cruise departures, depending on availability.

With cruises often running every 15-minutes they are not traditionally sold out, so there is a strong likelihood you can leave early and avoid unnecessary waiting times at the terminal.


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hong kong macau

Departing Hong Kong by Ferry.


Getting through Customs at entry points is a swift process

Getting through Immigration points at either Hong or Macau is a pain-free process with queueing times taking no longer than 15-minutes, but it can vary depending on how packed the ferry/ferries are. Below is the process for each direction.

Hong Kong to Macau

  • Get a ticket in Hong Kong
  • Scan Passport at Hong Kong Immigration Point
  • Get seat allocation and board ferry
  • Disembark ferry in Macau
  • Passport check at Immigration point in Macau
  • Continue your adventure

Macau to Hong

  • Get a ticket in Macau
  • Show Passport at Immigration point in Macau
  • Get seat allocation and board ferry
  • Disembark ferry in Hong Kong
  • Fill in Hong Kong Arrival card before queuing if a foreigner (only takes a minute)
  • Passport check at Immigration Point in Hong Kong
  • Continue your adventure


Catching a Shuttle bus upon arrival in Macau

When arriving in Macau, do your best to avoid catching a taxi, most hotels in Macau have free shuttle bus services operating around the clock, which can save you some handy dollars.

There are no checks when entering a shuttle bus, so if you know of another hotel/casino nearby to your hotel, get on that bus and walk the rest of the way instead of hanging around and waiting. You won’t get caught out.

Shuttle buses are a great way to get around Macau for free for the duration of your trip, with many of the complimentary buses going to and from many casinos in the area at no cost (remember casino’s want you to spend the money gambling).

You can hop on and go Casino hopping during your stay, even if you have no desire to gamble and only want to check out the stunning shows that take place in the major casinos such as Venetian Macao, Wynn Macau and Galaxy Macau to name a few.


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Venetian macau

Venetian Macau.


Finding your way upon returning or first entry into Hong Kong

When arriving in Hong Kong from the Hong Kong Macao Ferry Terminal, the best way to go to your next Hong Kong destination is by train. From the main terminal, you can catch a train at the Sheung Wan MTR and transfer to Central on the next stopover with several MTR lines available to you at Central or Hong Kong MTR.

If you need to transfer to the Hong Kong Airport express train from Sheung Wan, you can catch a train to Central MTR, walk to the nearby Hong Station MTR and get on the Airport Express Train from that location, follow the signs to get there.

Using your Octopus Card, the fare to the Airport from Hong Kong MTR cost HKD$110. It won’t let you on if you don’t have the right amount of credit, but the Information office at the Hong Kong Station can help you top up either by cash or credit card as needed. Children using the kids Octopus Card travel free and remember all Octopus Cards are refundable at the information office at the Hong Kong International Airport.

There you have it, a handy guide when travelling from Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry and back again. It is hassle-free and appropriately cost. Your biggest worry may be whether you get seasick or not.


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Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Night lights.



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