Travel Smart: Preparing for your trip to Manila in the Philippines

Travel Smart: Preparing for your trip to Manila in the Philippines

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor) 

They say that Manila is an acquired taste. But despite the seemingly endless traffic and bureaucratic government, Manila’s grit, hospitable locals, and undeniable charm will have you coming back for more. Because in this unique city, one trip to Manila in the Philippines, is never enough. 

Preparing for your trip with some research ahead of time will save you the potential headaches. Here are a few tips to help you travel smart for your next trip to Manila.


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Be prepared for your trip to Manila, Philippines. Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash




Organise Your travel documents for your trip to Manila

Before you even leave home, make sure that you have all the necessary travel documents for your trip – and back up hard and soft copies.

Even if Manila is generally safe, you never know when you might lose a copy of your visa or passport. In the worst case scenario, having extra copies of travel documents will save you time if and when you need to fly back home or talk to your embassy.


trip to Manila

Get your documents prepared.


Pack Intelligently for the trip to the Philippines

The Philippines’ tropical climate can be a boon or bane, depending on your preferences. But it’s a hot country, and Manila is no exception. Pack light and prepare for dry weather, especially if you’re travelling during the warm months of February to May. 

You should bring added protection from the sun such as wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and sunblock even if you’re in the city. Don’t forget comfortable walking shoes, especially if you plan to walk around the cities quite a bit.  



The Philippines utilises 220V for electricity. Travellers can easily purchase adaptors in any mall or a shop that services mobile phones. Local SIM cards with data packages can be purchased inexpensively, but if you don’t have to be connected 24/7, all accommodations and some establishments also provide

WiFi. However, WiFi in the Philippines isn’t the fastest, but it works just fine for social media and texting apps.


connected manila

Keep connected with WIFI at cafes in Manila.


Smoking Ban in Manila

The recently-implemented nationwide smoking ban affects several establishments throughout Manila, and if you’re caught smoking in a non-smoking area, you may be asked to pay a fine.

Certain restaurants and bars in Poblacion and Fort Bonifacio have designated smoking areas, so if this is a matter of concern to you, plan your days accordingly.



Smoking bans take place in most of the Philippines, including clubs.


Transportation in Manila

Trust me; you’ll want to use ride-sharing services such as Uber and Grab in the Philippines, especially in Manila where traffic and congestion are part of everyday life. The Grab app is more popular and more widely used than Uber, and it’s easy to book a car on it anywhere in the metro.

Since the rise of these apps, enduring unhygienic and smelly taxi rides have become a thing of the past, but taxis are still around. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can ride a jeepney for short distances, especially if you want to get a feel of how locals get around. Just make sure that you keep a close eye on your belongings. Otherwise, astute pocket pickers may get the best of you.


There you have it – if you follow these tips, your trip to Manila will be smooth sailing and fun. It’s more fun in the Philippines, as the travel slogan says if you prepare ahead of time and plan accordingly for your trip!


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Five Great Ideas for day trips from Manila in the Philippines

Five Great Ideas for day trips from Manila in the Philippines

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor)

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is an excellent jump-off point to many great destinations.

While the primary international airports’ is nearby in the big city, but if you don’t have the luxury of time, there are also several terrific day trips from Manila you can do.

To get to these places, you can either rent a car, hire a car with a driver or go through organised Manila Day trips with a company.

These essentials services are affordable in your Manila trips, especially if you’re already travelling with a group where you can share the costs.

Another option is to take a bus to exotic attractions that can fill a day in the Philippines quite nicely indeed.

However, if you’re in need for a little advice on how to spend a day in and around the big city, below are a some suggestions to help you with some great ideas for day trips in Manilla.


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Day trips in Manila

Day trips in Manila are a great adventure for all travellers. Photo by Andrey Andreyev on Unsplash.



Five Great Ideas for day trips from Manila in the Philippines




1. Tagaytay

Just around an hour and a half away for your ultimate day tour near manila Manila, is one of the country’s most popular tourist spots, Tagaytay.

Local and international visitors flock to Tagaytay because of the scenery, fresh mountain weather, and the scenic road trip that makes it the ideal one day trip near Manila on your occasional trips to Philippines.

Tagaytay is best known for the majestic Taal Lake which is within a volcano.

There are many restaurants along the road offer breathtaking views of Taal Lake as you dine. There are several day spas for those seeking some R&R, but don’t forget to have a piping hot meal of bulalo, a local soup made with beef shanks and bone marrow.

The roads to and from Tagaytay are peppered with dozens of vendors selling coffee, fresh fruit and produce flowers, and coconut pies, all of which make great souvenirs.



The big wheel at Tagaytay is a must see during your one day trip near Manila. Photo by Wander Fleur on Unsplash.


2. Pampanga

Around an hour and a half north of Manila is Pampanga, a province steeped in colourful history with numerous sightseeing options. However, the main draw of Pampanga for tourists is the mouth-watering gastronomic delights it offers.

Pampanga is the birthplace of sizzling sisig, a local delicacy made of extra crispy pig head seasoned with chili and calamansi (Philippine lemons).

Sisig was initially developed back in the ’70s by a lady is fondly known as Aling Lucing, and her namesake restaurant is serving the original recipe is still found in Pampanga.

Over the decades, sisig has evolved and is now considered a rockstar in Philippine cuisine, but if you don’t believe us – check out what Anthony Bourdain had to say about this dish.

(Tip: sisig goes down VERY well with an ice-cold beer!) Pack your appetite because Pampanga has a lot to offer, food-wise. Kapampangan cuisine is among the best in the country.

While you’re Manila day tour in Pampanga, check out Bale Dutung and Estos Kitchen + Café too.



Enjoy an awesome Manila day tour picking a few Calamansi, amongst other things (Philippines lemon).


3. Antipolo

If you’re looking to fill up your day with art, crafts, and good food, head over to Antipolo for an awesome one day trip near Manila. Your first stop should be the Pinto Art Museum, a stunning contemporary art gallery situated on a 1.2-hectare property.

The Mediterranean-inspired gallery houses landscaped greens as well as quirky, modern and traditional Filipino art pieces that will keep you entertained for hours. The Pinto Museum also has two cafes serving delicious continental and local cuisine.

Another worthy stop in Antipolo is the Crescent Moon Café, which initially started as a pottery studio. Eventually, due to demand, Crescent Moon Café evolved into a beautiful restaurant surrounded by lush greenery.

It also features a small shop where the owners sell handmade pottery. Don’t forget to try their signature dish; the Alagao wraps which are inspired by a Thai dish called the Miang Kham.

If you have time, Antipolo has other noteworthy establishments, including the Casa Santa Museum, the Shoe Museum, and Art Island (a great idea if you are travelling with kids). If you’re craving some nature, check out the Wawa Dam, Angono Petroglyphs, and the Hinulugang Taktak.



Check out awesome views in and around Manila. Philippines.


4. Laguna

Laguna has a lot to offer for a day trips from Manila Philippines. From nature to food, Laguna has something for everyone!

For starters, there are many hot springs found in the area running from Calamba to Los Banos. The hot springs are therapeutic and utterly relaxing.

The sheer number of hot springs in Laguna is attributed to the presence of a dormant volcano called Mt. Makiling, which provides the therapeutic sulphuric and geothermally heated water for these springs.

Laguna’s roads are dotted with traditional Filipino architecture and old churches. Don’t forget to bring your camera because these areas offer numerous photo ops.

Check out these renowned churches in Laguna: the St. John the Baptist Church, San Isidro Labrador Church, and the St. James the Apostle Parish. Stop by the National Artists Centre in Mt. Makiling, a perfect area for picnics in the late afternoon.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch talented Filipinos performing at the Philippine High School for Arts – also situated in Mt. Makiling.

(Tip: bring mosquito repellent along when you venture out to Laguna, especially if you’re prone to mosquito and insect bites.)


5. Corregidor

Corregidor is one of the most famous historic sites in the Philippines. Only accessible via a ferry from Manila Bay or Cavite, Corregidor today is considered a national shrine is memorialising the efforts of Filipino and American soldiers during World War II.

A day trip to Corregidor is like taking a trip back in time – there are several gunneries, a Pacific War memorial, the Malinta Tunnel, batteries, a Japanese garden, Filipino Heroes Memorial, Spanish lighthouse, mile-long barracks, and parade grounds to explore.

American colonisers established massive fortifications on Corregidor, as well as a hospital where wounded soldiers were tended to when hurt.

Corregidor is of such important historical significance to the Philippines, and if you’re looking to learn more about our history, there’s no better place to spend your day trip than here.

Aside from critical historical landmarks, Corregidor’s war-ravaged edifices are still there, left in its original state as an honour to the soldiers who passed away during the war.

Several tour operators already offer full-day package trips to Corregidor, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Even if you just have a day or two in Manila, these day trips will ensure your time is time well-spent on your Philippines trips!


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Corregidor is great for Manila day trips

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romblon In The Philippines

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romblon In The Philippines

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor)

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path beach destination in the Philippines, look no further than Romblon.

Romblon is located in Luzon, a region made up of three large islands: Romblon, Sibuyan, and Tablas. There are also 17 small islands scattered throughout the province. Compared to other touristy beaches and islands throughout the country, Romblon remains generally isolated; the tourism infrastructure only has the bare minimum and it can be challenging to get around from one island to another.

Don’t let that deter you, the isolation means that Romblon’s natural wonders are kept very well intact. There are majestic mountains, rich ecosystems in and out of the water, lush jungle, white sand beaches, and cool rivers to explore. Add to that the fact that there are barely any other travellers around, and you’ve got an amazing paradise where you can snorkel, scuba dive, hike, swim, or just lay on a quiet beach for some good old R&R.


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Visit Romblon and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Philippines. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash



 Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Romblon in the Philippines:


1.      The Cresta del Gallo Islet

 Easily the most beautiful and well-known attraction in Romblon is a remote sandbar called Cresta del Gallo. No larger than 5 kilometers long, Cresta del Gallo can only be reached via Sibuyan island. Due to its seclusion, the sandbar isn’t habitable, but it makes for a great day trip.

The waters are a magnificent shade of turquoise, and the sand is a clean, powdery white. Bring all the essentials you need for a day out in the sun: there are no bathrooms or resorts here. And don’t forget your camera: Cresta del Gallo is so picturesque!


1.The Cresta del Gallo Islet

The Cresta del Gallo Islet.


 2.      Bonbon Beach

 This beach is as sweet as it sounds. Situated just 5km from the town centre of Romblon, Romblon, Bonbon beach is easily accessible and shouldn’t be missed. It’s a 2km stretch of white sand that connected to Bang-ug island, another uninhabited islet. Bonbon beach is popular, although you’ll encounter very few travellers while you’re there.

You can enjoy picnic at Bonbon beach (there’s a handful of small huts for when the sun gets too strong) or walk to the nearby Marlin Bar (15-20 minutes away) for island-style refreshments.

When it’s low tide, you may be able to walk to the Bang-ug island. Other things to do while in Bonbon include exploring the nearby beaches separated by rocky formations – so make sure that you bring along protective footwear.


Bon Bon Beach

Bonbon Beach, Philippines.



 3.      Catingas River

 Considered as one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines, Catingas River is worth the travel to Sibuyan island. The waters are extremely cold and refreshing, perfect for cooling down after spending days in the sun.

There’s a makeshift wooden jump board if you’re brave enough for cliff jumping. Catingas’ headwaters originate from the jagged Mt. Guiting Guiting, and it supplies most of Sibyan island’s electricity via a hydroelectric power plant.

The area surrounding Catingas is quiet and peaceful, it’s a great place to unwind. There are shallow areas as well as sudden drops, and a man-made waterfall where water from the hydroelectric power plant flows to the river – an amazing feat of both technology and nature. The best way to enjoy a day in Catingas river is to bring your own food and refreshments.



Catingas River

Catingas River.


 4.      Aglicay Beach Resort

One of Romblon’s finest accommodations, Aglicay Beach Resort is located close to the airport. Its unique feature is a private coast featuring half a kilometre’s stretch of white sand, while the beach has crystal clear turquoise waters.

If you’re looking for some privacy in a tropical paradise, Aglicay Beach Resort is highly recommended. It might not be 5-star, but the prices are mid-range and you’ll have an unforgettable beach experience here.

The beach has several bamboo huts for privacy and shade away from the bedroom where you can eat and have drinks by the sea. If you’re staying at another nearby resort, Aglicay is open to outsiders for a minimal entrance fee. The hotel’s restaurant serves excellent seaside fare, including some of the freshest seafood this side of the country.

Check out Aglicay Beach Resort on TripAdvisor.


Relax on the beach under the palms. Photo by James Connolly on Unsplash


 5.      Romblon town proper

 The Romblon, Romblon town proper is known for being the marble capital of the Philippines, producing marble that is among the world’s best. There are several marble factories and shops to explore, a great chance to see fine marble in many forms including white, black, blue, and green with the most expensive being the rare, hundred-century old black onyx marbles.

If you’re looking for marble pieces from sculptures to key chains, there are many available in town at affordable prices.

That’s not all there is to see in the town proper. After spending time in the mostly remote areas of Romblon, the town proper is where you can feast on international cuisine at inexpensive prices.

There’s the Romblon deli, as well as the terrific authentic Italian fare at JD&G’s Italian. Shop for local handicrafts at the several small vendors around town. Visit the Saint Joseph Cathedral, the oldest Roman Catholic church in the province which has been declared a National Cultural Treasure.



Handicrafts of Romblon.


 With the exception of Aglicay Beach Resort, the accommodation options throughout Romblon are on the budget side. There are inexpensive homestays and inns for around AUS $14, and the food is cheap but fresh and delicious. Wi-Fi and mobile signal is scarce in most areas, so be prepared to get off the grid for a few days, unplug, and connect with nature. Plus, the locals are friendly and happy to help if you have any questions about getting around or visiting tourist sites.

 What you must remember about traveling to Romblon is to approach it with an open mind. Getting around from one island to another is considered an adventure, but you will be rewarded generously with some of the most unique landscapes and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the Philippines.

Enjoyed Romblon? Check more beautiful beaches in the Philippines, Boracay and Cebu Beach.


Visit Romblon

Visit Romblon and enjoy the islands of the Philippines.

What To pack for your trip to the Philippines

What To pack for your trip to the Philippines

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor)

Some of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines are in the coastal areas. From remote tropical islands to well-established beach destinations, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when choosing a beach getaway in the country of over seven thousand islands.

That being said, you’ll want to come prepared. Some island destinations are more remote and lack supplies, and in beach areas that are already established, finding the necessities you need may be more expensive than usual.

When it comes to the weather, we like to joke that the two seasons of the Philippines are not wet and dry, but hot with rain, and hot without rain.


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what to pack to Philippines

What To pack when preparing for your trip to the Philippines. Photo by from Pexels 



What To pack for your trip to the Philippines



Light & Comfortable Clothing

 During the hottest months of February to May, the heat in the Philippines can be described as oppressive. If you are travelling during this period, pack the lightest clothes possible – it will be a struggle keeping them on, that’s for sure. You’ll also be moving around quite a bit, so you’ll want clothes that will allow you to move.

From June to January, unexpected rains occur more frequently, which brings with it some humidity. It’s also advisable to pack shoes that will protect your feet from crossing wet, flooded, or muddy areas in and around island destinations.

Pack a pair of sturdy flip-flops, which is the norm, particularly in beach settings. If you want to travel light, most destinations will have a laundry service available so you can pack just a few pieces of clothing and have them washed afterwards.

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Sun-Smart Gear

A healthy dose of sun is ever-present in the Philippines. Taking an umbrella with you is a smart move, especially if you’re sensitive to the sun’s rays or don’t enjoy sun exposure. If it doesn’t protect you during the rainy season, an umbrella will come in handy during hot days.

Other sun-smart travel gear to pack include a wide-brimmed hat or cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Even if you enjoy tanning, be sure to pack tanning oil that already comes with SPF protection.

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Waterproof Bags

You’ll want to keep your gadgets protected from the elements, especially when you’re in the Philippines. Expect to be outdoors, by the beach, or travelling by sea frequently.

Taking a waterproof dry bag will keep your camera, smartphones, and other gadgets safe from unexpected splashes of water and even sand, which can cause severe damage to electronics. Having a waterproof bag will give you peace of mind, particularly when you’re going to spend a lot of time at the beach, island hopping, or doing extreme water activities such as canyoneering.

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Backpack or Daypack

For a day of sightseeing, bring along a backpack or a small daypack that’s big enough to store your necessities. Men may prefer a pack, and women may be fine with a small body bag. Just ensure that it’s sturdy and comfortable while keeping your hands free for taking photos, driving a motorbike, and other activities during your sightseeing trip.

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Toiletries & Medicine

Bring a good supply of your prescription medicines or other individual items you may need, such as an asthma inhaler. It’s also wise to pack essential medicines for headaches, hay fever, cold and flu, Imodium, and Tums because you will never know when you’ll suddenly be bogged down by something.

As for other toiletries, bring along tissue and wet wipes (it’s not uncommon for public bathrooms in the Philippines to be devoid of fabric), hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, and deodorant to ensure that you stay fresh all day long.

Mosquitoes are rampant in the Philippines, so make sure that you have insect repellent with you at all times.

Before your trip, you may also want to consider getting travel insurance, not just consider it, but demand it, because only a fool will travel without travel insurance. Purchasing insurance will give you peace of mind in case the unexpected happens while going to the Philippines.

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Now you know what to bring to the Philippines, it’s time to pack your bags and have the holiday of your life in paradise.


five beaches in Cebu

Enjoy the peaceful blue waters on your trip to the Philippines.

The Five Best Beaches In Cebu You Shouldn’t Avoid when in the Philippines

The Five Best Beaches In Cebu You Shouldn’t Avoid when in the Philippines

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor) 

Cebu is a popular choice for travellers looking for an abundance of tropical travel experiences while holidaying in the Philippines.

The city centre can get hectic with traffic, but there are several excellent Cebu beaches around the island that promises an exciting day out.

It’s an area well-known for being one of the best destinations in the Philippines (and in Asia) for diving, but there are ample opportunities for snorkelling and relaxing too.

While in Cebu, be prepared to indulge in some of the freshest, most delicious seafood, because Cebu is known for its beaches just as much as the local cuisine, and you’ll find fresh seafood in all the beach destinations.

No one does pork better than the Cebuanos – so don’t leave without trying lechon, or roast suckling pick hailed by Anthony Bourdain as the best pig in the world while you rest and also do the best things to do on Cebu Island.


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five beaches in Cebu

The five beaches in Cebu you shouldn’t miss. .Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels


These are the five beaches of Cebu that you shouldn’t miss.



Just minutes away from the Cebu city centre is Mactan beach, one of the best beaches in Cebu and is separated from the main island by two bridges. Mactan’s coast also has many resorts, from five-star accommodations to smaller dive resorts, when you feel like staying a little longer.

Mactan beach is accessible from the city via a taxi or Uber, and if you aren’t booked at one of the beachfront hotels, you may enjoy the private beaches of a resort by paying a small entrance fee since there are no public beaches nearby.


beaches in Cebu

Mactan beach in Cebu, Philippines.



Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is home to some of Cebu’s most beautiful white sand beaches and clear azure waters. The island, which spans 51 square miles, has several beaches but the most popular choice for travellers in Santa Fe.

If you had to choose just one island in Cebu to visit, make it Bantayan Island – you wouldn’t regret it! The vibe is laid back, and you’ll rarely see droves of tourists except during Easter.

It’s perfect for a romantic or soul-searching holiday where most of your time will be spent lazing around the beach or reading a book.

There are no luxurious hotels in Bantayan island; most of them are in the budget and mid-range category, so it’s highly recommended for price-conscious travellers.

There is also the option of taking a day trip to Virgin island, a 30-minute outrigger boat ride away from Bantayan island whose postcard-picture beaches will blow you away.


Bantayan Island

Relax at Bantayan Island.




Malapascua is an island in Cebu that is famous in the international diving community for the thresher shark dives in Monad Shoal. Divers from all over the world come to Malapasuca to experience this once in a lifetime event.

Gato Island is also another popular dive spot, known for the white tip sharks, an incredible underground tunnel. However, Malapascua also has much more to offer even if you don’t dive.


Cebu sunset

Sunsets will be your favourite memory in Cebu.


Next, head on over to Bounty Beach, a gorgeous white-sand beach with turquoise waters and coconut trees lining the shore.

Bounty Beach has several resorts to choose from, as well as small bars and restaurants that are perfect for enjoying an ice-cold San Miguel beer while taking in the views.

Lighthouse Beach in Malapascua is excellent for snorkelling; the main attraction here is the shallow Japanese wrecks featuring remains of a ship that has turned into an artificial reef.

Kalanggaman Island is worthy of a day trip from Malapascua; just 2 hours away by boat is a stunning, bright white sandbar where there’s nothing else but a patch of coconut trees.

Many consider Kalanggaman Island to be one of the most beautiful in all the Philippines, but due to the complete absence of any tourist accommodations or facilities, make sure to bring your food and spend a day relishing the sea and sun.


beaches in Cebu

Enjoy fresh seafood in Cebu.




Moalboal is another great choice for divers, as well as travellers who enjoy the occasional snorkel. If you’re lucky you’ll come across an elusive sea turtle, but the marine life in Moalboal is just too good that it would be a big mistake not to go on at least one snorkelling trip.

From colourful corals to fish of all sizes, you’ll be captivated by what you’ll find underwater.

The two main areas of Moalboal are White Beach and Panagsama Beach. White Beach is quiet and relaxing; there is no nightlife, but the beaches and sunsets are spectacular.

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise to disconnect and get away from it all truly, White Beach is a good option.

On the other hand, Panagsama Beach is a little busier, dotted with several dive shops, bars, restaurants, and small resorts. Enjoy a cocktail at Panagsama while watching the sun go down from one of the many beachfront bars.

However, one of the most exciting attractions in Panagsama Beach is the famed sardine run, where millions of tiny sardines form a big cluster.

You don’t need to dive to experience the sardine run – the best part is that it’s not too far from the shore so that snorkelling will do.


Look for hotels in Moalboal on TripAdvisor!



five beaches in Cebu

Relax in the crisp white beaches with gorgeous palms.



Camotes Islands

The Camotes Islands are made up of four islands: Ponson, Poro, Pacjian, and Tulang. Considered a little more off-the-beaten-track, the Camotes Islands are pristine but require some effort in terms of getting around.

These islands are well-loved among travellers for their unspoiled beauty, sparkling blue waters, and beautiful white sand.

The quiet shorelines invite you to sunbathe and enjoy some R&R with a cold beer in hand. Among these four islands, their many beaches to see; some of the most beautiful is the Bakhaw Beach and the Santiago Bay.

If you’re visiting Pacjian, take an afternoon trip to see the tranquil emerald waters of Lake Danao, a 700-hectare body of water whose romantic ambience makes it a favourite destination of lovers.

That’s a wrap of some of the beaches near Cebu City, all you need to do now is book a luxury holiday and spend time in Paradise.


Enjoyed reading about Cebu? Then explore another paradise location in Philippines, Boracay

five beaches in Cebu

Enjoy the peaceful blue waters in Cebu.

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