8 Places to visit In Seoul to Give you a Great Korean Experience

8 Places to visit In Seoul to Give you a Great Korean Experience

Seoul is always buzzing with excitement with many things to do and places to go in South Korea’s busy capital city.

In the bustling city, there are exciting places that include a range of cultural and modern attractions that need to take your priority when visiting this rising Asian city, Seoul attractions from breathtaking Palaces to thrilling theme-parks that creates excitement for all ages.

There are many places to visit in Seoul that will excite any traveller looking for a great day out, but here I have listed eight places that I found were most satisfying through my many trips to the country, not excluding hundreds of other exciting attractions that should not be included in your Seoul itinerary.

In this article, I have come up with a list of eight amazing things to do which will help create a new experience and fun times for when you travel to Seoul in South Korea.


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South Korea

8 Incredible places to visit in Seoul include the Gyeongbokgung Palace.




8 Places to visit In Seoul that will Give you a Great Korean Experience


Gyeongbokgung Palace

Throughout your Seoul travel experience, you’ll come across many traditional attractions that will leave you mesmerised and in the northern parts of Seoul is one the most popular city attractions in Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Steeped with plenty history and tradition, Gyeongbokgung Palace dates back to 1395 when it first was constructed by King Taejo, while the Palace rebuilt a couple of times due to the Japanese invasion of Seoul centuries ago, the tradition of the Palace has never been forgotten and is on show everyone to see.

It is not only famous for its old palaces, but Gyeongbokgung is surrounded with luscious landscapes and gardens, as well as fantastic water features, that makes it the best three-dollars you’ll ever spend for such a great walk, that includes the stunning backdrop of Mt Bugak on show in the background.



the crowds gather to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.



N Seoul Tower

For the best 360 views of the city of Seoul, you need to go to the iconic N Seoul Tower. Located on the peak of Namsan Mountain, conveniently situated in the middle of Seoul, this grand tower will blow you away with the fabulous views of City and beyond, and if you are fortunate enough to go on a clear day, the views are perfect.

The N Seoul Tower offers more than great views, with entertainment available to the tourist and also there is a host of restaurants and cafes to grab a quick bite to eat or enjoy a hot cappuccino while admiring the surrounding views. In the meantime, the kids are also entertained with amusements available inside the tower for an of fun.


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N Seoul Tower

Go to great heights a the N Seoul Tower.



Jamsil Stadium – Baseball

Take me out to the ball game at Jamsil stadium, which is located in the southern parts of Seoul next to the Olympic Park and made famous as the major showpiece for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Once off the train, the buzz outside of the stadium is hectic with enthusiast fans eager to cheer their team to a victory, outside the baseball stadium there are also many markets selling affordable snacks for patrons t the game and merchandise stands open to the public to purchase your favourite team’s Korean baseball merchandise.

I know adding a sports stadium to the list of places to go in Seoul is strange, but the atmosphere inside the stadium is electric with everything that is happening in the stands being just as good as the baseball action going on in the middle, with the dancing cheerleaders and announcers rocking the crowd.

The baseball experience at Jamsil Stadium was so good that I had to do it twice which easy to do because during the season they play baseball six nights a week. There are no excuses for missing a match.


Jamsil Stadium

Jamsil Stadium, South Korea.



Everland Theme Park

A mega theme park just out of Seoul that has it all for any age. The Everland Theme Park is full of family fun entertainment that keeps you occupied for the whole day plus more if you wish to keep your time at the park going for a second day.

The attractions inside Everland is an amazing Safari tour with a good range of African wildlife, thrilling rides, eye-catching magic shows, dazzling and colourful street parades, and a fantastic tulip festival, displaying various colour of tulips that look splendid indeed. Please note the tulip festival is seasonal and only available during the spring months of March to May.

Be sure to head to Everland during your Seoul sightseeing trip because this epic theme-parks rivals any around the world and there is always an event going on, but be warned, just like any theme park around the world, be prepared to be patient as the waiting times can be quite excessive.


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Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is a fun day trip not far from Seoul.



Myeong-Dong Shopping Hub

Seoul is well known for its shopping, and the best place to spend your hard-earned is in the city centre with many classy malls, street shopping underground malls available to the consumer. Myeong-Dong is street shopping at its best with a carnival-like atmosphere on the streets that is buzzing with locals and tourist wherever you go.

After a full days shopping, treat yourself to a delicious meal with various amounts of restaurants located in the area for a tasty Korean dinner that is available on all budgets. Myeong-Dong is the shopping hub of Seoul and will keep you coming back for more on during your trip.

Check out this guide to Seoul in South Korea in this article!



Myeong-Dong in Seoul.



Lotte World – Indoor Theme Park

It’s one of the fun things to do in Seoul, Lotte World, An Indoor Theme Park, how cool is that!

You’ll spend countless hours in Lotte World, and the kids will love it as you have a blast on the many rides situated inside Lotte World and enjoy the colour of the dazzling parades. You can also take ample pictures of the incredible infrastructure of the Theme Park, taste delicious carnival foods while wandering around and have an ice-skating session with plenty of trips and falls.

It’s all on offer for the young and old in Lotte World Theme Paks, and you can purchase your tickets through Klook to save heaps of money and to have plenty of fun.


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Get Traditional in Insadong

Insadong is another busy Pedestrian Thoroughfare in Seoul, where locals and tourists love to visit for a little more traditional day out. In this popular precinct, you’ll see many people, mainly locals dressed in the Korean dress called a “Hambok” and taking dazzling photos

It’s one of the favorite Seoul tourist spots, where you can walk down the alleyways and stumble upon glamorous restaurants which serve a delicious cuisine of Korean foods, go upstairs to a tea house and drink a glass of Korean tea that comes in many flavours, watch the famous street parades and enjoy shopping for Korean souvenirs and porcelains.


places to visit in Seoul.

Head to Insadong for delicious Korean tea.



Lotte World Tower

Completed in only 2017, Lotte World Tower stands at 155-metres in height, 123 levels and is currently the tallest building in South Korea. The building purposes are for office work, a luxury hotel, private residential apartments and a shopping mall, creating a busy few hours in your day during your Seoul trip.

Even from a distance, this stunning building will dazzle you in its appearance as it does look spectacular in its modern design. However, it’s on the Observation Deck from levels 117-123 that will capture your attention, especially when you get up top and witness the best views in Seoul. You may even get the tremors when you look down at the see-through glass and the enormous gap to ground zero.


Go to great heights at Lotte World Tower by purchasing
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Places to visit in Seoul

Don’t look down; it gets scary at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

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Visit Seoul in South Korea – A Traditional City with a Modern Edge

Visit Seoul in South Korea – A Traditional City with a Modern Edge

Whenever I walk into a travel agency and browse at all the brochures on various tourist destinations around the world, I find South Korea neglected and quite hard-pressed to find anything related to the country, save for a small snippet in an Asian travel magazine. Let me get you on track immediately and let you know why you should visit Seoul in South Korea, a traditional city with a modern edge. 

 I have visited Seoul in South Korea on three separate occasions in my travels, and yet I find the country’s capital to be a very underrated tourist location. Perhaps the demand is not as high; I can’t imagine why. Maybe travellers are wary of the neighbours in the north, don’t be; in my opinion, it’s all talk. Of course, you need to have your basic travel senses as you do when you visit to travel to any country, and that’s where travel insurance is mandatory, but Seoul in South Korea is as safe as it gets.

Don’t get me wrong, Seoul attracts many visitors. So it should; there is so much to do with a magnitude of activities, day trips, theme parks, classy restaurants, fantastic shopping districts to visit and plenty of beautiful places to stay in Seoul. Not to mention the surrounding mountains and beautiful landscapes that beautifies the city. There is so much to do for tourists who wish to have a busy time and relaxation.


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Visit Seoul in South Korea

Visit Seoul in South Korea and visit places like the Children’s playground.


Visit Seoul in South Korea – A Traditional City with a Modern Edge


Family fun is Assured in Seoul

Family fun is through the roof in Seoul, with plenty of theme parks to keep you occupied for hours on end, day after day.

A popular day out is a trip to Everland Theme Park, a mega park and safari that is located about an hour out of Seoul in Suwon and is a crazy fun attraction full of rides, entertainment shows, plenty of Food and a few African animals to get up close and personal to, amongst other things in the park. A whole day out is not enough with everything to do in Everland, and the fun hits the roof on the fun barometer scale.

Another theme park is Lotte World is, another theme park in downtown Seoul. Lotte World is jam-packed with rides, carnival activities and even an ice skating rink at the basement of the mega indoor complex. An Indoor theme park will keep the family entertained for hours. The time will disappear as you lose yourself in this fantastic theme park that is not all full of entertainment but camera happy scenery.

Take the whole family to the N Seoul Towerand see the best views of Seoul from high above, the tower is not only about seeing great city views there is also entertainment and restaurants to make a great day out of your visit.

Another family fun entertainment to keep in mind in Seoul is The Grand Children’s Playground, a beautiful part of nature in the city with open parklands, a miniature zoo, and gorgeous gardens. For Water Parks, it might be quite the trip when it’s summertime, but Vivaldi Park Ocean World is the most famous in South Korea and is a two-hour trip from Seoul by public transportation.

Jjimjibang is another replace to relax and unwind for hours on end, and it’s the perfect place to do so many saunas and even cold rooms located within the peaceful area of the Jjimjibang. It’s the ideal scenario to read a good book, have a massage, relax and fall asleep because you’re on holiday in Seoul.

Below you can find some great Theme-Parks in Seoul that are sure to create plenty of fun for families.




Everland Theme Park Korea

Take the kids to Everland Theme Park just out of Seoul.


Go on a Shopping Spree in Seoul

You will never have to look too far to get a little retail therapy in Seoul and spend your hard-earned money. You usually have to come down from your hotel apartment, and in an instance, you’ll land at some shopping district because they are everywhere. Whether it’s one of the excellent Shinsegae shopping centres, or the many other shopping districts and markets in the city, including the fascinating underground shopping malls, especially Goto Mall, that are usually attached to so many subways, it’s a blast to find that bargain in the city.

The streets of Seoul also come alive in a big way, especially during the night. Please make your way to Myeongdong and see for yourself why it is the shopping paradise in Seoul. Insadong is another place to lose yourself in a traditional sense while indulging a little Korean culture.

List of excellent shopping paces:

  • Myeongdong
  • Lotte Department Store
  • Namdaemun Market
  • Insadong
  • Gwangchang Market
  • Underground shopping mall – Goto Mall


Night shopping at Venture of Youth in downtown Seoul

Night shopping at Venture of Youth in downtown Seoul


Korean Food is a real treat.

Many places in Seoul are either a café or a restaurant, so a suitable location to enjoy delicious Korean Food is easy to find. Like the rest of the world, the Koreans are hooked on their Food, where dining out or buying take out can be a way of life due to their busy lifestyles and long work hours.

Whether you’re enjoying Korean cuisines as Bulgogi (marinated grilled beef), Sundae (black liver sausage), Bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables and beef) and my choice, Korean BBQ, you’ll never have any issues satisfying your Korean food experience.

Perhaps your tastebuds desire a bit of western flavour. Never fear; there are plenty of steakhouses, Italian, chicken restaurants on offer in Seoul. Of course, there are popular worldwide franchises such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, so there is never a need to feel homesick when on vacation.

The best part when it comes to Food in Korea is that the beer is cheap, so raise glasses and shout out cheers or Kombai.


Korean food

Enjoy local foods when you visit Seoul.


Hiking and cycling in the Seoul Region

Mountains surround a lot of the city’s outskirts, giving the whole region an authentic picturesque look. Many provide good family-friendly hikes and those for the ultra professionals.

The Namsan Mountain is a small hike that takes you to the base of the Seoul N Tower, A tower previously mentioned in the article that gives you are fantastic 360 views of Seoul. Bukhasan Mountain is the most famous hike, with many temples to visit along the way. Mt Bugak is also very popular on the city’s doorstep, located right on the edge of the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace. However, it’s not specifically a significant hike; it does make a peaceful walk in nature so close to the city.

To have a little adventure by Food or pedal in Seoul, you need to get down to Han River and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city with scenic views. You can hire a bike and cycle along the river or take it slow and steady with a stroll instead, stopping by at a café for coffee or cool drinks while admiring the surrounding views.

Lastly is the Cheonggyecheon stream, a stunning city walk that takes you through the middle of the CBD for an 11-kilometre stretch and helps you avoid the busy streets and traffic if you need to get to a location through Seoul by foot. You can create a few great photos inside the stream and, best of all, lose those holiday calories. 


Hangang Park, South Korea

Hangang Park along the Han River is an ideal location for walking or riding a bike.



Tradition is alive in Seoul.

South Korea does not forget about its tradition, and neither should with thousands of years of proud history that comes with the country. Inside the city, several palaces and temples can visit for real history lessons with guided tours. A must is to see the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul, with the most popular and most prominent being the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is for its beautiful buildings and heritage and its luscious landscapes, making it a peaceful stroll in a centuries-old palace.

In the city centre itself, there are a lot of famous and traditional villages to visit, which makes for a great photo opportunity while exploring the modern city. Insadong is a shopping and café strip where the old meets the new, and the locals and tourists love to dress in the traditional Hambok dress to fit the appropriate theme of Insadong. The Bukchon Hanok Village is another traditional village in Seoul. It has a long stretch of conventional Korean buildings that are still used for business, such as doctor surgeries, dentist and general offices.


Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace will give the traveller a great insight into history.


Winter Wonderland

The weather will get cold during the winter months as the snow begins to fall and the scarfs, beanies and jackets come out, but that means there is fun to be had in the snow. If you go in winter never fear, I am sure you would have planned it well,  because there are plenty of ski resorts located in the northern parts of South Korea and most are within a couple of hours of Seoul when travelling by bus or train.

A favourite of mine is visiting South Korea is the Deogyusan Resort in Muju. It’s a European-style resort located three hours south of Seoul with plenty of skiing and breathtaking hikes that give you great views of the Deogyusan National Park as you take the trail up the mountains.

If you’re travelling to South Korea, do your homework and research your very own ski resort.



Muju-gun is a few hours south of Seoul.


In Conclusion

I have only touched on what you can do when you visit Seoul in South Korea. If you are contemplating a trip to the busy city full of life and spectacular attractions, don’t think about putting it on you’re bucket list; get there and see for yourself why South Korea is fast becoming a tourism haven. You will not be disappointed, that I can assure you.

Find Epic Day Tours in the city of Seoul!



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visit seoul in South Korea

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Visit Seoul

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Visit Seoul in South Korea – A Traditional City with a Modern Edge

A Few Basic Travel Tips for your Vacation in Seoul – South Korea

Preparing for a vacation in Seoul, South Korea can be exciting and anxious all in one.

Think about it, a city with over 10-million people with most of the population speaking a different language than you, it’s a lot to get your head around.

Especially if you are entering the city for the first time for a vacation in Korea and without a clue what to do or where to go.

Off the cusps, Seoul is a fantastic city with great people. Sure, it can seem chaotic in the city-centre, with people flocking in all directions and eager to get to their point of interest.

Moreover, you’ll be entering a city, with a proud culture and beautiful traditions, which makes South Korea great to visit.

Preparing for your Seoul vacation will require a little homework, as is the case for any destination you visit worldwide.

The need to find Seoul attractions or activities, learning the law and sourcing a little help with the local language. In this article, you’ll find a few helpful tips to help get you prepared for your vacation in Seoul.


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vacation in Seoul

The Gyeongbokgung Palace needs to be on your list during your vacation in Seoul.



Travel Tips for your Vacation in Seoul – South Korea



Be Prepared on Arrival at Incheon Airport

Arriving at Incheon airport (Seoul’s major International Airport) for a Korea Vacation can be overwhelming at first, although the country is as safe as houses, the sheer size and population may give you a little stage fright at first.

The best advice is to get yourself to the hotel from the airport the easiest possible way and gather then your thoughts once you recover from the flight.

Be prepared in advance upon arriving in Seoul by organising transfers from the airport to get your time in Seoul off to a smooth start. The other option is also to catch a taxi, and there are many waiting at the airport.




Keep Connected in Seoul

Keeping connected in Seoul is no hassle at all with good WIFI connection available in a most café’s, restaurants and shopping malls throughout the city.

Although in a city so large and when the language barrier is so apparent, purchasing a portable WIFI egg or a local sim-card can be a good idea.

Especially when you are in desperate need for help or directions and all you have nearby is the ever-evolving smartphone in your possession.




Learn a few essential Korean Phrases

Not to learn a few basic phrases in the local language is a pet hate of mine.

When tourists travel into a foreign land where English is not the common language, and you don’t go out of your way to learn a few words, I find is a bit rude.

No one is asking you to knuckle down and study a whole range of words, but a few of the basics, like hello, please, thank you, I’m sorry, and goodbye will go a long way in showing respect when doing something basic like ordering a coffee in a café.



Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Seoul.


Embrace the Seoul Public Transportation

The Seoul MRT system will drive you crazy in the beginning of your South Korea vacation.

All the different colours and lines heading in all directions, it’ll be like trying to figure out a maze in a kid’s activity book, which will seem an easier task than working out the map to the Seoul MRT system.

Embrace the transportation and purchase yourself a Seoul MRT card, because, in the end, it will be the cheapest and most convenient way to get around Seoul and to visit many different attractions.

Don’t worry, maps and audio speakers in the trains are in both Korean and English.


Download Helpful Apps

Smartphone Apps, where would we be without them, and to think not long ago they were nothing to us, where now, we can’t survive without them.

Certain Apps will help you when you travel in Seoul, from primary Korean language to Google Map apps (both online or offline) and even the Seoul MRT map App which is available to download for your convenience of getting around Seoul.

Apps to download for Seoul Trip


Google Maps

Learn Korean – Grammar

Seoul MRT Map


Hold No Fear in Seoul

Hold no fear when having a vacation in Seoul, because there is nothing to fear for travel in South Korea. Of course, things can go wrong, because, in the real world, shit happens and that’s where travel insurance is recommended for any trip around the world.

Visit South Korea with your eyes wide open and take in all the atmosphere, the vibrancy and the people who make this country as great as it is. Because, if you blink for even a second wandering the streets of Seoul, you may miss something incredible.

As for the neighbours in North, don’t even give it a second thought, in fact, I highly recommend that when you are in Seoul, to take the all-day DMZ tour and get up close to North Korea, it’s an incredible experience.





in Seoul

Enjoy a vacation in Seoul through all seasons.



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5 Reasons You Need To Visit Seoul In Spring – South Korea

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Seoul In Spring – South Korea

It’s undoubtedly the best time to visit Seoul!

It’s the winter snow is melting, and the weather is warming. The flowers are blossoming, and the birds are chirping quite loudly. The skies are also clearing, and the city of Seoul is seen from the top of Bugak Mountain, it’s quite gorgeous indeed.

It can only mean one thing, that springtime has come around again in Seoul, and this beautiful country is at it’s very best with Spring in Korea.

Everyone loves spring, it’s the middle period between chilling cold and scorching temperatures, where the weather is perfect, and everyone is out and about admiring the colour in the city of Seoul.

Let’s not forget the cherry blossom.

It speaks vilumes for the best time to visit South Korea, with scenic nature, the beauty and the vividly beautiful colours that surround you. Therefore, here are five reasons to visit Seoul in spring.


Visiting Seoul, South Korea in Springtime? Look for hotels on TripAdvisor




Hangang Park, South Korea

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Seoul In Spring and visit places like Hangang Park.



5 Reasons You Need To Visit Seoul In Spring – South Korea



1. The Sun comes out for a Gorgeous Seoul Spring

Like anywhere around the world, when spring arrives, the weather begins to warm, and that winter chill becomes a thing of the past until next cold season.

Of course, the warmth in the Capital takes a little longer with the temperatures being close to freezing conditions in March, but as the weeks come, you may be able to wear a jumper and take the jacket off.

When the weather does begin to warm a little more in April, in Seoul, it’s a welcome relief as the sub-zero temperatures are gone and the sun comes out in the crystal clear blue skies and the people change their thick winter coats for shorts and a t-shirt.


Visit Seoul in Spring

Seoul in Spring is incredible on a clear day.


2. The Tulips Come to life and make Seoul in Spring Irresistible

The Tulips come to life in Spring, and no one puts on a better display in Seoul than the Everland Theme Park. Each spring the Tulip festival takes centre stage with a vast array of tulips on display and with fantastic colour and clean smell.

It’s not only Everland where the Tulips are fully paraded and perfectly landscaped, with the city decorated with thousands of tulips — making a gorgeous city that even better on the eye.


Seoulin spring

The tulips are sensational with full colour.


3. Cherry Blossoms come alive

There is no better sight than seeing the Cherry Blossoms in full colour. In Seoul, you’re surrounded by a variety of Cherry Blossom trees which are at their peak colour of either white or pink.

It becomes a photographer dream with plenty of fantastic photo opportunities. It will put a smile to the dial to see nature at its finest. But you will need to get in early, or you will miss out because the blossoms will quickly fade away.


cherry blossoms Korea

You got to love the Cherry blossoms.


4. There is no better time to take a hike during Spring Season in Seoul

Hiking can be done in any season when you visit Seoul.

However, without a doubt, the best time to take a walk is in springtime, the weather is warming, and there is no need to worry about frostbite.

The summer sting and soaring humidity have yet to hit the boiling point, so there is no need to worry about a heat stroke. Just bring water.

The mountains are green with leaves gaining their colour as the white snow melts away.

However, best of all the city of Seoul and parklands are at their very best with beautifully landscaped gardens, dazzling water features and fantastic scenery.

You need to hope for a clear Seoul day, which is unpredictable at best.


Spring time Seoul

Take a hike in Springtime.


5. Baseball time is a fun time

Baseball might not be to everyone’s liking. When the season kicks off in early April, be sure to get to a game of Baseball.

Whether you are a fan of the big-hitting curve ball game or not, it doesn’t matter, witness the electric atmosphere of Korean Baseball in full voice and soak in the atmosphere along with the roar of the crowd.

The entertainment is fun on the field, but you can’t but help losing yourself with the entertainment provided from the stands. Oh and not to mention the beautiful cheerleaders too.


Visiting Seoul, South Korea in Springtime? Look for hotels on TripAdvisor


Visit Seoul in spring.

Korean baseball begins in springtime.

Enjoy Day Trips in Seoul with Get Your Guide!



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9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea

9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea

While sitting at an airport and getting ready for my next adventure, it had me thinking of when I last visit to Seoul in South Korea and how the craving I had to get back their real soon. I have already visited the city on three separate occasions, yet, I still yearn for more Korean. The country is that good when it comes to travel.

Thinking of Seoul had me jotting down what makes that country so unique and why it would appeal to so many other travellers who wish to visit the East Asian country (forgetting about the bullshit in the north, although of little concern now). Hence, I turned my current reminiscing into a blog post while waiting in transit in Bangkok.

All in all, I came up with nine significant reasons why you need to visit Seoul in South Korea, yet if I thought longer and harder about, there would be a heap more than nine reasons to visit the buzzing city.


Are you visiting Seoul for a holiday to remember?
Check out TripAdvisor for hotels!


Visit Seoul in South Korea

9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea.


9 Epic Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul in South Korea


The Culture

Like with any Asian country, culture is what makes the destination so fulfilling as it is. South Korea is no exception as it’s rich history and proud tradition due to Korea’s strong heritage. The Korean culture is evident throughout, from their polite manners, fantastic food, strong family values, deep history and even their traditional dress (hanbok), South Korea is full of culture and ethics.


The people

In everyday life, South Koreans are busy folk and always move with urgency. It comes with the experience of living in the city of Seoul. On the streets of Seoul, it’s each to their own, doors won’t be held open for you, even if you are standing two feet behind the person in front of you, and on those crazy train rides, you need to push and shove to get anywhere, or you may miss out.

Don’t take it personally; it just comes with the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The Korean are astonishing people and very respectful. They show manners to their elders with kind words and politeness in everyday life, especially within their own families. 


Have a massive day out at Everland Theme-Park
and Purchase your tickets through Klook!



Places to visit in Seoul

The people of Korea are fabulous and friendly people.


The Bustling city of Seoul

The modern town will delight you from the outset. It’s a crazy city that packs the lot, from the stunning Skyrise Buildings to the gorgeous landscapes which are remarkable within the CBD, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is an example of that.

The City of Seoul honestly has no boring bits, with their walking streets, side alleyways with fascinating hidden restaurants and astounding attractions that are a tourist hit. Seoul in South Korea is a city that truly never sleeps.



Visit Seoul in South Korea


Temples and Palaces

Seoul may be a modern city with modern luxuries. However, it does not forget about its proud tradition and astonishing history. There are many essential temples in Seoul, which are incredible in design and the landscaped gardens throughout various attractions, is delightful.

A day is not wasted when you spend only a few bucks to stroll the major temples or palaces with hundreds of years of fascinating yet sad history. During your Korean vacation, make sure you visit one of the major temples, even, all of them, during your stay in Seoul.


Go to great heights at Lotte World Tower by purchasing
your tickets to the Observation Deck through Klook!




the crowds gather to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.



Lush landscapes within the City Centre

As mentioned previously, the views and gardens within and around the city are beautiful. It’s fascinating how a big city like, with millions in population, can get it so right. It’s quite mesmerising to see the colour throughout the city and its a Credit to whoever is responsible for the glamorous layout. No matter whichever the season you are visiting, Seoul is always looking fabulous.


Hangang Park

Hangang Park in Seoul is a stunning location by the river.


Delicious Korean Food

Asian food of any variety is typically merely divine, and of course, Korean food is no exception. During your stay, make sure you are dining out on their sizzling Korean barbeques, bulgogi (marinated beef), a fulfilling rice noodle soup and delicious black bean noodles, to only name a few. You will find a vast range of delicious foods to try when you visit Seoul in South Korea.

For more information, take a look at my top 5 foods to eat in Korea for further advice.


Amazing Attractions of Seoul

Family fun is assured in Seoul and the surrounding areas, with a large number of attractions that would delight any traveller to the East Asian country. Everland, just a little out of Seoul and it matches with any theme park in the world with its thrilling rides, entertaining shows and the Safari Park with wildlife galore.

In the city, there is an indoor theme park, Lotte world, that you need to visit during your adventure, along with numerous other parklands and attractions.


Click here to purchase your 1-Day Lotte World Pass!




Sports Craze in Seoul

If you are an avid sports fan like me, then  South Korea has you covered. Soccer, baseball and Taekwondo are the big three amongst a broad range of sports on offer in Seoul and to attend a professional sporting event is value for your dollar with fan interaction taken to another level.


Jamsil Stadium

Supporting the Samsung Lions in Korean Baseball at Jamsil Stadium.


Snow time in the city

If you love to ski or snowboard on the slopes, South Korea is full of mountain ranges with plenty of thick snow to enjoy the thrills of the winter sport. The snow season generally starts in December and runs through to April and during this time of the year, the ski fields are alive and buzzing with many tourists.

The best bit about a lot of these ski fields is the most famous slopes only a couple of hours from Seoul. I highly recommend  Deogyusan National Park in Muju for an epic winter thrill.



Seoul, South Korea

Snow time in South Korea is gorgeous.


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