Tanjung Benoa is in the South-east part of Bali, Indonesia.

A beautiful location, with stunning sunrises, gorgeous beaches and a laidback township, where walking around in this boutique town won’t get you mobbed with locals desperate to sell you a stubby holder.

Tanjung Benoa is a little away from the popular Nusa Dua area and a twenty minute drive from Kuta and is great for those who wish to escape the hustle and buste, with drinking cocktails by the beach and relaxing in the sun a popular past time.

So sit back and check out this basic travel guide to Tanjung Benoa.


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Tanjung Benoa

Let’s go parasailing


A Basic Travel Guide to Tanjung Benoa in Bali


The laidback Town Centre

The streets of Tanjung Benoa is an easy place to walk without the manic stress to buy a souvenoir.

You can go shopping in the boutique market stalls or stop in for a drink and feed at a relatively cheap price. You’ll also find stretches of shops and restaurants in-between the luxury resorts for a convenient sit down meal.



Evening time in the town.


Praying on the streets



Shopping in Tanjung Benoa

As in any part of Bali, shopping is conveient in the streetswhile roaming about.

However, Tanjung Benoa is not saturated with hundreds of markets and jewellery stalls. If it’s basic women’s clothing or a singlet you are after, you will find a handful of market stalls in your travels down the main street.

Tanjung Benoa also has a few more upmarket retail stores with air conditioning that feature goods such as luggage/backpacks, picture frames, jewellery and other accessories, for those looking for a bargain.



A quiet market stall in Tanjung Benoa


Eating and Drinking

Restaurants, cafés and bars are naturally found in large numbers in Tanjung Benoa.

If you seek a decent feed with a budget, then hit the streets and the smiling staff will be waiting outside, attempting to persuade you into their restaurant.

If you want to eat in style, then there are number of resorts with top notch restaurants who will welcome you with open arms, serving both Indonesia and Western Cuisines. Not to mention the world famous Starbucks for your coffee kick.

Popular restaurant and bars in Tanjung Benoa

–          Sakala Beach Club (luxury)

–          Meads Beach Bar and Grill (budget)

–          The Tao Bali (luxury)

–          Black Toms (budget)

–          The Tree (budget)

–          Eight Degrees South at Conrad Bali (luxury)

–          And many, many more, just check out TripAdvisor for more Information.

Great burgers at Black Tom’s.


The Sakala Restaurant.

Sakala Beach club

Sakala Beach club.




The area is made up of luxury resorts that do come at a price, but that does not mean you won’t find a few hotels at a cheaper price. If you do prefer to stay in style, then Tanjung Benoa is perfect for that large slice of paradise with stunning beach views and fine dining.

Popular Resorts in Tanjung Benoa

–          The Sakala Resort from $129 pn (luxury)

–          The Novel Bali Benoa from $149 pn (luxury)

–          Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort $200 pn (luxury)

–          Hotel Ibis Benoa $44 pn (budget)

–          The Benoa Beach Front Villas $54 pn (budget)

–          Check out TripAdvisor for more great prices on resorts in the area.

Sakala Resort

The Sakala Resort.

Luxury rooms at Luxury Resorts.


Things to do in Tanjung Benoa

Activities all belong on the beach in Tanjung Benoa and the crowds gather in the day to the sands  of Benoa in large numbers.

Many popular Day trips submerge to the popular area for tourist who are keen for a little water activity on the beach.

Jet skiing, parasailing, a cruise to Turtle Island, boat fishing and much more can be found on the popular beach.

Even if you haven’t booked a tour, you can rock up to any tour company located on the edge of the water. There you’ll find one of the friendly staff that will help organise a few activities at a great price.





Getting high in the blue sky.

Jet skiing is popular hobby on the beach.


James Bond Island

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