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Road trips are on most people’s bucket list for its sense of adventure. It’s a chance to enjoy the key locations you want to see across the country or travelling off the beaten track to find some stunning areas that have been untouched.

Here are some advice that will help you out when setting off on your trip of a lifetime with these quick and easy travelling tips for your roadtrip.


Jurien Bay

All smiles on a clear day during a Perth to Jurien Bay road trip.


Get yourself a trailer tent

Rather than staying in the car to get some sleep, get yourself a trailer tent where you can free up lots of room in the car. Keep everything you need in your trailer, allowing you to stretch out and keep things organised as your drive to each location. They are easy to set up and can be very comfortable.

These can be moved to the shoreline or in the forest if you like to keep your sleeping environment interesting. With a window, you’ll be able to look out on the sunset, not to mention the PVC flooring which is hard wearing and will protect you from the awkward ground underneath. 


Have a rough idea of where you want to go

If you have any places that you want to visit in mind, then put together a rough idea of where you want to go. This will save you from missing out of any critical spots you want to tick off your bucket list.

It also allows you to save money as often you can spend hundreds of miles that you do not see much, wasting your valuable time. Planning will enable you to view and stop off in exciting areas. But be flexible as often going off your plans can lead to finding some beautiful hidden locations. 


Cook your own food when you can

If you are travelling on a budget then buying and cooking your own food can save you a lot of money as the products you buy can often last you a few days, such as bread.

Of course, you want to eat the local food, but when you can cook your own, it allows you to save. For example, breakfast is often an easy meal you can cook from your tent. Bring your own portable stove to help you out and stocking up on canned food allows you to have a quick, easy snack with ease. 


Make use of the facilities. 

It can be hard to find everyday facilities such as a shower, toilets and tables. When you visit a new place, look out for any free facilities such as open swimming pools where you can freshen up. You can even have a look at maps and your phone to find places nearby which offer these sorts of facilities, free or at a low price. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to travel in style by having a trailer tent as well as saving money on daily meals by stocking up on the essentials such as canned food and bread. Setting out on a road trip can require a lot of energy but is well worth it. 


Jurien Bay

Roadtrip will take you to many amazing destinations.

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