A return to Ho Chi Minh City after a few beautiful days in cooler Dalat. The excitement well and truly kicked off again, with tunnels, rooftop bars and a little bit relaxation the priority. It’s Vietnam Diaries days 10-12 as the trip is slowly starting to wind down.


Ho Chi Minh City at its very best.

Best bit

 Cu chi tunnel

A tour group to the Cu-chi Tunnels and another brief education into the fascinating history lesson of Vietnam and how they battled and survived in the war. If you are ever in Ho Chi Minh City, do yourself a favor book a spot on the tour bus and head to Cu-Chi Tunnels. While the time at the tunnels is short, you will leave with a lasting memory.

Through the tunnels we go at Cu Chi tunnels.

The Viet Cong were smart and very strategic in war, to learn about their underground system was astounding. Three levels of tunnels that ran for hundreds of kilometres with three different levels, the lowest level being a good 8-10 metres deep below the surface.

It gets quite cluster phobic in the dark tunnels.

A hard slog through the tunnels.

The Vietnamese set some gruesome traps too, set up to capture and kill enemy soldiers. While clever little traps, it was hard to ponder at those traps with imaging the terrible pain it would have caused the young soldiers. But that was cruel fate of any war.

The traps of Vietnam War.

Highlights of days 10 -12

I am Vietnam hotel and Rooftop Bar

Sad to say this was my first time visiting a Rooftop bar in Vietnam and I had been missing out in a big way. Gorgeous night time views of Ho Chi Minh City with the city looking spectacular under lights. The occasion was even better with a cocktail in hand as you enjoy the great views and romantic setting with the love of your life.


A rooftop bar are a smash in Vietnam.

New Airbnb apartment

A return to Ho Chi Minh City and our 3rd Apartment for the trip. For the second time, we used airbnb and it was the best of the lot. An apartment with spacious rooms, large beds, small kitchen, good shower, daily housekeeping and a free laundry service.  No complaints all round, as this time we were in the lively Binh Thanh District.

Our latest Airbnb apartment.

Binh Quoi Tourist village

A short 20-minute walk from our apartment is the tourist village. My kind of place to chill and relax and feel like you are staying in a tropical resort. Lots of palm trees, quiet drinking area overlooking the lake, swimming pool and a care free walk in Paradise. A visit to the Tourist Village is highly recommended, especially if you are after a little relaxation in style.

Tourist village looking good for relaxation.

The Lily Pads of the Tourist Village.

Emperor Jade Pagoda

One of those if you’re in the area, come for a visit.  Nice temple (they all are), built by the Chinese community in 1909. It is hidden off the main street as walked past it trying to find and I know I am not the only one. Come for a photo or two if in Mai Thi Luu street of district one and perhaps stop for a prayer for good health.

Emperor jade Pagoda

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