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If you’re like me and you love chasing waterfalls, then chasing waterfalls in Bali is the closest you’ll get to a waterfall paradise in Asia. There is around a dozen waterfalls on the island, with most of them found up north and tucked away amidst the lush jungles. Perhaps the best part about the waterfalls found in Bali, is they all have such distinct features that sets them apart from one another. Even if you were to visit every single waterfall in Bali, you won’t experience monotony and you’ll understand why each is so special.

Some waterfalls in Bali are an extreme tourist zone, because they’re so easy to get to than other waterfalls on the Indonesian Island. However, if you’re in search of epic, jaw-dropping tropical cascades, Bali has exactly what you’re looking for, come and check out the five epic waterfalls in Bali you must visit.


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waterfalls in Bali

waterfalls in Bali

Epic waterfalls in Bali you must visit.



5 Epic Waterfalls in Bali You Must Visit


1.      Tegenungan

Tegenungan waterfalls is one of the most famous and most easily accessible falls in Bali. There is an entrance fee of 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah per person, and once you get your ticket, you’ll pass by a few restaurants and souvenir shops, and a sign that says, “Welcome to Tegenungan Waterfall”.

The staircase that leads to the bottom of the falls is easy, and there is no need for hiking shoes here. When you arrive, there is a small changing booth on your left, and a wooden bridge that you can sit on. A small stall selling snacks and refreshments is also found here and visitors also have the option of going up the cliffs to see appreciate an epic view of the falls from the very top.


2.      Kanto Lampo

Located just 30 minutes outside the Ubud city center is Kanto Lampo, a magnificent waterfall that features dark black rocks. There is no entrance fee, only a donation of your choice for its upkeep. From the parking lot, visitors only need to descend a short staircase from where you can leave your clothes and belongings.

Prepare to get wet since you will need to swim to reach the falls, although it isn’t far at all and the water is shallow enough to wade through safely. From the base of the falls, you can carefully climb to feel the strong mists of Kanto Lampo as you pose for an epic Instagram photo. The locals who take care of Kanto Lampo will be happy to take your photos at no cost, although they would appreciate a donation.


3.      Gitgit

Gitgit waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction in Bali. It’s known for its timeless beauty and the awe-inspiring cascades surrounded by lush tropical trees, it’s simply breathtaking. Gitgit is 35 metres in height and nestled in amongst incredible green area that isn’t too far from many other attractions including rice terraces and historical monuments.

What makes Gitgit unique is that it’s made up of three waterfalls, each of which are highly recommended to explore. Prepare to bring along some hiking shoes and a change of clothes to see and enjoy them all.


4.      Tukad Cepung

Only recently discovered, Tukad Cepung is an otherworldly waterfall. Getting here will require you to descend some steps and once you get into the falls, the sight of the sunlight showers on waterfall within a cave, will take your breath away.

Located near Bangli in southeastern part of Bali, there’s no other waterfall that comes close to this. The entrance fee is around 3,000 Indonesian Rupiah but for such a small price, you are treated to some jaw-dropping natural beauty. If you come early enough, you’ll get to enjoy Tukad Cepung for the hidden beauty that it truly is.


5.      Sekumpul

No article about Bali’s waterfalls would be complete without at least trying to do justice to the king of them all, Sekumpul. Located in Singaraja in northern Bali, it’s easily the most spectacular waterfall on the island with its 80-meter height. Because of the effort required to get to Sekumpul, there’s a good chance that you won’t be sharing it with too many other tourists.

Sekumpul is nestled in a remote area, and you’ll need to go on a 30-minute trek through jungles and valleys peppered with some river crossings. You’ll see some minor waterfalls on the way, but it’s recommended to shell out a little more money to hire the help of an experienced guide who can help you safely navigate the river crossings. They will also happily take your photos as they tour you through the three falls of the area, and of course you can spend as much time as you like in Sekumpul, the most beautiful of the waterfalls in Bali.

The best time to visit any of the waterfalls in Bali is in the early morning. If you can manage to get any of the falls by around 8AM, you’ll forget and get over the fact that you had to wake up so early in the morning once you feast your eyes on the unbelievable sights of the epic waterfalls.


Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall.

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waterfalls in bali

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