Heading to Japan is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do because it gives you the chance to see a part of the world that’s probably very unfamiliar to you.

Even if you’ve travelled a lot in other parts of the world, you’ve almost certainly never seen anywhere like Japan because there is nowhere else like this stunning country. 

The one thing you may need to decide while preparing the plans for your trip, when is the best time to visit Japan? 

Therefore, how do you tackle it when you head there for the first time? Read on to learn about some tips that’ll help you to do just that when you are travelling the fascinating country of Japan.


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How to tackle a country like Japan – Image Source. 


How to Tackle The Cultural and Busy Country Like Japan


Decide on Your Own Priorities

Everyone has their own priorities and things they want to do most when they head to Japan, and that’s actually a good thing.

You need to make sure that your priorities are sorted so that you know what you want to do first. One thing’s for sure; you won’t have time to do everything you want to do and that’s why it’s so important to do the most important stuff first.


Don’t Confine Yourself to Tokyo, as Tempting as it Might Be

There’s always that temptation to fly to Tokyo and then to stay there for the entirety of your trip.

That’s certainly an understandable way of thinking because Tokyo is one of the biggest and most impressive cities on the face of the earth, but there is so much more out there.

Places like Kyoto and Osaka deserve to be explored, so don’t be scared to branch out a little further and see other sides of Japan.


Explore the Back Alleys of Japanese Cities

One of the great things about exploring Japan is the things you find when you go down the side streets and the back alleys.

This is where you find the tiny bars and restaurants where the local people relax at the end of the day.

That’s the real face of Japan, and it’s where you should spend a lot of your time when you’re there.



A traditional carriage is on one way to view the back streets of Arashiyama.


Invest in a Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail passes are fantastic for tourists, and if you want to get around easily, you will definitely want to use these for the duration of your stay.

The best thing about them is that you will get discounts on trains, making the whole trip a lot more affordable than it might otherwise be and you can’t go wrong with that.


Make the Most of Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are Japanese staples, and they sell all the little things that you might want and need while you’re over there.

You should make the most of them because they can really save you when you need something quick and cheap to eat when you’re travelling on the go.

Japan is a vast country, and if you’ve never been there before, it can be overwhelming when you first visit it.

Don’t try to pack every little activity into your stay because that’s simply not going to happen. Focus on doing the things hat you really want to do and then worry about the other stuff on your second trip.


Kyoto City

Beautiful Kyoto in Japan.

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