At Fair Dinkum Traveller, we are open to working with Travel-based companies who wish to advertise or contribute to our travel blog in one form or another.

It may be looking for advertorial space in the forms of sponsored content, competition giveaways, press trips or product reviews to name a few of the service that is opened to working with us.

At a fair and reasonable rate, you too can have the opportunity to work with us, all I ask is that you gloss over the budget below before starting any conversation regarding working with Fair Dinkum Traveller.

For this is a reputable company, we do not want to accept any deals that are insulting or shady to the brand, therefore, do not contact us and offer a dodgy deal that won’t be accepted.



Work with your Fair Dinkum traveller and come on an adventure with us.



Why Work with fair Dinkum Traveller?

Fair Dinkum Traveller prides itself on providing detailed travel advice on destinations around the world, particularly in Asia and Australia, we love nothing more than to assist other travellers who entering into a world of the unknown.

For companies wishing to work with us, as a business, we endeavour to deal with companies professionally to ensure both parties are delighted with the outcome. In the end, the final outcome is always to assist the audience who visit the website.


Fair Dinkum Traveller Rates

Below are the rates that we have set ourselves to get the discussion started, of course within reason, rates can be negotiable but don’t insult us by offering a price so low that we end up only wasting each other’s time. If you can’t get within a reasonable figure of the determined fees, don’t contact us.

If you wish to contact us about a package, using the fill-in contact form below, send us a message, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

*Please note, whenever you are proposing a business idea with Fair Dinkum Traveller, to add the target URL link you require for the article in the proposal email. We are all very busy people and the less time wasting we do between each other, the quicker the deal can get done or refused.


Package 1 – Embedded Links in existing articles

Cost: USD$100

Quick and easy does the trick and for the fixed price mentioned above, you can have one embedded link into an already written material on the Fair Dinkum Traveller website.

To make it happen, contact us with the one URL link you wish placed into the existing article. From there, we will let you know if it can be approved and get the job done.


Package 2 – You Write the Article

Cost: USD$200

You have a well-written article all organised, and now you need a travel website to place that article in with that one embedded link. No problems, at Fair Dinkum Traveller, we can help you out for the fixed price mentioned above.

To get your written article moving forward, you can contact us using the form below, the written material and the one link you wish to embed, and we will check it off for approval and get back to you ASAP.


Package 3 – We Write the Article

Cost: USD$350

Time is not on your side, and you need the team at Fair Dinkum Traveller to write the article for you with one embedded link included. That’s no problem at all, although it will cost you a little more as seen in the fixed price above.

To get the ball rolling, email us the article idea you wish to be done, with the link you wish placed in the article for approval. Once approved, we will get the article written in a professional matter and let you know once the final product is complete.


Guest Posting with Fair Dinkum Traveller

At Fair Dinkum Traveller, we are quite picky at who can guest post for our site and approval is quite rare. Firstly, you must have an established travel blog, for we won’t accept any guest posts from anyone outside of other travel bloggers; otherwise, it would be known as a sponsored post, and that will come with a fee.

To guest posts for us, our guidelines are straightforward with specific requirements:

  • You must have a travel blog.
  • The article must be a minimum of 800-words
  • Must have a minimum of four legal photos included.
  • Only one link allowed in the article and that is back to your travel blog.
  • It will be mentioned in the by-line of the article, that it is a guest post.
  • We can add other links as see fit.

To propose a guest post, contact us using the form below and please state the name of your travel blog in the message. If you do not mention the name of your blog, I will not reply to the email.


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At Fair Dinkum traveller, we endeavour to offer a professional service at all times.

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