The City of Perth in Western Australia is an unheralded travel destination for many travellers, who seem to get lured to the Eastern Seaboard of the mainland with the popular destinations in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast being the obvious choice for tourists.

The West should never be neglected! Especially when close to the city is the beautiful Southwest region with lush wineries and the gorgeous Indian Ocean Drive Road Trip which takes you to the warmer climates to Jurien Bay.

Naturally, there is the stunning pristine beaches along the beautiful West Coast and an array of outdoor adventure that calls out to you whenever visiting the active state. You’ll never get bored when exploring the vast region. 

What to see in Perth City is what is on the traveller’s mind for now!

The good news is, there are many things to see in Perth, and the boutique city needs to be explored to its fullest to be wholly appreciated. It is an iconic city with a mixture of multicultural diversity, modern infrastructure, historic buildings, lively street atmosphere and the scenic Swan River, which is suitably located on the city’s doorstep.


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What to See in Perth

What to See in Perth City when you Visit the Western Australian Capital


What to See in Perth City when you Visit the Western Australian Capital



Get Active Along Swan River

The Swan River may be 72-kilometres in length and stretches much further than suburban Perth, but it’s the picturesque stretch that surrounds the Perth CBD which will truly mesmerise its visitors with its dazzling views, riverside dining and nature walks along the banks of the Swan.

If you prefer to be amongst the action in the middle of the Swan River, there is plenty of Perth activities taking place over the Swan River. You can go on a luxury river cruise that goes all the way to Fremantle, or kayaking over the waters for those in need a solid work out.

If all else fails, you can hire a motor boat and explore the sights of the Swan River at your leisure, because there is plenty of fun stuff to do in Perth when exploring by boat with Claisebrook, Elizabeth Quay and magnificent Optus Stadium to check out.

CHECK IT OUT: The Swan River needs to be appreciated to its fullest, and there is no better way to understand Perth tourism than going on a scenic RIver cruise to Fremantle and seeing the best of both worlds in one trip.

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Ku De ta Perth

Ku De Ta Perth

Swan River

Take a walk along the Swan River.





Check out Elizabeth Quay

One of the best Perth Tourist attractions is Elizabeth Quay.

When you’re standing in the middle of the Elizabeth Quay bridge you have the luxury at gazing at the towering city that overshadows you, when you turn around, instead, you’re watching the ferry’s coast by on the Swan River. You’ll also be able to see the famous Kings Park and Botanical Gardens towards the west.

Elizabeth Quay is one of the best places to visit in Perth, with various café’s, restaurants, ferry shuttles and kid’s attractions to keep the little ones occupied. Perhaps you’ll want to save your coins and find free things to do in Perth instead, no problem; you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the banks of the river and enjoy the nature and big city in one hit.  

CHECK IT OUT: The Transperth Ferry’s depart from Elizabeth Quay, and it takes you across the river to South Perth, where the Perth Zoo is waiting for another exciting day out. Even if the world’s best wildlife doesn’t fancy you, check out the city views from a different angle and catch the return ferry back to Elizabeth Quay.


Postcards: Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia.

City of Perth

Elizabeth Quay.



Cathedrals and Churches for Perth Sightseeing

Not quite Adelaide’s city of churches, but not to be outdone by any stretch of the imagination. Places to go in Perth include Cathedrals and churches in various locations within the city boundaries, and it makes for a good couple of hours to walk the city streets and witness some of Perth’s best buildings.

A lot of the city’s Churches and Cathedrals are neatly tucked in between Perth’s skyscrapers, and often you’ll find these heritage buildings by stumbling upon them by accident. 

CHECK IT OUT: Built in 1865, The St Mary’s Cathedral is situated on the eastern part of the city on Victoria Square. Even if churches are not your style, you’ll love the towering presence of this Roman Catholic Cathedral and its beautiful, articulate design during your stroll around the cathedral.


City of Perth

St Mary’s Cathedral.

St George's Cathedral

St George’s Cathedral




Shopping Precincts in the Perth CBD

If you love to shop, I’m sure many of you do, you’ll like what the city of Perth offers for any shopaholic, who is desperate to spend their dollars. There is a range of street malls and arcades within the walking streets of the CBD that will have the women occupied for hours looking for a bargain, and perhaps the men looking at their watches and ready to head back to the hotel.

The action for all the shopping happens between the Hay St Mall and Murray Street Mall, with plenty of novelty stores and major retail outlets of Myer and David Jones nearby. When you’re done on the streets, check out the range of shopping arcades that are hidden within the city where there is an extra excuse to spend your hard earned dollars.

CHECK IT OUT: London Court is located off Hay Street and is appropriately named with its old London style design. Come inside gates at either end, marvel at the lavish infrastructure, enjoy an excellent coffee at the London Court café and buy a souvenir for your memory of your time spent in Perth, Western Australia.


London Court City of Perth

London Court.

perth, Western Australia

Murray Street Mall.


Cross the Railway Tracks to Northbridge

To visit Perth means it’s an excellent opportunity to cross to the other side of Perth Station and enjoy another vibrant part of the city, which is Northbridge.

The lively spot is favourite day or night and is known for its fine-dining restaurants, cafés and nightclubs. It’s also home to the State Library of Western Australia, which is situated along the laidback walking strip of James Street Mall, near Perth Station.  

CHECK IT OUT: Old Shanghai is retro style food court that is popular for those who love affordable Asian cuisines and drinks. You will find Old Shanghai and its selection of food outlets along James Street in the hub of Northbridge, and it’s at this location where you’ll find the cheapest feed.



Old Shanghai Food court is Northbridge is a great location for dinner.

Northbridge, Western Australia

Street art and State Library of Western Australia is a fascinating visit for tourists.


Gardens and Parks of Perth City

Isn’t pleasant to be able to walk through a major city and come across parklands and gardens at random to escape the madness on the bustling streets, such nature offers some of the best places to visit in Perth.

The Perth City Attractions in terms of the parks and gardens include Lang Park which is spread out far and wide along the Swan River, or, Stirling Gardens, and the boutique Supreme Court Gardens that are situated near to the CBD. You’ll have no problem whatsoever in finding a new patch of lawn to eat your lunch.

CHECK IT OUT: Kings Park and Botanical Gardens is a magic touch that is situated on the outskirts of Perth. It’s 4-square-kilometres of pleasant nature walks, open park areas, bushlands, and it comes with the best views of the city skyrises.

If you are coming to Perth, then Kings Park needs to be number 1 on the list, and you can also enjoy a Kings Park Segway Tour through Klook!


Kings Park, western australia

City views from Kings Park.

Lang Park Perth Western Australia

Lang Park, with the city of Perth in the background.



Eating Out and Cafes in Perth

Fast food, restaurants or food courts, the city of Perth has many dining options that will cover any budget, including everyone’s favourite franchises in McDonald’s, KFC and Hungry Jacks.

Whether you choose to dine in style at the city’s top hotels or enter into the Arcade Mall food courts, you are not without dining options within the confines of the town.

CHECK IT OUT: The C restaurant in the Sky, Perth’s only rotating restaurant that sits 33-stories high of St Martins Tower on St Georges Terrace. It doesn’t come cheap, but you won’t find a better view of the city to have a simply delicious meal with the one you love.


City of Perth

Yummy Japanese food at Fresh Made in PerthCity.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

The Isle of Voyage restaurant.



Explore Heritage Buildings

Perth mixes the old and the new with several Heritage buildings blended next to the modern highrises, which are rising in numbers around the famous historical buildings.

The number of Heritage Buildings include the Government House built in 1864, the Supreme Court (1903), the old Perth Fire Station (1901) and the Palace Hotel (1987). During your Perth tour, you’ll find many more iconic buildings with plenty of history and tradition to go with it and take plenty of pictures for your Instagram profile

CHECK IT OUT: The Perth Town Hall, built in 1870, is the only town hall in Australia to be made by convicts who shipped over to the West for the purpose. The Town Hall is situated on the corner of Barrack and Hay street and is close to the central hub of the city.


Town Hall Perth

The Town Hall Perth, which was built by convicts.

Supreme Court Perth

The Supreme Court in Perth City.


View the Dazzling Street Art

What to see in Perth includes the dazzling Street Art, which is spread throughout the city and will sneak up on you by surprise while walking the streets. The street art comes in a range of odd shapes and sizes, with some of the unique art be quite creative and talented.

Every art that is seen in the city has its meaning, and a story told behind the piece of artistry. To learn more, it’s recommended that you collect the Art map at the Information Centre on Murray street for all details and the locations of the creative art.

CHECK IT OUT: Percy the Mirror sculpture on Hay Street Mall is dedicated to Percy Button who entertained the public of Perth during the 1930s and 40s and became a legendary figure of the city.



Percy the Mirror Sculpture.

Percy the Mirror is a dazzling Sculpture in Perth.

Perth station

Street art at the front of Perth Station.



Take a walk and find more on what to see in Perth

The best way to explore every beating heart of Perth City, or any city around the world for that matter, is by your own two feet. By walking the streets at a steady pace, you can find every narrow alleyway, that iconic hidden shop and every other minor detail by taking it in slowly and enjoying a stroll through the city.

With everything that is mentioned in this article, it’s proven you’ll never know what will be found by taking things slow. Places like the dazzling street art, heritage buildings, classy restaurants, a Cathedral building or the ideal retail outlet that has your favourite clothing item at a bargain price.

Go on, take a walk and explore this great city. I dare you!

CHECK IT OUT: Maps of various walking tours can be found at the Perth Information Centre on Murray Street. Either take a free guided tour at different times of the day or collect a map and explore at your own free time. You can elect to go on a paid walking tour of Perth by booking a Perth city walk with Klook!


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Take a walk in Perth City.
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