The Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia for Families

The Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia for Families

Busselton Jetty

When you’re looking for a family day trip or weekend getaway from Perth, check out the Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia for an unforgettable occasion the whole clan will enjoy.

The South West of Western Australia is a region teeming with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s a fact that it’s on the map for international tourist making their way down to Australia. 

No matter how you imagine a post-card perfect paradise to be, a South West beach has something for you. Whether you’re after surfing, kitesurfing, lazing around with a good book, scuba diving, or a family-friendly beach for the kids, these beaches have an adventure for you all. After all, this part of the country is a biodiversity hotspot, one of the world’s 36 known areas.

Therefore, it’s no surprise these beaches are always a favourite of travellers, sun-seekers, divers, and water-sports enthusiasts. Without further ado, here are the choices for your next sun-drenched holiday when finding the Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia.


Beaches in the South West of Western Australia

The Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia for Families.


The Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia

Let’s explore the expansive South West of Western Australia; here, you may find a few hidden gems you’ve never heard of before. In no particular order, here are a few of the Best Beaches in the South West of Western Australia: 


Koombana Bay in Bunbury


Less than two hours away from Perth lies Koombana Bay in the Western Australia’s biggest Regional City of Bunbury. You can swim in the bay’s calm waters and even spot a few dolphins in the wild at this picturesque destination. 

It’s home to a friendly pod of dozens of bottlenose dolphins who regularly visit the bay’s calm waters. There is a designated interaction zone located by the shoreline where you can see the dolphins and even meet them up close. Many tour operators offer swimming and viewing tours as well.

The best time to visit Koombana Bay for the dolphins is October through April since swim tours operate only during the warmer months. However, you can see the Dolphin Discovery Centre any time of the year to learn about marine life. 

Aside from stunning beaches and dolphins, visitors can check out the lovely cosmopolitan town that boasts fantastic coffee, waterfront dining, and bright lights in the Entertainment Centre. From day to night, Koombana Bay in Bunbury will have you smiling. 

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Koombana Bay

Koombana Bay in Bunbury is ideal for swimming, dolphin watching,  sailing and a gentle stroll.



Gnarabup Beach near Margaret River

Suppose you’re looking for something more raw and undeveloped, head over to Gnarabup Beach. As the most popular swim spot and the longest beach of Prevelly, the coastline invites you to soak up its incredible beauty. 

Located just a 10-minute drive away from the iconic Margaret River, this beach is famous among those who love to paddleboard. The calm, crystal-clear waters are perfect for hours of stand-up paddleboarding.

Meanwhile, the jetty makes boating and fishing convenient. Gnarabup Beach is a dog-friendly destination, so it’s not uncommon to see locals strolling the sandy shores every day walking their pets. 

The beach itself is fantastic for swimming, and it’s a popular spot for kids’ swimming classes. Grab a morning coffee at one of the charming seafront cafes before exploring the trails on the dunes.

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Blossoms Bay in Bremmer Bay

Blossoms Bay is a secluded slice of paradise with crystal-clear waters located in Bremmers Bay. The wide sandy beach is perfect for sun-baking and beach sports, while the shallow waters and rock pools make it ideal for kids to swim safely. 

This beach is generally quiet save for school holidays when it gets busy, especially with surf lessons. Just be wary of occasional rips, which is a common concern in Western Australia, but Blossoms Beach is always a good idea throughout the year for any family.

There are some basic amenities such as bathrooms, though it’s always recommended to bring your supplies if you spend the day here.  

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Blossoms Beach is a great idea. 


Meelup Beach 

Meelup Beach has everything you could ever want from a quintessential beach paradise: soft white sands and crystal-clear waters. Its calm waters attract thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the perfect setting for a beach holiday.

Meelup beach has ample space for picnics, with the Native trees by the beach lending both shade and ambience. The beach is equipped with convenient amenities, including well-maintained change rooms and showers. Holidaymakers will be glad to know that you can easily access other adventures from Meelup Beach, such as thrilling coastal hikes with breathtaking views of the bay. 


Meelup beach

Meelup Beach is still a great day out on an overcast day.


Middleton Beach in Albany

Middleton Beach is one of the most popular and stunning beaches in Albany. 

Thanks to the well-maintained facilities, it’s an excellent location for windsurfing, swimming, and picnics. A simple playground for kids can also be found here, making it suitable for families. Meanwhile, there are 5 miles of white sand and clear waters. For avid anglers, the jetty of Middleton Beach is perfect for hours of fishing though it’s also an excellent spot for watching the sunrise. 

Middleton Beach is the primary swimming beach in the region, so that it can get busy during the weekends and holidays. There are also a handful of terrific restaurants where you can enjoy a drink or two with a beach view. It all just adds to the fun vibe of this scenic beach. 

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Smiths Beach near Yallingup

Smith’s Beach in Yallingup is one of the more remote beaches in Western Australia, except when the surf is on. This beach is famous for its world-class swells, but that doesn’t mean only surfers can appreciate it.

Beach lounging is highly encouraged along the shores of powdery, white sand. You can pitch an umbrella and, on most days, you’ll be the only one around. Aside from swimming, surfing, and relaxing, Smith’s Beach is renowned for fishing and boogie boarding. It’s a great place to unwind and let your stresses go; as soon as you jump into the water, it’s hard to think anything else but lovely thoughts. 

There are several accommodation choices around Smith’s Beach for travellers who want to spend a few nights here. Whether you’re looking for budget camping accommodations or feel like splurging with luxury apartments for rent, there’s something here for you.



Have a day trip away from Busselton at Smiths Beach in Yallingup.



Busselton Foreshore

It doesn’t get better than the Busselton Foreshore for those looking for activity-packed beach holidays. Thanks to recent renovations, this stunning coastal destination offers visitors tons of choices for fun and recreation. Busselton is undoubtedly the hotspot in the Summer, with tourists making their way down the Highway for a getaway in beachside accommodation. 

Of course, the main highlight at Busselton Foreshore is the gorgeous beach, where you can swim safely in the swimming enclosure. This pet-friendly area has several playgrounds, a bike pathway, a skatepark, barbecue and picnic areas with views of the beach.

Check out the historic Busselton Jetty, which is famous for having one of the world’s only six underwater observatories from where you can see over 300 different kinds of marine animals in their natural habitat. 

The Busselton Foreshore is highly recommended for families with young kids or anyone who wants to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. 


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family fun

Busselton Jetty.



Little Beach in Albany

Little Beach is another picture-perfect beach located in the Albany region, a good five-hour drive from Perth in the Great Southern. 

Granite headlands pepper the vast white sandy beaches, and its calm azure waters invite you to come in for a dip which will delight parents and kids. Little Beach is famous for scuba diving, snorkelling, and swimming though the best time to visit is during the early morning if you want to secure a spot for yourself. 

However, there is almost no shade in Little Beach, but it’s perfect for those who want to tan! Just be careful during the windy days; it’s recommended to check the forecast before heading out. 


Greens Pool near Denmark

Within the William Bay National Park is the breathtaking Greens Pool, a sheltered cove of clear turquoise waters that’s perfect on any sunny day. It’s located in the Great Southern Area and not too far from the beautiful town of Denmark. 

Though this spot has excellent conditions all year round, the best time to go is always in the summer. Bring your snorkels along because it’s got all the ideal conditions for snorkelling and swimming.

The gradual slope of the sea allows kids to swim while giving parents peace of mind safely. Kids especially love wandering around the Elephant Rocks, which are massive formations nearby. Some fish you may encounter here include silver drummers, zebrafish, and mosaic sea stars. 

Williams Bay National Park has been recently redeveloped so that visitors can now more conveniently enjoy the surroundings. These include the addition of changing facilities and a lookout deck, from where you can take photos to send your friends and family back home.


Western Australian Summer

Greens Pool near Denmark.


Misery Beach near Albany

Don’t let its name fool you – Misery Beach is anything but a misery!

This secluded beach paradise has often been considered one of Australia’s best beaches. Located within the Torndirrup National Park, Misery beach boasts incredible white sand and turquoise, crystal-clear waters flanked by majestic granite rocks.

Since Misery Beach is sheltered from the wind, this is the perfect destination for a day of swimming, sunbaking, and snorkelling. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see some seals and dolphins, which have been reported to be seen hanging out in the waters occasionally. 

Misery Beach also has calm waves, so it’s a favourite spot for enthusiastic paddle boarders and kayakers who want to stay away from busy beaches, making it ideal for families. If you want to learn more about the local area, immersive tours share valuable insight into the First Nations of this remarkable place. 


Hamelin Bay near Margaret River

In one of Western Australia’s genuinely remarkable hidden gems, Hamelin Bay gathers many tourists daily for a specific reason.

Sting Rays!

Hamelin Bay is known for the beach where you can swim with the Rays, touch the Rays and even feed them. That feature alone is why this unique beach, tucked in between Margaret River and Augusta, has the car parks jam-packed often, especially in Summer.\

Besides the Sting Rays, there are many other reasons to visit Hamelin Bay. You can enjoy a pleasant swim on the calm beach, go fishing, enjoy a short hike and do epic sightseeing with sweeping views of the beach and beyond.

With all these fantastic choices, you can’t go wrong travelling to the beaches southwest of Western Australia.


Hamelin Bay Western Australia

Reaching out to the Rays at Hamelin Bay.

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A Guide To Driving The Gibb River Road For The First Time

A Guide To Driving The Gibb River Road For The First Time

The Australian outback is filled with so many incredible off-road routes where you can get away from civilization and really reconnect with nature. But out of all of the different routes available, the Gibb River Road is one of the most iconic. 

Many people describe it as the last Australian adventure, and if you want a true sense of the outback in its rawest form, this is the route for you. The picturesque 660-kilometre route takes you through some of the most secluded parts of the northern region of Kimberly.

If you want to drive the full length of the route, you can start in Derby and then pass through Windjana Gorge, Mount Hart Homestead, El Questro Wilderness Park, finishing in Wyndham or Kununurra. 



   A Guide To Driving The Gibb River Road

A Guide To Driving The Gibb River Road Pixabay CCO License


A Guide To Driving The Gibb River Road For The First Time

The Gibb River Road has a reputation as a challenging trail that is only for expert off-roaders. In the past, that used to be the case, but these days, it’s a lot more accessible.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park and you do still need to make sure that you are prepared. If you want a real adventure, here’s everything you need to know about driving the Gibb River Road. 



How Long Should You Go For?

If you wanted to drive the entire route from start to finish, you could do it in a day at a push. But if you rush through it, you won’t get to see any of the incredible sights along the way.

Although it all depends on your own itinerary, most people plan an 8-day trip at least. If you have time for a longer trip, it’s definitely worth it because you can relax a little and if you are really enjoying a certain place, you can stop for a bit longer. 


When Should You Go?

The best time of year to go depends on how well you can handle the Australian summer while you’re driving. October and November are incredibly hot, and when you are stuck in the car for hours on end, it can be a bit much.

April and May are the transitional periods between the wet and dry season, and the weather is far more moderate in these months, so this is always a good time to go. January and February are the cyclone months, and there is a significant risk of floods, so avoid those months at all costs. 


What Are The Roads Like? 

Before you go, you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for. If you go between November and April, when the wet season is in full force, some roads are dangerous to drive on and could be closed.

Some road areas are heavily corrugated, so your vehicle must be prepared for a rough ride. You’ll need a 4×4, and it’s a good idea to look at wheel and tyre packages so you can upgrade to something sturdier. If your car isn’t in good shape when you set off on the Gibb River Road, you could find yourself in a challenging position. 

Before you go on your trip, make sure that you get your vehicle serviced and make any necessary repairs. Check things like fluids and tyre pressures before setting off and periodically throughout the trip. If you think that there is something wrong with your car, get it looked at and don’t take any chances. 


What Should You Pack?



Preparation is key when driving a route like this, so you need to think carefully about what you pack. If you are going in the dry season between May and October, it will be hot, so pack plenty of light clothes to help you keep cool, with a few warm items for the evening. Make sure that you bring something to cover you up and give you some respite from the heat. 

If you drive the route between November and April in the wet season, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for everything. November is boiling hot but also very rainy, so it’s going to be humid. Light mesh clothing designed for safari is a great option when travelling at this time of year. 


Food and Water 

The Gibb River Road has changed a lot in recent years, and as it has become more popular, more amenities have opened up along the way. For most of the trip, you should find places along the way where you can buy food and water.

However, some places like Windjana Gorge are still very sparsely populated and don’t have any shops. When you travel through these areas, make sure that you stock up on a few days worth of food and water.

It’s best to buy more than you need, just in case anything goes wrong and you get stuck. When you plan the trip, it’s a good idea to map out where all of the supermarkets are so you can easily find supplies. 


Car Spares 

Bringing spares and equipment to repair your car is vital. Although there are garages along the route where you can get your car fixed, you could break down in the middle of nowhere, and you’ll need to get the car back up and running again so you can make it to the nearest mechanic. 

Always pack at least one spare tyre but, if possible, take two just in case. The roads are rough, and the risk of punctures is much higher than on normal roads. Pack some engine oil and brake fluid too, and put a few zip ties in as well. Zip ties are great for quick, temporary repairs that will get you to the nearest mechanic. 

Driving the Gibb River Road is a truly amazing experience, and it’s one of the best ways to see the Australian outback in all its glory. But even though it’s a lot more accessible than it used to be, it can still be dangerous, so make sure that you remember everything in this guide when planning your trip.

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A Perfect Family Staycation at the Crowne Plaza in Perth – Western Australia

A Perfect Family Staycation at the Crowne Plaza in Perth – Western Australia

Are you dreaming of the ultimate Staycation in Perth of Western Australia with the whole clan included? You don’t have to look too much further than the Crowne Plaza Perth for a perfect family staycation everyone will enjoy.


When a vacation is calling out to you, the Crowne Plaza Perth is the ideal getaway for your much-anticipated escape in the West when holidaying in the city’s heart.

Especially when it comes to an exciting family stay, whether it’s quality time with young children, teenagers or a more significant reunion to get the whole group together, the Crowne Plaza offers a staycation package too good to ignore, but more on that soon.

Whatever the reason you’re heading to Perth, perhaps it’s to get the romantic vibes flowing. The Crowne Plaza Perth delivers a luxury stay with their stylish rooms, fantastic riverside views over the picturesque Swan River and a compelling dining experience that will bring satisfaction to the visiting guest who is seeking quality dining.

It’s the Crowne Plaza, located in n exciting part of Perth City in Western Australia, let’s check out the features of one of the finest Perth hotels and get you in the right direction when staying in Perth.


Crowne Plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Perth.

A Staycation Family Package Perfect For You

The Crowne Plaza Perth Staycation Package includes complimentary parking and fulfilling breakfast in the downstairs Gusti Restaurant and you can read more about the generous hotel offer for guests with this link.

Straight away, it takes away the stress of parking in the Perth city, and every morning, the family is taken care of with a fulfilling morning breakfast and a delicious coffee to go with it.

It’s a breakfast for champions and the right way to start the day.


family staycation crowne plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Perth will deliver a wonderful staycation for families.


The Ideal Location of Crowne Plaza Perth

It doesn’t get any more convenient with the location of the Crowne Plaza Perth.

Situated on Terrace Road in East Perth, the Crowne Plaza sits opposite to Langley Park, perfect for sports and picnics, and overlooks the glorious Swan River, which offers eye-catching views from the balcony of your hotel room.

The hotel is central to many popular attractions in Perth City and all within a 20-minute walking distance to Crowne Plaza. A few of the attractions include which are ever-popular for kids of all ages:

  • Perth City – The Perth CBD is a solid 10-minute walk from the hotel. It gives you an excellent opportunity to wander the city streets, catch up on your retail therapy with smart city retail outlets and explore the finer details of the city by checking out iconic heritage buildings, cathedrals and fascinating street art.
  • Elizabeth Quay – Elizabeth Quay is a new hotspot that is set on the Swan River and brings dazzling views of the Perth City skyscrapers from the Elizabeth Quay Bridge. Here you can have fun with the kids at the water park or a round of mini-golf, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at a selection of café’s and restaurants and catch a ferry over to the other side of the river into South Perth.
  • Kings Park – For sure, you may need to be a fitness fanatic to walk to the Iconic Kings Park, situated approximately 45-minutes away by foot, but I promise you, the walk along the Swan River will be worth it. Once at Kings Parks, many hectares of bushland, gardens and scintillating river and city views await, where a whole day can be spent exploring the wonders of this city park. Of course, if you do not wish to walk, it’s quite an easy drive.
  • Perth Zoo – How about a walk to Elizabeth Quay and a ferry across the Swan to the Perth Zoo? The kids will love it. Once there, an exciting day viewing the animals of the world awaits and an adventure will be had as Perth Zoo offers a range of fun activities and exhibits the whole family will enjoy.
  • Optus Stadium – Officially opened in January of 2018, Optus Stadium is a 20-minute walk from Crowne Plaza and entertains world-class sporting events with the likes of AFL, cricket, soccer and rugby that is played year-round at the 60k capacity venue.
    Optus stadium also lures the big names in the entertainment industry with world-renown stars in Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift a few of the stars who have performed at the venue. Check out what events are happening in the future at Optus Stadium.



Perth city

Capture the finest of Perth City with your stay at Crowne Plaza.


Dining and wining in Style at the Gusti Restaurant 

The Gusti Restaurant and Bar is the place to eat or relax in the lounge area, unwinding after a busy day with a glass of red or beer served fresh off the tap, with the comfort your room is only an elevator trip away and the hassles of driving are taken away.

The Gusti is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers an excellent selection on the Al-A-Carte menu that serves your taste buds to perfection and appropriate cuisines to suit the current season.

From breakfast time, 6:30 am to 10-30am, you’re spoilt with a delicious hot or cold breakfast menu. You have the option for a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns, blueberry pancakes, or eggs benedict available to you to get the day off on the right foot.

For anyone attending the AFL footy to see the eagles or dockers, the Crowne Plaza offers a variety of deals in the lounge area or restaurant, with a pre-footy beer or burger just the tonic before taking the 20-minute walk to Optus Stadium.


The Gusti Restaurant and Bar

Dine-in Style at The Gusti Restaurant and Bar is situated at Crowne Plaza East Perth area.

Stay in Elegant Rooms with Stunning River Views

The elegant rooms at Crowne Plaza Hotel will make a great first impression from the moment you walk through the entrance of your room, with the cleanliness and large spacious areas a welcome sight for the guest.

It gets even better when you book a room that contains your private balcony which overlooks the picturesque Swan River and the outer Perth area. The balcony makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a wine with your lover as you watch the sun fade away to end a great day.

All rooms at the Crowne Plaza contains a comfortable bed that will deliver and good night sleep, a private En-suite, a mini-bar with a range of goodies and tea & coffee facilities that kick starts your day in style.

Let’s look at the different room types available at Crowne Plaza Perth:

  • Suites: Contains a king-size bed, private balcony with dazzling river views, private En-suite with spa and shower, living area with separate dining area, comfortable couches and television, and a butler’s station.
  • Riverview Rooms: Contains a queen-size bed, private balcony with river views, an office desk and a private En-suite.
  • King Spa Rooms: Contains a king-size bed, large windows for natural light, office desk, a private En-suite with separate spa and shower.
  • Standard Rooms: Contains a choice of Queen or twin double beds, large window for natural light, office desk and private En-suite.

Please note, if you wish to book an interconnecting room for the family at the Crowne Plaza, you’ll need to book two separate rooms.


Crowne Plaza Perth River

Explore the gorgeous river views from the privacy of your balcony at the Crowne Plaza Perth, WA.

A treat for Kids inside the room

The kids may receive a little gift when staying at the Crowne Plaza, for the hotel staff are keen to have the little ones have a beaming smile on their stay too.

The hotel organises a small tent to be set up in the room with comfortable mattress, which brings joy to the kid’s faces, who wake up the following morning explaining it was the best sleep they have ever had within a tent in a room.

Even if it is a slightly exaggerated opinion, all kids do love to experience something new and at Crowne Plaza; they go that extra mile to appease all their guest, no matter their age.


Crowne Plaza

The kids stay with a smile with an in-room tent.

Facilities to enjoy inside Crowne Plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Perth has a host of added facilities that gives the guest extra satisfaction during their stay at Crowne Plaza, they include:

Riverside Infinity Pool – Get those deckchairs out, because when summer arrives, it’s time to put on your swimwear and splash around in the infinity pool that overlooks Langley Park and the Swan River.

Gym – If you need to maintain your fitness during your stay at the Crowne Plaza, the boutique gym on the third floor next to the infinity pool can help guest have their solid workout.

Business Centre – Guest staying at the Crowne Plaza Perth for business purposes are looked after with a range of facilities inside the hotel’s business room.

WIFI – High-speed WIFI is included in all rooms and public areas to keep connected during your stay at the hotel.

Valet Parking – for $34 a night, the reliable concierge staff will look after the car, park it in a secure location and promptly bring it back to you whenever you need your vehicle at any time during the day or night, with a 24-hour valet parking service.


Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza Infinity Pool is the place to be in the summer months.




Fair Dinkum traveller Review

The Crowne Plaza Perth ticks all the boxes that are necessary when seeking luxury accommodation in the Perth CBD that comes at the right cost.

The location is perfect, the guest rooms are clean, spacious and have all the comforts which are desired for a top-class hotel. The Gusti dining experience brings laidback dining experience with a quality menu, and most of all the staff will go out of their way to satisfy their guest to the highest of standards.

If you are visiting Perth CBD for business purposes, an event or a family staycation, The Crowne Plaza Perth will deliver on all levels of top quality and will give their guest a highly satisfactory experience.


Crowne Plaza

Enjoy the picturesque Swan River.

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Experience Perth’s Scenic Swan River with The Little Ferry Co.

Experience Perth’s Scenic Swan River with The Little Ferry Co.

The Mighty Swan River is an alluring attraction for any gatherers to the Perth CBD of Western Australia, bringing locals and tourists alike to converge to the beautiful water’s edge and take in the majestic views of the river and the towering city in the background.

If things couldn’t get any better, now, there is another way to take in the Swan River’s sights and surrounds, and it comes courtesy of The Little Ferry Co. A luxury little ferry shuttle guides you around the Perth CBD area and drops you off for fine-dining dinner by the river.

You would be in paradise any more relaxed on the little Ferry Co. boat.


Are you visiting Perth? Find Excellent Accommodation at TripAdvisor!



The Little Ferry Co.

The Little Ferry Co. anchors in front of Perth CBD.




The Little Ferry Co.

The Ferry Service offers a boutique experience along the Swan River, where small groups can mingle and socialise in the quiet tone of the solar-powered ferry.

Passengers can then disembark off the ferry at a couple of select locations and enjoy quality dining at various restaurants in Claisebrook or the accessible “On the Point” site, which is home to some of Perth’s most excellent restaurants.

The ferry itself is small in structure but big at heart. Entirely run on solar, the boat travels at approximately 4-5 knots and flows smoothly through the water without little fuss.

The Little Ferry occupies 13 passengers who can enjoy a quality ride. The only sounds come from the chatter of the passengers or the captain, giving a detailed narrative of the surrounding attractions.

For further details on The Little Ferry Co services, check out the website for more information and costs.


The Little Ferry Co.

Hello captain.

The Little Ferry Co.

Inside the boutique ferry in the Little Ferry Co.



Embark at Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is the vibrant hub of Perth City with an array of city art, walking paths, kids’ festivities, cafés and restaurants. It is also the home for all significant Ferry shuttles and Cruises coming out of Perth.

The Little Ferry Co. shuttles are nestled on the Eastern side of the Quay, sitting below the Carlton Ritz Hotel. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the pretty little boats waiting for you to board off the jetty, situated near the V Burger Bar.

Therefore if you arrive a bit early, you can enjoy an excellent coffee in the Quay.


The Little Ferry Co.

Elizabeth Quay, the home of The Little Ferry Co on the doorstep of Perth City.

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia.

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia.



Dine-in Style in Claisebrook

The services run throughout the day and docks at three separate locations in the Perth area, being Elizabeth Quay, On the Point and Claisebrook. Upon disembarking, you can choose from several top-quality restaurants with riverfront views and enjoy a light lunch with the swan river in full view.

From there, the choice is entirely yours at what to do. You can dine in style as already mentioned, enjoy a few drinks, stop in at a  cafe for a coffee, and once complete, embark on the returning ferry without any added fees.


Tu De Ka Perth

Tu De Ka Restaurant at the “On The Point” location.


Claisebrook in Perth, Western Australia



Sightseeing from the middle of the Swan River

With the ferry running at relatively low speeds, travel is easy to appreciate the magnificent scenery and attractions around you.

On one side, you are faced with the city views, towering apartments and luxury townhouses that most people can only dream of occupying. On the other side of the river, you are faced with the favourite Perth crown casino and hotels, gorgeous parklands and the new Optus Stadium, which opened in 2018 and has added a whole new class to the Western Australian City with AFL matches, sports events and concerts regularly played at the arena.

It would be a shame to leave your camera at home for this Little Ferry CO. cruise because so much sightseeing is taking place from the middle of the Swan.

Are you heading to Perth, Western Australia? Be sure to give the team at The Little Ferry Co. a visit and check out the services provided for yourself. You can get more information on their website by clicking on the link.

Need accommodation in Perth? Look for hotels on TripAdvisor.



Experience Perth’s Swan River

Perth casino, from the view of Perth’s Swan River.

Perth Stadium

Experience Perth’s Swan River in Style with the new Perth’s Optus Stadium.

DISCLAIMER: hey all, I hope you enjoyed the blog post. Just to let you know this post is a sponsored post but as always, I keep everything real and honest. Thanks for reading.

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Awesome things to do in Penguin Island – Perth – Western Australia

Awesome things to do in Penguin Island – Perth – Western Australia

It’s within easy reach Perth CBD; Penguin Island Western Australia will captivate your activity and relaxation levels for your time spent on the boutique island.

Better yet, the picturesque tourist attraction is only a few hundred metres away from the Aussie mainland and a five-minute ferry ride is all you’ll need for a scenic walk, leisurely activity or bird spotting on Penguin island.

Therefore, when you’re looking at an idea of things to do in Perth for a quick and affordable day trip and a day of adventure, Penguin Island Perth is the place to add on a busy Western Australia Itinerary.


Are you looking for a hotel in Perth? Find great bargains with!


Penguin Island Perth

Things to do in Penguin Island Perth.




Where is Penguin Island Perth

Penguin Island is only a 25-minute drive south along Kwinana Freeway, before exiting at Safety Bay road, and in no time, arriving at the Shoalwater Island Marine Park in Rockingham.

That’s when Penguin Island is staring right at you and appearing much closer than you can ever imagine.

It’s time to go exploring and enjoy all the things to do on Penguin Island.


Penguin ferry

Take the plank to Penguin Island.



Please keep it safe

With the Penguin Island sandbank appearing from the mainland to the Island, during low tide, it’ll appear to be quite easy to walk through the shallow waters.

While many visitors walk across the sandbanks, it’s advised by local authorities, with plenty of signage and warnings, to avoid walking and instead take a ferry or kayak across.

In the past, there have been drownings with unpredictable conditions and rips, causing dangers to those risking the walk.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you adhere to the warnings or not, but a short ferry ride is smooth and affordable.

So, think before you cross by foot, and especially take the ferry if you’re travelling with children.


Penguin Island Western Australia

Enjoy the roadless trail to the Island.



The Penguin Island Ferry

The best way to get the Penguin ferry to the scenic Island is to book your tickets through Get Your Guide.

The Penguin Island Ferry cost will include a trip to the Island, entry into the Penguin Island Discovery Centre to see the cute birds up close and a return trip back to the mainland.

The Penguin Ferry schedule runs on the hour, every hour between 9 am to 4 pm and returns to the mainland at ten minutes past the hour.

Please note, the Island is closed yearly from early June to mid-September due to the breeding times of the penguins.


Book your tickets to Penguin island Perth through Get Your Guide!


Penguin Island ferry

The Penguin Island Ferry.



What to bring

Usually, a Penguin Island day trip is a popular summer pastime for fun in the water and sightseeing.

Therefore, it’s essential to bring items with you that’ll cater to all your demands and below is a list of things to bring with you during a day at Penguin Island Perth.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Plenty of water
  • Food (there are no shops on the Island)
  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Swimwear

Please note, there are no rubbish bins on the islands, therefore, store any rubbish away in a plastic bag and do not litter under any circumstances.


Penguin Island Perth

Don’t forget your camera.



Penguin Island Discovery Centre

The Penguin Island Discovery Centre is only small inside, but it is where you can get up close and personal to the penguins.

Three times a day there are penguin feeding sessions, where you can see the friends of the Island have a feed on small fish and learn about the bird from the friendly staff.

The session times are at 10:30, 12:20 and 2:30 pm and it is highly recommended you go inside during the sessions and check out what’s happening. It will only last a short while before you can go about other actives on the Island.

Please note, if the weather is extreme, the sessions may not go ahead due to stress on the penguins.


Penguin island Discovery Centre

See the cute Penguins up close and personal in the Discovery Centre.



A Scenic Walk to Remember

What else can you expect on a boutique island, and that is a scenic walk with stunning views. Whether it’s back towards the mainland looking at Rockingham or further west towards the Indian Ocean, you’ll be mesmerised on several occasions.

From the moment you get off the ferry, you’ll get off on the boardwalk that leads you to all corners of the Island, albeit a 300-metre stretch of sand that is beautiful, to say the least on the Western side of the Island.  

During the walk, you’ll come across, not only scenic views but ample beaches, plenty of species of birds and a high lookout tower where you can appreciate everything around you.


Penguin Island

Follow the path to the best views.



It’s a bird spotting haven

Many species of birds call Penguin Island.

In fact, during the warm summer months, it becomes challenging to find Penguins outside the discovery centre, for they are either hidden in the shade or out hunting in the ocean. Although I can assure you, many penguins do live on the Island, hence the name.

On the Island, you’ll see a range of birds, with many seagulls, pelicans, black-winged stilt and red-capped plover, to name a few.


Penguin Island

Penguins are not the only birds to see.


Beach Fishing for those who love to throw in a rod

Under the laws of the Western Australian fishing regulations, fishing is allowed on the Island with people coming to Shoalwater Marine Park to fish off the boat or along the sands of the beach.

Daily visitors can take the fishing rod aboard the ferry, then make your way to the Western side of the Island to try your hand in reeling in a few fish for the night’ dinner. Don’t forget your esky!


Penguin island fishing

Along the sands of the beach, you can catch a few fish.



A picnic lunch with shade with stunning views

Penguin Island hasn’t got a lot of shade, it’s an open island with shrubs and limited trees, but outside the Discovery Centre, you’ll see a patch of lawn with several trees offering shade.

In the shaded area, are a few picnic tables or open grass to lay out a picnic rug, and you can sit back and relax with a selection of food that you’ve brought with you, before recommencing activities.

Please remember, there are no bins on the Island, so take the rubbish with you.  


Penguin Island lunch

Make the most of the shade on a hot Perth day.


Fun on the beach with a swim, kayak or a jet-ski

Many of the visitors to the Island get lost with the water-based activities of the Island and who can blame them, to be honest?

In the calm waters facing towards Rockingham, there are ample opportunities for a swim, kayak or jet ski, with plenty of recreational boats anchored in the Marine Park and are usually out of harm’s way.

There is plenty of fun things to do on Penguin Island for those who love a leisurely activity or fun day out with the family.

Therefore, if you’re in and around Perth, head a little south, but not too far, and enjoy a day at Penguin Island Western Australia.


Book your tickets to Penguin island Perth through Get Your Guide!


things to do in Penguin Island

Water activities are popular on the Island.

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Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta – Western Australia

Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta – Western Australia

As a Fair Dinkum Traveller rampaging around the world, I have stayed in all types of accommodation from resorts, hotels, cheap motels, Airbnb apartments and camping in tents under the stars or freezing cold.

It was always only a matter of time until I added luxury glamping to the list of accommodations and that opportunity came possible thanks to the great team at Boogaloo surf and yoga in Augusta of Western Australia.

For a couple of nights, staying at Boogaloo Surf and Yoga in the very Southwest corner of WA, I got the honour to explore the boutique Coastal Town and enjoy a good nights sleep in a luxury tent.

Peace, quiet and all gracious country scene were the best ways to describe the tranquil experience, therefore, let’s have a look at Boogaloo surf and Yoga Campsite.



The set up at Boogaloo.

The set up at Boogaloo.


Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta Western Australia


What is the difference between camping and glamping?

As much as things seem the same, there are still so many differences. Camping requires that you pack more, pitch your tent, organise your bedding and your camp kitchen.

Then you need to pack up everything when it’s time to leave and give your tent a suitable hose when back at home. It is quite a hectic experience for what is meant to be a rest away from the real world.

When it comes to Glamping, all problems are solved. At least that is the case at Boogaloo Augusta. The tents are large and spacious; there is a bbq area with a wash-up station and a warm shower to give you that fresh feel.

It’s like checking into a hotel, and only glamping is much more affordable and laidback.

It’s Glamping Western Australia.


A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.

A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.



Where is Boogaloo Surf and Yoga Campsite

The Boogaloo glamping site is based in Augusta, Western Australia, in the far South West corner of the state and only three and a half hour drive from Perth.

Augusta is a picturesque town, with plenty of activities and sightseeing to see and do in the Region.

Wineries are plenty for those wine buffs who love to have a taste, and the major tourist town of Margaret River is only twenty minutes away, and you can further splurge on yourself and enjoy the nature of the state.

A must visit in the area is the Leeuwin Lighthouse, the views are stunning as you climb to the top, and the Blackwood River will keep the water enthusiasts entertained.

Augusta is an unsung town that needs to be on the bucket list whenever visiting the great state of Western Australia, it’ll also offer an adventure for a delightful glamping South West WA experience.


Picturesque views in Augusta.

Picturesque views in Augusta, Western Australia.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.


The Boogaloo Tent

There is no cramping close together in these tents, as space is certainly not an issue. Inside is a queen-sized bed, a couple of bean bag for lounging, with a small coffee table.

A little lighting is provided for when the sun comes down, enough so you can read a book at night. A couple of fold up chairs is available as well, just in case you want to sit outside under the stars with a beer in hand.

If you are wondering about the bedding and its comfortability, never fear. I have never had a better night sleep than at Boogaloo, no aching bones or sore back in the morning.

The bedding was a good as you get at home and to a lot of people that is a big deal when seeking glamping in the South West.


Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.


Surfing at Boogaloo

Surfing is in the blood at Boogaloo. So much so, they have introduced courses to build their famous hollow wooden surfboards.

Go inside the fascinating workshop as Paul provides detailed lessons that do take a few days to carry out, but worth it in the end.

How about a morning surf?

Boogaloo has you covered as Paul takes you out to some hidden gems on the South West coast. If you are new to surfing, Paul also provides lessons for those daring enough to want to take on the ocean.

For more details on the surfing aspect, visit the website.


The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.

The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.


Yoga and Massage for Relaxation Therapy

You could be forgiven for thinking that Boogaloo is a 5-star resort rather than glamping out under the stars with all these extra services provided including the finest Augusta yoga exercises.

Yoga sessions and remedial massages are also on offer at Boogaloo, and it all takes place inside the luxury tents. How good is that for a glamping experience?


Enter here for a massage.

Enter here for a relaxing massage at Boogaloo surf and yoga.


You can always Pitch your tent

Sharing is caring at Boogaloo, and if you have your tent or motorhome, there is plenty of free space to shack up for the night or a few nights to set up your camping site.

The team at Boogaloo won’t reject your stay because you have your accommodation, so instead, book a site and stay the night.


Plenty of space at Boogaloo.

Plenty of space at Boogaloo.


Booking with Boogaloo Surf and Yoga

Booking is easy with Boogaloo; you can visit the Airbnb Website and check in the dates available.

Otherwise, you can book through wiki camps or go to the Boogaloo website and contact the friendly team themselves.


Appreciation to Boogaloo

A huge thank you needs to go to the Boogaloo Surf and Yoga.

The team made my stay comfortable, and it was a fun couple of nights in Augusta. Of course, this is a sponsored post, but as always, I keep my experiences real, and all opinions are my own. Happy travels.



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