It’s a Perth to Augusta road trip that must be on the agenda whenever you visit the state of Western Australia. An adventurous South West trip, of course, because the region is captivating as it is beautiful.

The drive down south will hold your attention for the majority of the trip as you change from different scenery, bypassing various unique towns that always offer something different.

There are no boring bits during your self-made up Southwest tours, while you travel past beautiful beaches, through the lush vineyards and into the shadows of the tall trees.

Not before, losing yourself amongst the epic coastal views that are seen from time to time during your trip down to Augusta Australia.

Naturally, the Perth Augusta trip starts in the state’s capital city of Perth. You take a road trip down South Western Australia on the Forrest Highway, before reaching the residential areas of Bunbury and Busselton.

At that point, you hit the vibrant tourist towns in Dunsborough, Yallingup and Margaret River. The coastal destinations are a real hit for travellers visiting the region, especially during the summer months, when a dip in the bay is always the popular choice.

The road trip in the South West ends in the pretty little town of Augusta when  you can finally take a rest off the accelator and explore the picturesque town.

After you spend valuable time visiting Augusta attractions, you won’t feel uncomfortable about taking the drive back North for a reverse Perth road trip, for many Augusta Perth attractions are going on in-between.

It’s on that return leg when you can cross off other items of places you couldn’t see in the first part of your Perth to Augusta trip. So let’s get your road trip started with these mesmerising destinations on your impending South West Australia tour.


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The beautiful South West, this picture was taken in Augusta.


A Perth to Augusta Road Trip – Where to Stop in the Southwest!

How far is Augusta from Perth, in total, without stopping the trip will take around three and a half hours in total?

Although with the SOuthwest being as beautiful as it is, you don’t want to do it in one hit, or even in a single day. Sometimes a weekend exploring the region and its attraction is the best way to go about it.

Anyway, let’s get into the Perth to Augusta Road trip, with interesting places you must visit along the way.


Bunbury – The Biggest Regional City in WA

The South West Australia road trip usually begins in Bunbury, the largest regional town in Western Australia, outside the Perth/Peel region, and is the perfect spot to kick off a South West road trip.

Bunbury is a known residential area, although it doesn’t let down as a tourist destination with places like the scenic Back-beach, Dolphin Discovery Centre and Koombana Bay.

Where you must stop in Bunbury for a visit: The Bunbury Waterfront is a perfect spot for a pleasant lunch or perhaps just a morning coffee by an inlet.

Sit down at the Dome café or try some local beer at the Mash Brewhouse with the fabulous views in the background. A dolphin may even pop its head out the water nearby if you are lucky.

Do you want to swim with the dolphins? find a great tour on Get Your Guide and swim with everyone’s favourite animals, the dolphin.


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Bunbury, South West

Resting and admiring the Bay. Bunbury, Western Australia.

The Bunbury Waterfront.


Busselton – The Home of the Jetty

Busselton packs a punch with its bustling town centre and stunning foreshore that gathers people from all over for the ultimate South Western Australia road trip.

The location is excellent for walks along the sands of the calm beach, a vibrant town centre for unique shopping and seaside dining for epic Indian Ocean views.

The bustling town is a priority whenever in the South West Region before heading off from Busselton to Augusta to continue the journey.

Where you must stop in Busselton for a visit: The Busselton Jetty is the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere at 1.8km in length. It’s a great stroll by foot or a peaceful train ride over the Indian Ocean, while you make your way to the end of the Jetty.

Awaiting at the end is the Underwater Conservatory where you receive a detailed history lesson of the jetty and see some amazing coral and sea creatures.


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Busselton Jetty

Busselton is a famous tourist city.

Busselton, South West

Busselton Jetty is a popular attraction in the South West.


Dunsborough – A Vibrant Town

Dunsborough is small, and boutique with a vibrant town centre and tranquil beaches are a short walk away from the actual centre.

For a crazy family fun activity, stop in at the Xscape fun park and let the kids run wild while the parents eat ice-cream and relax in the sun.

Where you must stop in Dunsborough for a visit: Dunsborough Town Centre is a fantastic shopping hub. Full of retail outlets, Cafés and excellent restaurants, it gives the town centre its lively vibe.

You can also enjoy Whale watching cruises when in season, to see the best of the beast of the Ocean.


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A quiet, yet sometimes, busy town-centre in Dunsborough.


Yallingup – A Pretty Coastal Area

Yallingup is a stone throw from Dunsborough and is more of a younger sibling to its larger neighbour down the road. You can come and enjoy a takeout coffee while looking at the views of Yallingup and Smiths beach; it’s a perfect opportunity to have a dip in the ocean too.

Where you must stop for a visit: The Ngilgi Cave is between Dunsborough and Yallingup and is one of the four significant caves in the South West region.

Go deep inside and see the wonders of Ngilgi and the crystals below. Visiting a cave is a must-see on a South West road trip. Whichever one you choose is up to you.


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Ngilgi Gace, South West

Ngilgi Cave.


Smiths Beach in Yallingup




Margaret River – The Famous Regional Town of the State

A beautiful region known for its wineries, surfing the famous beaches, a plethora of outdoor activities and the Chocolate Factory, Margaret River is a must visit for all tourist.

No matter the season of the year, there is a good reason that this town is one of Western Australia’s top tourist spots and many travellers may elect to have a Perth to Margaret River road trip without going any further south.

Margaret River is a priority for exploration, preferably over a few days; therefore, you can see the reasons why people from all over the world gather to this bustling tourist town, for a lifestyle unmatched elsewhere in WA.

Of course, when you do visit Margaret River, a wine tour is always on the agenda, and for those who love the taste, you can find many great trips available to you when you book a wine day tour through Klook Perth.

Where you must stop in Margaret River for a visit: Prevelly Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia.

Not only does it have some of the state’s best surfing spots, but it also has one heck of a coastal view that goes as far as the eye can see — it’s just another great reason to visit Margaret River.


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Margaret River

family time in Margaret River.

Margaret River, South West

Prevelly Beach at Margaret River.


Hamelin Bay – The Home of the Rays

Hamelin Bay is not a town, it’s a caravan park, and it makes for a popular spot to camp over a weekend or school holidays for some fun in the outdoors.

Don’t let the isolation of the area make you lose the appeal of visiting; it’s worth the detour off Caves road for calm swimming in the bay and the Stingrays.

Where you must stop in Hamelin Bay for a visit: The stingrays at Hamelin Bay is the highlight in this stunning trip. The Rays are often around, and they get so close that you can touch them. Don’t be alarmed or fearful, as the Rays swim between your legs.


Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay.


Augusta – The trip concludes in the Southwest Corner

The most South Western town in the State. You have finally reached the last leg of the journey after about 300km of driving when you arrive in the boutique town of Augusta.

There are great things to do in Augusta, with outdoor activities at your mercy. Not forgetting sightseeing because you will always find a spot that is ideal in the scenic area for the perfect photo.

Where you must stop in Augusta WA for a visit: The Leeuwin Lighthouse is on the most South Western area of Western Australia. The Lighthouse is on the corner of the coast where the Southern and the Indian Ocean meet.

You can climb high to the top of the Lighthouse and be prepared to be knocked out by gorgeous views. If that is not enough, enjoy a coffee afterwards at the Leeuwin Café.

You can also have more fun with whale watching Augusta by booking fun tours through Klook and seeing the mighty beasts of the ocean when they are in season.

It concludes the trip in the Southwest corner, now all you need to take the Augusta to Perth trip back to the big city.

Never threat, because you could never get bored in the beautiful South West region as you explore the towns all over again and learn new destinations. It makes the road trip that much more enjoyable.


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The Leeuwin Lighthouse

Augusta, South West

Picturesque views in Augusta.
James Bond Island

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