The state of Western Australia, it’s large and bold, red and dusty in the north and green and tranquil in the south. Yet, the most mesmerising beauty about Western Australia is its amazing coastline. There is, after all, 20781 kilometres of coastline and from time to time you are bound to witness some amazing natural views, but even better are the stunning coastal towns in Western Australia.

To write about every coastal town in this state is near on impossible, many towns have their distinguishing features. There are some towns that are largely residential areas, others are substantial tourism towns in Western Australia which make an active weekend escape and then there are some towns that are so small you can barely find them on google maps, but to stop in for a brief visit will not be wasted time.

Let’s get into it, the seven coastal towns that need to be on every traveller’s list when visiting the great state of Western Australia. Because one city, or seven, is never going to be enough in this genuinely great state of WA, while you are backpacking Australia.


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Rottnest Island Western Australia

5 Coastal Towns You Need to Visit in Western Australia.


7 Coastal Towns in Western Australia you Must Visit for a Getaway



Bunbury in the South West

Where is it: Bunbury is in the South West region of the state and only a two-hour drive from Perth City.

Bunbury is the largest regional city in Western Australia’s and is mainly a residential area for the many people that live in and around the city. That’s not to say there are a host of activities to do for those wanting a getaway in the upbeat region with some fantastic beaches that are close to the city centre.

For a great time at the beach, you can visit the Bunbury Cut, Back Beach and Koombana Bay which is a real hit in the summer with many cafe’s and restaurants situated nearby with the Bunbury Waterfront a stone throw away. For those who want to indulge in shopping, there are several shopping centres with Bunbury Centrepoint, Bunbury Forum and Eaton Fair the pick of the lot.

Where to stay: There is a host of top-class accommodation available in the city centre with the Mantra, The Bunbury Discovery Park and Lord Forrest Hotel all in a great location close to the beach. Check out for more options.



Bunbury’s back beach.

coastal towns in Western Australia

Koombana Bay Bay and the Bunbury Waterfront.



Augusta in the South Corner

Where is it: Augusta is in the most South Western part of the state and takes approximately 4-hours to get to from Perth.

Augusta is a small town with a population barely over a thousand people, but it’s often a hit with tourist for its pretty coastal views, the Leeuwin Lighthouse and excellent adventure in the busy outdoors with camping fishing and hiking a popular Hobby.

In Augusta, you get the best of the twin oceans with the Southern and Indian Ocean connected from the corner of the coast, with the best views coming from the top of the lighthouse which operates tours daily. The other top attractions of the town include the quiet town centre and the Augusta Boat Harbour.

For the best places to stay in Augusta check for hotels or chalets on!



Love an Augusta coastline.

Leeuwin Lighthouse

View from the top of Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta.



Guilderton, Just north of Perth

Where is it: Guilderton is approximately 90-minutes north of Perth. Just follow Wanneroo road until you reach the turnoff to Guilderton.

You can hardly call it a town, but Guilderton is the place to be if you love the outdoors with a range of activities including Kayaking, fishing and swimming popular in the Moore River and the nearby beach.

For those who love to set up a tent, camping is available in the Guilderton Caravan Park and just about your only chance to find any accommodation unless you fork out the extra dollars for a holiday home. A weekend away in Guilderton is worth it with the picturesque sight of the Moore River and the Indian Ocean coming together with a spectacular view to see.



What a coastal view to gaze upon in Guilderton.

in Western Australia

Take the path to Guilderton.



Margaret River, a famous tourist town

Where is it: Another city in the South West, you’ll find Margaret River approximately three and a half hours from Perth.

One of the most famous towns in Western Australia, Margaret River is known for its boutique town centre, many world-class wineries and great beaches, with one of Australia’s most renowned surf Beaches, Prevelly Beach a five-minute drive from town.

A significant attraction in Margaret River include the four significant caves of Mammoth, Ngili, Lake and Jewell Cave. You can explore the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, check out the stingrays at Hamelin Bay and get stuck into tasty chocolate at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. There are no Oompa Loompas.

For accommodation, there is a range of choices with the Central Avenue Apartments, Margarets Forest and Margaret River Seascape the pick of the lot. Check out for other selections.  


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Coastal town in Western Australia

Great coast view at Prevelly Beach, Margaret River.

Margaret River

Margaret River, Australia.



Denmark in the very South

Where is Denmark: Situated on the Southern end of the state. Denmark is a good 5-hour plus drive, Southeast of Perth. Don’t let it deter you; it is more than worth the trip.

I love Denmark. It’s pretty and boutique, and it’s Not too small or too big, it’s merely just right, like most coastal towns in Western Australia. I like to think of Denmark as a lower Margaret River and is excellent for family trips down South with a range of activities to keep everyone from families, retirees and couples occupied.

For epic coastal views along the Southern Coast, head to Lights Beach for stunning views of the surrounding Bay, but please, be careful of the rocks on the beach, you can never trust the ocean for even a second. Other great beaches to visit in Denmark include Ocean Beach, Waterfall Beach and Peaceful Bay.

For places to stay in Denmark check out Koorabup Motel, 31 on the Terrace and Denmark Waterfront. For more options, check out 


Coastal towns

A brilliant lookout towards the Southern Ocean not far from Denmark.


Is this enough reason to visit Denmark?



Jurien Bay, a few hours North of Perth

Where is it: Jurien Bay’s location is a good two and a half hour drive north of Perth. Taking the beautiful Indian Ocean Drive, you’ll bypass other Western Australian Coastal towns on your journey through such as Guilderton and Lancelin.

It’s one of the picturesque coastal towns in Western Australia that will give holiday goers a fantastic short break in the great outdoors while exploring a vividly beautiful part of Australia. I loved visiting Denmark and indeed is one of the better towns to visit North of Perth, because of its stunning, beautiful beaches and mesmerising coastal views.

The best things to do in Jurien Bay include a thrilling skydiving experience, fun in the bay with snorkelling or kayaking, a coastal hike along the 15km Turquoise Trail, fishing of the Jurien Bay Jetty and watching a fantastic sunset over the Indian Ocean.

The best places to stay in Jurien Bay include the famous Jurien Bay Tourist Park, which is excellent for a luxury stay in chalets, caravanning and camping. Other places to visit include the Jurien Bay Hotel, the Beachfront Holiday Units and the Heights Bed & Breakfast. You’ll also find more accommodation options at 


A Sea Lion Safari is compulsory and you can book a tour with Klook!


things to do in Jurien bay

Incredible things to do in Jurien Bay WA include a beautiful sunset.

Jurien Bay WA

The Jurien Bay Coast.



Lancelin, 90-minutes North of Perth

Where is it: Lancelin is a popular city break due to its proximity to Perth, being a 90-minute drive along the Indian Ocean Drive, it’s also around 45-minutes short of the Pinnacles and 90-minutes away from Jurien Bay.

Lancelin is where you go when you want adventure because that is precisely what is waiting for you in the Western Australian sightseeing town. Lancelin is famous for its dunes, with crazy activities waiting for you on the sands including, sand boarding, motorcycling and four-wheel-driving.

If you don’t feel like getting covered in sand, you can go boating or fishing off the beach of Lancelin, enjoy a casual hike along the coast, drink a few beers in the local pub, visit nearby towns like Ledge Point and taste the best pies North of Perth in Lancelin Bakery.

Accommodations are quite limited in Lancelin, and it doesn’t mean you’re not going to find some luxury beach holiday houses, camping or other hotel options at, you can also find accommodation options at Ledge Point which is only 10-minutes away. Places to stay include the Seadunes Accommodations, and the Lancelin Lodge. 


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Lancellin dunes

Things to do in Lancelin including surfing down the sand dunes.


Go fishing along the beach or on a charter boat in Lancelin.
James Bond Island

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