A paradise stay on an Island Vacation – Bukit Permata Lembongan

A paradise stay on an Island Vacation – Bukit Permata Lembongan

bukit permata Bali

If there’s one thing that’s difficult about planning a trip to Bali, it’s finding a hotel.

After all, Bali has many accommodation choices all over the island, each unique with many features to love. Even though I have stayed in many lovely hotels on the Island of the Gods before, I must say that my last stay at the Bukit Permata Lembongan in the Nusa Lembongan Island was truly memorable.


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Bukit Permata Lembongan

It’s paradise at Bukit Permata Lembongan.


The Perfect Island Getaway at Bukit Permata Lembongan

I stayed at the resort back in 2020 with my family, you know, before the virus hit the world. We wanted to feel like we were staying in a luxurious island resort without the luxury price tag, and we found all that and more at the Bukit Permata. The hotel is located on a less touristy side of Lembongan island, adding to its unique charm. 

It has all the trimmings of tropical elegance: the private pool with sea views was surrounded by manicured greens and blooming flowers, the beautiful bungalow villas designed with stunning wood inside and out, and the cosy amenities, to name a few.

Our room had a little balcony from where we enjoyed sipping coffee and having breakfast in the morning with a view of the sea. We also spent much of our time lounging by the pool, which we needed; it was peaceful and quiet. 


Nusa Lembongan.

Admiring the views of Nusa Lembongan.


The Best Part of Bukit Permata 

Our room was extremely spacious with ultra-soft bedding, which we needed after spending an entire day lounging in the sun or exploring the island on a motorbike. Everything was well-maintained, and it was so lovely to come home to the air-conditioned room and a great bathroom to prepare for the evening. 

Another aspect that stood out was how the staff were always smiling and welcoming. Whenever we would come back to the room at the end of the day, it was always in perfect order – including some frangipanis for that added Balinese touch. The staff also ensured that we ate well, and the breakfasts were among the best I’ve ever had in Bali. 

If you want to explore the nearby islands, visiting Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan for the day from here is easy to do. The hotel was also just a few minutes away from popular beach destinations in Lembongan, such as Dream Beach and Mushroom Bay Beach. I highly recommend renting out a scooter from the hotel since they made our arrangements for our convenience. 

Whatever you need help arranging – whether it’s boat tours, diving, activities, or even restaurant reservations, the staff will be more than happy to take care of it for you with a smile. 

Considering that the Bukit Permata Lembongan is affordable, it’s excellent value for money. 


Bukit Permata

Inside the stylish rooms of Bukit Permata, the comfortable beds will enhance your stay.


Conclusion of Bukit Permata Lembongan


This hotel is truly a gem among Bali’s many touristic resorts.

If you’re like me, and after the feel of a luxury vacation but don’t want to spend too much, I highly recommend this hotel for your next Indonesian Bali holiday. You will not be disappointed.


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Bukit Permata

Look outside, it’s Nusa Lembongan.


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Accommodation Alternatives For Those Who Don’t Want A Hotel

Accommodation Alternatives For Those Who Don’t Want A Hotel

Be. Fremantle Serviced Apartments

For many people, it can feel like real travelling when staying in hotels. After all, a fine hotel is the most common form of accommodation for those on vacation, providing everything you need during your stay and acting as a home away from home when you’re exploring a new location.

Of course, though, visit after visit to hotels can make this option lose its charm somewhat. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of alternative accommodation options that are great for those who don’t want to stay in a typical hotel. It can take some trial and error to find somewhere perfect for you, though this will get easier as time goes on.


Keppel Bay

Accommodation Alternatives For Those Who Don’t Want A Hotel.


Accommodation Alternatives For Those Who Don’t Want A Hotel

When you’re opting for a change from the usual hotel options, Accommodation Alternatives are an option for Those who want a change, below is a strategy for a different travelling method.



While staying in a tent may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be astounding to find how relaxing this sort of activity can be. You can camp just about anywhere, from the densest woodland to wind-swept coasts, and you don’t have to be uncomfortable in the process.

Glamping is a relatively new trend that involves staying in a tent and spending much of your time outdoors, but you will be showered with luxuries in the process, making the whole thing way more comfortable. Of course, though, you could rough it and go without a tent at all.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos.


Villas & Apartments

There are a lot of vacation parks and other locations that offer options like serviced villas and apartments. Options like Byron Bay apartments will give you access to the sun, sea, and everything else you want from your break.

Thanks to the fact that you are in a private building, though, you won’t have to deal with the hordes of other holidaymakers that will usually be found when you visit a hotel. You can find accommodation like this all over the world, giving you access to loads of options at your fingertips.

An option like an apartment, depending where you look, can be more expensive than a hotel, but the money will be worth it to give you the chance to enjoy a truly private break.


airbnb Kuala Lumpur

The spacious living area of the Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur.


Private Houses 

Renting a private house didn’t use to be an option for those looking to go on vacation. Thanks to the Internet and apps like Airbnb, though, this has changed in recent years, enabling travellers to book themselves into homes in the heart of the areas they’d like the visit.

This sort of option is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a new place without the hassle of having to deal with employees or other guests. Of course, though, you will have to provide your own food and leisure activities if you choose a place like this, and some people will find this harder than others. Like any community-based system, renting private houses needs to be done with special care.



Hostels are probably just about the opposite of a private house. Most hostels consist of shared dorms with property lockups to keep your possessions secure and are operating on the assumption that you will only really be there to sleep, clean yourself, and eat your meals. This can help those who find themselves lazy when they go on vacation, prompting you to spend as much of your time exploring as possible. Of course, as an additional benefit, this sort of accommodation also tends to be extremely affordable. You can find hostels dotted across the world, in cities, towns, and even very rural areas. 


Help Stays

Help Stays have been a popular option for travellers for quite some time, with this idea being based on traditional travelling methods. Rather than paying for your accommodation, you will be given work to do that enables you to stay for free.

This could be anything, from babysitting to helping with a farm, and this makes it a great experience for those who want to spend some time doing something different. Of course, it’s always worth using a reputable company when you’re looking for options like this, as it can be hard to know exactly what to expect if you do it by yourself.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding alternative accommodation when you’re next going on vacation. Many people struggle with this sort of work, finding it hard to know what they need to do when they want to go on holiday, especially when they don’t want to spend time in a hotel.


Kuala Lumpur Itineray

Kuala Lumpur accommodation offers various options, some come with stunning views.



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A Perfect Family Staycation at the Crowne Plaza in Perth – Western Australia

A Perfect Family Staycation at the Crowne Plaza in Perth – Western Australia

Are you dreaming of the ultimate Staycation in Perth of Western Australia with the whole clan included? You don’t have to look too much further than the Crowne Plaza Perth for a perfect family staycation everyone will enjoy.


When a vacation is calling out to you, the Crowne Plaza Perth is the ideal getaway for your much-anticipated escape in the West when holidaying in the city’s heart.

Especially when it comes to an exciting family stay, whether it’s quality time with young children, teenagers or a more significant reunion to get the whole group together, the Crowne Plaza offers a staycation package too good to ignore, but more on that soon.

Whatever the reason you’re heading to Perth, perhaps it’s to get the romantic vibes flowing. The Crowne Plaza Perth delivers a luxury stay with their stylish rooms, fantastic riverside views over the picturesque Swan River and a compelling dining experience that will bring satisfaction to the visiting guest who is seeking quality dining.

It’s the Crowne Plaza, located in n exciting part of Perth City in Western Australia, let’s check out the features of one of the finest Perth hotels and get you in the right direction when staying in Perth.


Crowne Plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Perth.

A Staycation Family Package Perfect For You

The Crowne Plaza Perth Staycation Package includes complimentary parking and fulfilling breakfast in the downstairs Gusti Restaurant and you can read more about the generous hotel offer for guests with this link.

Straight away, it takes away the stress of parking in the Perth city, and every morning, the family is taken care of with a fulfilling morning breakfast and a delicious coffee to go with it.

It’s a breakfast for champions and the right way to start the day.


family staycation crowne plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Perth will deliver a wonderful staycation for families.


The Ideal Location of Crowne Plaza Perth

It doesn’t get any more convenient with the location of the Crowne Plaza Perth.

Situated on Terrace Road in East Perth, the Crowne Plaza sits opposite to Langley Park, perfect for sports and picnics, and overlooks the glorious Swan River, which offers eye-catching views from the balcony of your hotel room.

The hotel is central to many popular attractions in Perth City and all within a 20-minute walking distance to Crowne Plaza. A few of the attractions include which are ever-popular for kids of all ages:

  • Perth City – The Perth CBD is a solid 10-minute walk from the hotel. It gives you an excellent opportunity to wander the city streets, catch up on your retail therapy with smart city retail outlets and explore the finer details of the city by checking out iconic heritage buildings, cathedrals and fascinating street art.
  • Elizabeth Quay – Elizabeth Quay is a new hotspot that is set on the Swan River and brings dazzling views of the Perth City skyscrapers from the Elizabeth Quay Bridge. Here you can have fun with the kids at the water park or a round of mini-golf, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at a selection of café’s and restaurants and catch a ferry over to the other side of the river into South Perth.
  • Kings Park – For sure, you may need to be a fitness fanatic to walk to the Iconic Kings Park, situated approximately 45-minutes away by foot, but I promise you, the walk along the Swan River will be worth it. Once at Kings Parks, many hectares of bushland, gardens and scintillating river and city views await, where a whole day can be spent exploring the wonders of this city park. Of course, if you do not wish to walk, it’s quite an easy drive.
  • Perth Zoo – How about a walk to Elizabeth Quay and a ferry across the Swan to the Perth Zoo? The kids will love it. Once there, an exciting day viewing the animals of the world awaits and an adventure will be had as Perth Zoo offers a range of fun activities and exhibits the whole family will enjoy.
  • Optus Stadium – Officially opened in January of 2018, Optus Stadium is a 20-minute walk from Crowne Plaza and entertains world-class sporting events with the likes of AFL, cricket, soccer and rugby that is played year-round at the 60k capacity venue.
    Optus stadium also lures the big names in the entertainment industry with world-renown stars in Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift a few of the stars who have performed at the venue. Check out what events are happening in the future at Optus Stadium.



Perth city

Capture the finest of Perth City with your stay at Crowne Plaza.


Dining and wining in Style at the Gusti Restaurant 

The Gusti Restaurant and Bar is the place to eat or relax in the lounge area, unwinding after a busy day with a glass of red or beer served fresh off the tap, with the comfort your room is only an elevator trip away and the hassles of driving are taken away.

The Gusti is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers an excellent selection on the Al-A-Carte menu that serves your taste buds to perfection and appropriate cuisines to suit the current season.

From breakfast time, 6:30 am to 10-30am, you’re spoilt with a delicious hot or cold breakfast menu. You have the option for a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns, blueberry pancakes, or eggs benedict available to you to get the day off on the right foot.

For anyone attending the AFL footy to see the eagles or dockers, the Crowne Plaza offers a variety of deals in the lounge area or restaurant, with a pre-footy beer or burger just the tonic before taking the 20-minute walk to Optus Stadium.


The Gusti Restaurant and Bar

Dine-in Style at The Gusti Restaurant and Bar is situated at Crowne Plaza East Perth area.

Stay in Elegant Rooms with Stunning River Views

The elegant rooms at Crowne Plaza Hotel will make a great first impression from the moment you walk through the entrance of your room, with the cleanliness and large spacious areas a welcome sight for the guest.

It gets even better when you book a room that contains your private balcony which overlooks the picturesque Swan River and the outer Perth area. The balcony makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a wine with your lover as you watch the sun fade away to end a great day.

All rooms at the Crowne Plaza contains a comfortable bed that will deliver and good night sleep, a private En-suite, a mini-bar with a range of goodies and tea & coffee facilities that kick starts your day in style.

Let’s look at the different room types available at Crowne Plaza Perth:

  • Suites: Contains a king-size bed, private balcony with dazzling river views, private En-suite with spa and shower, living area with separate dining area, comfortable couches and television, and a butler’s station.
  • Riverview Rooms: Contains a queen-size bed, private balcony with river views, an office desk and a private En-suite.
  • King Spa Rooms: Contains a king-size bed, large windows for natural light, office desk, a private En-suite with separate spa and shower.
  • Standard Rooms: Contains a choice of Queen or twin double beds, large window for natural light, office desk and private En-suite.

Please note, if you wish to book an interconnecting room for the family at the Crowne Plaza, you’ll need to book two separate rooms.


Crowne Plaza Perth River

Explore the gorgeous river views from the privacy of your balcony at the Crowne Plaza Perth, WA.

A treat for Kids inside the room

The kids may receive a little gift when staying at the Crowne Plaza, for the hotel staff are keen to have the little ones have a beaming smile on their stay too.

The hotel organises a small tent to be set up in the room with comfortable mattress, which brings joy to the kid’s faces, who wake up the following morning explaining it was the best sleep they have ever had within a tent in a room.

Even if it is a slightly exaggerated opinion, all kids do love to experience something new and at Crowne Plaza; they go that extra mile to appease all their guest, no matter their age.


Crowne Plaza

The kids stay with a smile with an in-room tent.

Facilities to enjoy inside Crowne Plaza Perth

The Crowne Plaza Perth has a host of added facilities that gives the guest extra satisfaction during their stay at Crowne Plaza, they include:

Riverside Infinity Pool – Get those deckchairs out, because when summer arrives, it’s time to put on your swimwear and splash around in the infinity pool that overlooks Langley Park and the Swan River.

Gym – If you need to maintain your fitness during your stay at the Crowne Plaza, the boutique gym on the third floor next to the infinity pool can help guest have their solid workout.

Business Centre – Guest staying at the Crowne Plaza Perth for business purposes are looked after with a range of facilities inside the hotel’s business room.

WIFI – High-speed WIFI is included in all rooms and public areas to keep connected during your stay at the hotel.

Valet Parking – for $34 a night, the reliable concierge staff will look after the car, park it in a secure location and promptly bring it back to you whenever you need your vehicle at any time during the day or night, with a 24-hour valet parking service.


Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza Infinity Pool is the place to be in the summer months.




Fair Dinkum traveller Review

The Crowne Plaza Perth ticks all the boxes that are necessary when seeking luxury accommodation in the Perth CBD that comes at the right cost.

The location is perfect, the guest rooms are clean, spacious and have all the comforts which are desired for a top-class hotel. The Gusti dining experience brings laidback dining experience with a quality menu, and most of all the staff will go out of their way to satisfy their guest to the highest of standards.

If you are visiting Perth CBD for business purposes, an event or a family staycation, The Crowne Plaza Perth will deliver on all levels of top quality and will give their guest a highly satisfactory experience.


Crowne Plaza

Enjoy the picturesque Swan River.


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Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Holiday Option?

Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Holiday Option?

Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Accommodation Option?

It’s a decision every traveller confronts when a choice is needed to be made when jet-setting on holidays, and often it comes to personal preference as to what accommodation will suit your demands for the specific trip.

In the forefront of the mind, the decision will come down to the amount of people in your travelling party and what will suit your demands on vacation. That is when you know the answer to your question.

Therefore, when you’re planning a trip away with a big group, it’s difficult to decide whether a holiday apartment or hotel is the right answer for you.

You’ll find there are advantages and disadvantages to both but maybe the below points will help you make the right decision in the Holiday Apartment vs Hotel debate.


Hotel Himalaya

Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your preferred option?



Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Accommodation Option?


Privacy is the Key for your stay

Even if you adore the people you’re travelling with, there will come a point when you’ll need your own space. When you go as a big group to a hotel, your often lumbered with a larger room but you’re on top of each other all of the time.

An apartment usually means you’ll have your own bedroom and a door to close when you need to.


It could come down to Price

Depending on where you’re travelling to and the kind of luxury you’re looking for, there often isn’t too much difference between the price of an apartment and a hotel.

However, when you choose an apartment, like accommodation in Hamilton Island, you’ll likely share the price of everything. Meals and drinks will be cheaper if you share the cost too.


Home Away from Home, it can be importan

Sometimes you just want a few home comforts. Staying in an apartment can feel a lot like staying at home but with the added bonus of exploring somewhere new.

It’s easier to feel comfortable in that kind of setting where you’re able to get whatever you want without having to ask someone else.


Added Extras for your stay

There aren’t many of us that aren’t online these days and we often rely on a WiFi connection to stay in touch with family and friends.

You may even need to work while you’re away. While staying in a hotel, you may find that you’re charged extortionate rates to connect to the WiFi. However, when staying at holiday apartments, the WiFi is usually in with the price of the stay.

If you’re planning on staying for a longer than average visit, you may want access to washers and dryers, instead of having to pay for dry cleaning.

Perhaps you’ll want something as simple as a toaster to make your own breakfast in the mornings. The little things count when you want a stress-free holiday.


Adiwana Jembawan

Resting by the pool.



Security Deposit is vital

One of the great advantages to staying in a hotel is that you don’t usually have to pay a security deposit.

So, if someone you’re travelling with decides to make a little too much mess, you won’t lose a ton of money through no fault of your own. However, if the same thing happened while staying at an apartment, it’s unlikely you’ll get your deposit back.

Of course, the best way to stay out of a situation like that is to travel with responsible people.


Leave it to Someone Else

Generally, when you go on holiday you don’t want to have to think about the washing and dishes. When you stay at a hotel, everything is done for you. If your stay is short, staying at a hotel can be part of the experience just because it’s nothing like home.

Enjoyed the Holiday Apartment vs Hotel? Perhaps you’ll also enjoy the hotels vs Camping debate, check it out!


Sakala Resort

A Stunning resort could be the ultimate fit.




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Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta – Western Australia

Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta – Western Australia

As a Fair Dinkum Traveller rampaging around the world, I have stayed in all types of accommodation from resorts, hotels, cheap motels, Airbnb apartments and camping in tents under the stars or freezing cold.

It was always only a matter of time until I added luxury glamping to the list of accommodations and that opportunity came possible thanks to the great team at Boogaloo surf and yoga in Augusta of Western Australia.

For a couple of nights, staying at Boogaloo Surf and Yoga in the very Southwest corner of WA, I got the honour to explore the boutique Coastal Town and enjoy a good nights sleep in a luxury tent.

Peace, quiet and all gracious country scene were the best ways to describe the tranquil experience, therefore, let’s have a look at Boogaloo surf and Yoga Campsite.



The set up at Boogaloo.

The set up at Boogaloo.


Boogaloo Surf and Yoga – Luxury Glamping in Augusta Western Australia


What is the difference between camping and glamping?

As much as things seem the same, there are still so many differences. Camping requires that you pack more, pitch your tent, organise your bedding and your camp kitchen.

Then you need to pack up everything when it’s time to leave and give your tent a suitable hose when back at home. It is quite a hectic experience for what is meant to be a rest away from the real world.

When it comes to Glamping, all problems are solved. At least that is the case at Boogaloo Augusta. The tents are large and spacious; there is a bbq area with a wash-up station and a warm shower to give you that fresh feel.

It’s like checking into a hotel, and only glamping is much more affordable and laidback.

It’s Glamping Western Australia.


A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.

A toilet and shower block, like none other I have seen.



Where is Boogaloo Surf and Yoga Campsite

The Boogaloo glamping site is based in Augusta, Western Australia, in the far South West corner of the state and only three and a half hour drive from Perth.

Augusta is a picturesque town, with plenty of activities and sightseeing to see and do in the Region.

Wineries are plenty for those wine buffs who love to have a taste, and the major tourist town of Margaret River is only twenty minutes away, and you can further splurge on yourself and enjoy the nature of the state.

A must visit in the area is the Leeuwin Lighthouse, the views are stunning as you climb to the top, and the Blackwood River will keep the water enthusiasts entertained.

Augusta is an unsung town that needs to be on the bucket list whenever visiting the great state of Western Australia, it’ll also offer an adventure for a delightful glamping South West WA experience.


Picturesque views in Augusta.

Picturesque views in Augusta, Western Australia.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.

The view from the Lighthouse in Augusta.


The Boogaloo Tent

There is no cramping close together in these tents, as space is certainly not an issue. Inside is a queen-sized bed, a couple of bean bag for lounging, with a small coffee table.

A little lighting is provided for when the sun comes down, enough so you can read a book at night. A couple of fold up chairs is available as well, just in case you want to sit outside under the stars with a beer in hand.

If you are wondering about the bedding and its comfortability, never fear. I have never had a better night sleep than at Boogaloo, no aching bones or sore back in the morning.

The bedding was a good as you get at home and to a lot of people that is a big deal when seeking glamping in the South West.


Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Never a better night sleep in a tent. Glamping is certainly glamorous.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.

Sizzle a steak on the barbie.


Surfing at Boogaloo

Surfing is in the blood at Boogaloo. So much so, they have introduced courses to build their famous hollow wooden surfboards.

Go inside the fascinating workshop as Paul provides detailed lessons that do take a few days to carry out, but worth it in the end.

How about a morning surf?

Boogaloo has you covered as Paul takes you out to some hidden gems on the South West coast. If you are new to surfing, Paul also provides lessons for those daring enough to want to take on the ocean.

For more details on the surfing aspect, visit the website.


The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.

The Boogaloo surfboard workshop.


Yoga and Massage for Relaxation Therapy

You could be forgiven for thinking that Boogaloo is a 5-star resort rather than glamping out under the stars with all these extra services provided including the finest Augusta yoga exercises.

Yoga sessions and remedial massages are also on offer at Boogaloo, and it all takes place inside the luxury tents. How good is that for a glamping experience?


Enter here for a massage.

Enter here for a relaxing massage at Boogaloo surf and yoga.


You can always Pitch your tent

Sharing is caring at Boogaloo, and if you have your tent or motorhome, there is plenty of free space to shack up for the night or a few nights to set up your camping site.

The team at Boogaloo won’t reject your stay because you have your accommodation, so instead, book a site and stay the night.


Plenty of space at Boogaloo.

Plenty of space at Boogaloo.


Booking with Boogaloo Surf and Yoga

Booking is easy with Boogaloo; you can visit the Airbnb Website and check in the dates available.

Otherwise, you can book through wiki camps or go to the Boogaloo website and contact the friendly team themselves.


Appreciation to Boogaloo

A huge thank you needs to go to the Boogaloo Surf and Yoga.

The team made my stay comfortable, and it was a fun couple of nights in Augusta. Of course, this is a sponsored post, but as always, I keep my experiences real, and all opinions are my own. Happy travels.




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Hotel Review – Lot 10 Boutique Hotel Kuching – Sarawak Borneo

Hotel Review – Lot 10 Boutique Hotel Kuching – Sarawak Borneo

A three-star hotel for the comforts of a five-star at a budget price, it’s how it works when you choose to stay at Lot 10 Boutique Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak.

The hotel’s elegance is what caught my eye when I had the privilege to stay at the Lot 10 hotel in Kuching, which had all the comforts of a spacious hotel room.

Naturally, this is a sponsored post, and opinions are always my own and honest. However, I admit the hotel lived up to its positive reviews found on TripAdvisor and provided a pleasant stay from the outset.



Lot 10 boutique hotel

The Fabulous Lot 10 boutique hotel in Kuching of Sarawak in Malaysia.



Where is the Lot 10 Boutique Hotel?

Lot 10 is located in Kuching City, Borneo, with everything you need within walking proximity to the hotel. If it’s not nearby, GRAB transportation will take you the rest of the way for a low price.

The hotel is only a 15-minute drive from the Kuching International Airport and a 10-walking distance to the vibrant nightlife along the Waterfront of Sarawak River. The ideal location means you’ll get the best of both worlds if you intend to stay in Kuching for a quick transit stop or a good length vacation.


Lot 10 hotel

Welcome to the Lot 10.


It starts at the Lot 10 Lobby.

Everyone loves a hotel lobby, as the first impressions are the best, and it gets your holiday off to the right start from the get-go.

At lot 10 Hotel, it’s not your world-famous lobby with the glitz and glamour. Although, it comes with excellent interior design, a relaxing atmosphere, and, more importantly, friendly and smiling staff members who are waiting to welcome you.


Lot 10 Kuching

Relax in the Lobby.


Delightful Lot 10 Rooms for any traveller

For my stay at Lot 10 Boutique Hotel Kuching, I was greeted with a Deluxe Room with plenty of space to move about and kick back.

The deluxe room had everything required with a King-Size bed, cable television, in-room safe, air-conditioning, a private bathroom and tea & coffee amenities for a caffeine fix in the morning.

It was the perfect room to escape to after a busy day sightseeing in Kuching, where you could relax on the bed and watch television in the evening. Before having a peaceful night’s sleep on the comfortable mattress provided.


lot 10 rooms

All snugged and comfortable in my deluxe room.


Let’s discuss a few other room options at Lot 10, whether you seek a family stay or are galivanting alone in Sarawak.

Standard Rooms: Perfect for one or two travellers seeking a comfortable bed and a private bathroom. Rates go from RM 135.00.


Lot 10 boutique hotel Kuching

The standard rooms.


Deluxe Rooms: The deluxe rooms come in a variety of twin, Queen and King for those looking for the extra comforts of your Lot 10 hotel stay. Rates go from RM 155.00.

Deluxe Family: The ideal room for a small family with a King-Size bed for the parents and a single bed for a child. Rates go from RM205.00.

Family Suite: Lot 10 Kuching has one interconnecting room; therefore, you need to book in advance if you want the added privacy for your family holiday. Rates go from RM 255.00.


Lot 10 boutique hotel

The Lot 10 Family Deluxe.



Wake up to a delicious buffet breakfast with an egg station

A buffet breakfast is the best way to start any day, especially when an exhausting day in the Malaysian heat sightseeing is a sure thing.

At Lot 10, it’s the breakfast for champions, with a variety of breakfast options to suit any dietary needs, and the best part is that breakfast is included in the price of your room with no hidden charges.

How cool is that!

For your breakfast buffet, you choose rice, noodles, casseroles, fresh fruits, a good selection of salads and an egg station that will serve up a delicious omelette.

Of course, you have your traditional choices of toast, cereals, tea & coffee and fresh juice.


Lot 10 boutique hotel

Let the chef cook you up an Omelette.


Dine and Wine at The Pipe Restaurant 

It won’t take you long when entering the Pipe Restaurant how the name came about, with Pipes seen on the restaurant’s ceiling, hence, the appropriate title.

It’s the perfect place to come to after a hard slog in the heat to cool off with your favourite Tiger fresh off the tap while mingling with your travelling companions.

It’s especially recommended to make full use of the happy hours of 5 pm to 8 pm for a discounted drink.

The Pipe restaurant opens from 10 am to 10 pm, serving your favourite alcoholic drinks and making for a beautiful place to have a sit-down meal with a selection of Malaysian and International Cuisines.


Lot 10 boutique hotel

Have a beer or two at the Pipe Restaurant.



Banquet and function rooms for a grand party

On the third floor of the Lot 10 Hotel are two fabulous banquet and function rooms when you are in Kuching and need function rooms for work gatherings or wedding functions.

The Banquet Room is big and hosts 60-people, and the function room next door holds enough for 100 guests.

If you’re in Kuching for a private event and need a venue for the occasion, contact the team at Lot 10 Boutique Hotel.


Lot 10 boutique hotel

Lot 10 is the ideal spot to host an event.



The Final Verdict of Lot 10 Hotel

I loved my stay at Lot 10 Kuching, for the hotel offers the comforts needed at a fantastic price for any budget and its ideal location in the city centre.

With a comfortable bed, a refreshing shower, and a fulfilling buffet breakfast to get the day started, Lot 10 lives up to its reputation as one of the best three-star hotels in Kuching of, Malaysia.


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Get comfortable at Lot 10 boutique hotel in Kuching.


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