Finding life’s little bargain is what every individual searches for in desperate times to save those extra dollars. Whether it is finding a great deal on eBay, discounted goods in a supermarket or this instance, coming across the best budget hotels at your intended destination for your next holiday.

Everyone has their budget in mind, there are those who can splurge on a five-star resort where the money is of a slight issue,  and those who need to keep their accommodation cost to a minimum in the hope they can find that hidden gem and have a little money in reserve for spending.

Less money doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find some broken down hotel with hollow walls, rude staff members and a creaky old bed, far from it. Finding the best budget hotel is a simple process that requires absolutely no skill whatsoever. It’s a matter of doing your research, narrowing down the options and picking a winner.


Find the Best Budget Hotels at and save for your next trip!


Best budget hotels

Check what hotel is right for you.


How to find the Best Budget Hotels



Hotel Search Engines

There is a tonne of hotel search engines out there, and quite often the prices do vary from one to the other. Even if the amount seems minimal at the time, the costs can begin to tally when you add five or seven nights to the equation.

Doing your homework on a variety of hotels is an integral part of finding the right deal. Jump on to the computer and check out the various search engines such as, Expedia or, to name a few and start comparing. I bet you may even have a little fun while exploring potential hotels as you countdown the days to your holiday.  


Study TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is every traveller’s favourite companion. It is the most proficient way check hotel ratings, read reviews of thousands of real guests who have stayed at those particular hotels, scope pictures from genuine travellers and even find your potential bargain with the TripAdvisor price check.

TripAdvisor is here to help millions of travellers worldwide, utilise it, take in the tips and secure your hotel without fear of mind. Keeping in mind at the same time, what works with others may not work for you.


Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings are the best way to get experience of a hotel without actually having been there. Reviews like you see on, and TripAdvisor are meaningful, honest reviews from the guest who have stayed at that hotel and who love to brag about their experience whether it is good or bad. Especially the negative experiences which will often make their way into the review area more often than not.

On most popular hotel search engines, there is an average customer score from the guest who has rated their hotel experience out of ten. If you study various hotels at your destinations, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find that two or three-star hotel that has a high average rating and there is a good chance it will be an adequate hotel for you.


What does the hotel offer for you?

Does the hotel or resort have what you are after? For instance, if required, does the hotel offer airport transfers? If needed, does the hotel provide free parking? Do you get a complimentary daily breakfast or an afternoon tea?

Even when you think you are paying more, perhaps you are saving, because the more expensive hotel may offer a necessity that you require over the other hotel which is a little cheaper but has no frills.

Every traveller has their ideal wish list, and when searching for that perfect hotel, it is essential to know what the hotel offers and the facilities they have. Personal desires that may be important, such as swimming pools, an exercise gym and Day Spa. Check off all the pros and cons before booking your hotel. 


best budget hotels

Do you require a swimming pool for your next holiday?



Location is always important

An essential bit of detail when searching for the right hotel is the location. Is the hotel close to shops or do you need to fork out $20 for a taxi ride to the nearest attraction?

Know what you are paying for, because you are hardly saving any money if you have to pay for a taxi every time you leave the hotel because it’s too far by foot. Location is pivotal, and it’s essential to know the surrounds before booking. Check if the hotels are close to shops, banks and restaurants.

While being in the heart of a city is not always ideal or preferred, you do want to make sure that you are not entirely isolated from the action.


Your Very own Personal Experience

On a recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I needed a quick transit stay that was not too far from the airport, and I didn’t want to break the bank account. I did my homework. I went on to and searched for prices for hotels in the area. Sure, I could have stayed at the airport and paid a fortune at their hotels without going through customs, but no, I found the perfect transit hotel that was only a five-minute drive from the airport, The Thong Ta Resort.

The Resort offered a complimentary shuttle bus to and from the airport, it had free breakfast, and the locations were perfect with markets and restaurants nearby. The best bit, however, was the cost, only $30 a night, and I found this bargain all because I did my research and studied the reviews.

If you are a traveller seeking the best value for money, do your research, and you too will be able to find the best budget hotels that will suit your desires.

Happy travels and happy saving.


best budget hotels

Thong Ta Resort, where a steal of a deal can be found.

Some links in this article may contain affiliate links, therefore if you click on it and make a purchase, I could receive a little income. Don’t worry though, it will not come at the further expense for the customer. Happy travels.


Best budget hotels

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