Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling – Travel Tips

Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling – Travel Tips

It’s always the way you want to be, to make life more convenient; therefore, here are Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling.

Are you someone who’s always on the go? Or maybe you’re one of those people who can’t seem to find time for themselves even though they have more than enough hours in a day.

If so, then this post is perfect for you! Here are practical ways to enjoy yourself while travelling and still get your work done with ease.


Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling

Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling.


Go on a Solo Trip

Going solo is an excellent option if you want to see the world but don’t have a travel partner. If you can protect yourself and make sure that someone at home will know where you are always, it doesn’t matter if there’s only one person at your party or not – after all, it’s your trip!

It can also be an excellent option for those trying to avoid spending too much time with their family or significant other. Solo travelling means you get the opportunity to explore, choose hotels and restaurants that suit your preferences, spend more money on things like food and activities, and meet new people without the pressure of having to include others in your plans.


Pack All Your Favorite Clothes and Accessories

When packing for a trip, the first thing you need to do is pack all your favourite clothes and accessories. The last thing you want to worry about while travelling is what clothing will suit the climate or weather during different times of the day. It can be hard sometimes but think back on some of the outfits that have made you feel good in the past and pack them.

If you’re packing for a long trip, it may be helpful to find out what the climate of your destination is like to plan accordingly. It can also help if you know the time zone you are travelling from so that things don’t get mixed up when adjusting for the time difference.

The last thing to remember is that even if you don’t have access to a washer and dryer, it’s always helpful to pack clothes in travel-friendly fabrics like cotton or linen so they can be hand washed while travelling. And who knows? You may find your next favourite outfit on one of your adventures.

You also want to make sure you have a list of things you need before jumping on the plane! For example, it would help if you packed anything from toothpaste and shoes to chargers for your electronics. There are plenty of ways that travelling can be more enjoyable when you’re prepared with everything in advance, even if it’s just a short trip to the grocery store. 

Pack a carry-on bag with all your essentials for when you’re at the airport, and make sure you have everything packed into one or two bags, no more than that! You don’t want to be carrying around too much while travelling just in case something goes wrong or if there’s an accident.

If you’re travelling to a place with extreme weather, you must pack accordingly for the season! If it’s winter, make sure to bring warm clothes, and if it’s summertime, that means shorts, Australian sunglasses, and sunscreen! It doesn’t matter where your destination is because getting an umbrella might be helpful in any season.


Have Enough Money To Engage in Different Activities 

When travelling, it can be hard to know which activities are worth spending money on. You may not want to spend a lot of money initially because you’re unsure what you’ll enjoy and might wander around aimlessly without finding anything interesting. But, on the other hand, one thing that’s great about being in another country is getting new experiences and trying new things. So you may be able to find an activity that you enjoy, and then it’s worth spending a little extra for the experience.

Having enough money to enjoy yourself while travelling is essential to make the most of your time. You may not need to spend a lot, but it’s good to have some cash on hand if something comes up and you find an activity or place you want to try out.


Plan for Everything!

To enjoy yourself while travelling, you need to be ready. Therefore, you want to make sure your plan is as sound and has a few holes in the schedule as possible so that you end up having a perfect time! 

It’s essential to plan for your trip, as you can’t just pack up and go spontaneously. In addition, you need to make sure there is enough time between the start of work and the end date on your contract so that you can safely take vacation days. Remember, it’ll be a lot easier and less stressful if you have everything scheduled ahead of time.


Try New Things while travelling

To enjoy yourself when travelling, try new things. For example, you can experience local cuisine and visit museums that you’ve never heard of before because they’re not well-known in your home country. This way, you’ll find some hidden gems and have a more authentic travel experience.

You can also try a new sport while travelling. You’ll be with people who are experts in the field, and it will allow you to see what they do day-to-day. For example, if your trip includes a skiing holiday, go on some of the ski resort’s beginner courses which allows you to get more comfortable with the slopes and get back to your old skills.


Travel When It Is Convenient for You

Some people tend to travel when it’s the cheapest, which is usually during off-peak seasons. However, it can produce issues because hotels and attractions are often at their busiest; this might cause you to feel as if you’re always in a rush or constantly dealing with crowds of people. Ticket prices tend to be higher too sometimes.

It’s best to plan your trips when it works for you and the region you are visiting. Sometimes, the area is not as busy or crowded during a specific part of the year so that prices might be lower. In addition, the timing could mean saving money on lodging rates which can help you with budgeting because now you have more cash available for attractions, transportation, and other things.

If you are travelling by car or staying in one place for a few days, weekends might be the best time to go because there will likely be less traffic on the roads, which could save you money on gas. However, if you’re more interested in visiting different destinations, it is probably best to plan your trip when prices are lower and crowds smaller.


Shop for New Things on the Last Day of Your Travel

Plan your last day shopping for things you want to take home. It is an excellent way of taking the time to shop and find souvenirs that are more personal or meaningful than just any old thing from wherever you’ve been travelling!

Apart from buying something new, the best part about this idea is that it will be so much easier to get your luggage onto the plane at the end of your last day without it being too heavy! You might buy some new clothes, or maybe a couple of articles you liked during your trip.  It’s up to you to make this plan work for you and how far into ‘last-day shopping you want to go!


Conclusion to making Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling

Travelling is great. It can be an excellent way to explore new cultures and learn about the world around you while appealing for adventure.

However, it’s easy to find yourself feeling exhausted and unfulfilled within your travels without some preparation. 


Penguin Island Perth

Don’t forget your camera.

The Complete Guide For A First-Time Traveller when your Roaming About!

The Complete Guide For A First-Time Traveller when your Roaming About!

When you’re hitting the road as a first-time traveller, here is a list of things you need to know before you go roaming about.

Everyone must start somewhere as a traveller and If you’re a first-time traveller, then this post is for you!

It has five helpful tips that will make your trip as smooth as possible and ensure that you have a great time. Whether you are going on an adventure with friends or by yourself, these tips will help ease the stress of travelling for the very first time.


first-time traveller

Thirsty Bay in Cervantes.


The Complete Guide For A First-Time Traveller when your Roaming About!

The first step in preparing for your adventure is to figure out where you want to go.

If you’re going on a group trip, choose a location that everyone can agree on. You also do not have to worry about planning the whole thing yourself if this is your first time travelling with friends or family. Many of them will probably be happy to take charge and plan something like transportation or accommodations. 


Get a Destination Planner

Get a destination planner book or download an app for your phone to help keep track of all the details and not forget anything. It’s a great idea to divide up the responsibilities with someone else to save time and avoid confusion later on. 

You can also explore sustainable tourism, where you will get to contribute to your destination’s wellness and enjoy the fruits of a delightful place. Use a destination management plan to ease your search and preparation. 



Next comes packing. It is probably one of the most stressful parts of travelling, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. If this is your first time travelling by yourself, things might seem more daunting because you don’t know what you will require during international travel.

However, you can easily handle everything online these days, which means there are no excuses for missing out on those adventures just because you don’t know what to pack!


Start Local

Start local and take the time to explore your backyard first, you’ll be surprised at what adventure you can find close to home.

Whether you’re looking for a new adventure with friends or by yourself, taking some extra time on this side of the world can be just as rewarding because it’s easy and inexpensive compared to travelling abroad, which means there is no pressure!


Travel With Company

If you’re looking for a new adventure with some friends, then take them along! It’s much easier to travel as part of a group, and there will be someone else around who can help if anything goes wrong. 

It is also an excellent way to make sure that everyone has the exact expectations about what they will do so it won’t be difficult later when one person wants to rest while another is itching for action. These things tend to happen more often than not in groups of two or more.


first-time traveller

Happy and smiling on top of Koh Samui.


Exchange Currency

A topic not often discussed but important before any trip is how to handle currency exchange rates. When dealing with these numbers, always look at what they are about, that is, US dollars, so that way you know what you will potentially have after purchasing something from another country. 



There are many great resources online that can provide you with information on planning a trip and packing for your departure, so explore those options today. If this is just you, don’t worry; there’s plenty of valuable advice out there, too, which will help make things easier when booking flights or accommodations. 

It might seem overwhelming at first because you all have ideas about what international travel should look like. Still, thanks to technologies such as TripAdvisor, it has never been more accessible than ever before – no excuses anymore!


bako day trip

A day at Bako, where else would you rather be.

Practical Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Travelling – Travel Tips

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling Overseas

Bako kuching

With how the world has been over the past year and a half, many of us can’t wait to pack our bags, get on a plane and go travelling again; after all, it is good for our mental stimulus. 

But for people who haven’t been able to see much of the world outside of their apartments due to local restrictions, the reality of facing the world may become a little daunting.

The truth is that the pandemic has impacted many people’s mental health, and while getting out there and seeing more of the world may be the tonic that people need, mental health issues don’t just disappear after reaching the boarding gate. 


Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling Overseas is a habit we all need to get into when travelling to the unknown.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling Overseas is a habit we all need to get into when travelling to the unknown.



Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling Overseas

If you find yourself struggling with your mental health overseas, it’s important to make sure you get the right support so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. Here are some tips that can help you to do that. 


Stay in touch with loved ones regularly. 

Even when you don’t think you’ll get homesick (you’ve spent enough time there!), you should still make plans to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Being away from the things that have become so familiar to you and being immersed in a culture that is so different to what you’re used to can hit you in unexpected ways. 

Before you go, make sure that your phone can be used at your destination so that you can reach others and they can reach you. When you experience mental health struggles overseas, having a familiar connection can do the world of good. 


Bring reminders of home with you. 

The unfamiliarity of travel can feel incredibly disorienting and exciting in equal measure. Bringing familiar home comforts with you can help ground you and bring you back to your sense of self. It could be making room to take your own pillow with you, or stocking up on your favourite type of tea or small snacks, or making sure that you have room for that pair of lounge pants that keep you centred. Having something familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar setting can make you feel at home even when you’re not. 


Make sure you take the time to relax 

Travel doesn’t have to be all about adventure. After a long few days exploring the area you’re staying in, it can be just as exciting to relax in your home base with a book, a nice shower or something to watch on Netflix while you think about all of the cool things you have done or are yet to do.

Some people may choose to use CBD Medical to help them to relax when anxiety is high. Whatever your relaxation jam is, make sure you give yourself to do it- the worst thing you can do is force yourself to go out and explore when you’re not feeling it. 

Travel is a very precious thing, but so is your mental health. When you’re away from home, take some things with you that reminds you of home and check in with loved ones as much as you can.


Penguin island fishing

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling Overseas.

Essential Travelling Tips For Your Roadtrip – Travel Tips

Essential Travelling Tips For Your Roadtrip – Travel Tips

Penguin Island Perth

Road trips are on most people’s bucket list for its sense of adventure. It’s a chance to enjoy the key locations you want to see across the country or travelling off the beaten track to find some stunning areas that have been untouched.

Here are some advice that will help you out when setting off on your trip of a lifetime with these quick and easy travelling tips for your roadtrip.


Jurien Bay

All smiles on a clear day during a Perth to Jurien Bay road trip.


Get yourself a trailer tent

Rather than staying in the car to get some sleep, get yourself a trailer tent where you can free up lots of room in the car. Keep everything you need in your trailer, allowing you to stretch out and keep things organised as your drive to each location. They are easy to set up and can be very comfortable.

These can be moved to the shoreline or in the forest if you like to keep your sleeping environment interesting. With a window, you’ll be able to look out on the sunset, not to mention the PVC flooring which is hard wearing and will protect you from the awkward ground underneath. 


Have a rough idea of where you want to go

If you have any places that you want to visit in mind, then put together a rough idea of where you want to go. This will save you from missing out of any critical spots you want to tick off your bucket list.

It also allows you to save money as often you can spend hundreds of miles that you do not see much, wasting your valuable time. Planning will enable you to view and stop off in exciting areas. But be flexible as often going off your plans can lead to finding some beautiful hidden locations. 


Cook your own food when you can

If you are travelling on a budget then buying and cooking your own food can save you a lot of money as the products you buy can often last you a few days, such as bread.

Of course, you want to eat the local food, but when you can cook your own, it allows you to save. For example, breakfast is often an easy meal you can cook from your tent. Bring your own portable stove to help you out and stocking up on canned food allows you to have a quick, easy snack with ease. 


Make use of the facilities. 

It can be hard to find everyday facilities such as a shower, toilets and tables. When you visit a new place, look out for any free facilities such as open swimming pools where you can freshen up. You can even have a look at maps and your phone to find places nearby which offer these sorts of facilities, free or at a low price. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to travel in style by having a trailer tent as well as saving money on daily meals by stocking up on the essentials such as canned food and bread. Setting out on a road trip can require a lot of energy but is well worth it. 


Jurien Bay

Roadtrip will take you to many amazing destinations.

Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Money is always on our mind!

Whether it’s during our everyday lives or when we’re out on the road and travelling the world, carrying money is a regular occurrence.

It’s the travel aspect I wish to discuss with you right now and the best way to carry money abroad so that you can feel safe and secure on the road.

 Everyone has methods of how to deal with precious travel money. Whether it’s to travel with cash or to get by with the credit card as your primary use of spending.

Either way is fine, I use both, sometimes one more than the other depending on where I travel, and whatever you use, you’ll always find suitable means on the best way to carry money abroad.


Bang Nieng Khoa Lak

The best way to carry money abroad.


Disclaimer: A side note, some of the products below contain Amazon Affiliate links where if you purchase I product or two I may earn a small commission, don’t fear, it’s at no further expense to you.


Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Often securing your hard-earned money, along with essential devices, is at the forefront of your mind while roaming out and about at your intended destination. 

Therefore, let’s discuss the best way to carry money abroad, along with a couple of handy money travel tips, while touring the globe.


Lock up the cash and carry the minimum amount required

The in-room hotel safe is ideal for locking up secure documents of passports, visas and extra money.

Use it to the maximum value and store away your cash, taking with you the bare minimum needed while out for the day exploring.

If the hotel doesn’t have an in-room safe, find an alternative method of storing away your extra cash securely in your room, so it’s not coming with you.

If you’re going to be a victim of theft while roaming about, it’s best to minimise the damage and travel light.


Keep your cash secured with a travel money belt

Anything wrapped around your waist in the form of a travel pouch or a travel money belt is a fantastic way to secure money, cards and other essential items.

The belt is securely around your waist with secure zippers storing the goods, therefore, making it hard for anyone to snatch away your holiday money.


Click here to purchase your handy travel money belt from Amazon!

 Australians Click here!

best way to carry money abroad



Secure the cards with an RFID Card Holder

Perhaps you don’t need to physically lose your cash for your balance to go down, because these days tricky thieves are scanning your credit cards to get the digital information required to steal your money with alternate methods.

An RFID Cardholder, wallet or backpack will block any attempt for your thieves to scan your credit card details, therefore, giving you further peace of mind when travelling.


Click here to purchase an RFID Card Holder from Amazon!

Australian Customers Click here!



Use an Anti-theft Backpack for general use on day trips

A secure backpack is standard purchase for travellers these days, especially when you think about the expensive items that travel with you besides cash.

That’s right! I’m talking about cameras, laptops and other essentials that are by your side during your travel.

That’s why, when you travel, light and comfortable anti-theft backpack becomes an essential travel item to take on your adventures.


Click here to purchase an Anti-theft Backpack from Amazon!

Australian Customers Click here!



Wear clothing with secure pockets

At times, you want to keep the cash at easy access instead of digging around for it in a bag or pouch.

When it’s possible, wear clothes that have secure zipper pockets where it will take skill and effort for the thieves to part with your money.

Not that it is entirely foolproof as some of those thieves have mastered the art of taking valuables away from you without realisation.


Lookout for best exchange rate

Let’s get away from securing your cash and cards and have a look at how to maximise your money value.

While travelling, you shouldn’t rush to the first exchange bank you find, especially the airport outlets upon arrival, in that case, you can exchange enough to get by. 

Try searching around for the best foreign exchange rate at several outlets in an attempt to betterment the money you have brought with you from home. 

More spending money means fun stuff for you on holidays. 


Always travel with freedom and purchase travel insurance

One last thing and the one item you must buy is travel insurance.

If you are a victim of theft, whether it’s a camera, smartphone or cash, don’t lose it completely. Travel insurance can ultimately save you thousands of dollars if you’re a victim of theft, or in worst-case scenario need medical attention.

I hope this little information of advice can help you travel with peace of mind when visiting the globe because the last thing you need is to lose what is rather valuable to you.


Ditch Phuket

Jump for joy, you’re keeping safe.

What to Look For When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

What to Look For When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Many travellers wish to find suitable accommodation at the lowest cost possible!

It’s what I seek when finding the appropriate hotel deals on hotel booking sites like or Agoda.

I have a system I use, mainly through, the best hotel search engine out there I feel, and with this system, I’ve hardly left a hotel feeling disappointed by choice of hotel rooms.

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 

I can tell you a few secrets right now, so you too, won’t be left disappointed in your choice of hotel accommodation that you’re seeking for your getaway to the perfect paradise.


Find your perfect hotel at and save money!


Mai Khao Lak

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine?


In the past, I have had to find the best hotel deals for family travel, a solo trip or a romantic getaway.

In doing so, I have used the same basic research to find the best hotels available to fit a personal criterion.

And you know what?

The system is necessary too because I don’t like to leave things to chance and I’m sure you’re in a similar boat when searching for a hotel online.

Therefore, let’s get into at What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



Put the essential requirements into the hotel search engines

Naturally, this is all up to you, the final destination, the number of people travelling, type of accommodation you seek and the specific dates of your travel?

Once you fill in the essential information into the hotel finder, it’s then time to narrow down the online hotel search even further.


Do you have a budget?

We all have a budget while travelling, whether it is $30 a night to a thousand bucks a night and once again, that is for you to decide.

I always start with the budget first, so I am narrowing down the hotel search options and not looking at any accommodation out of my budget range.

Also, by doing this, I’m not getting teased by extravagant hotel deals entirely out of my price range by putting it into the conversation, and I’m focusing on what is affordable.


What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Even in paradise, you could find a budget.



Select a preference of Hotel Star Rating

Perhaps it matters, then again, maybe it doesn’t.

You might be the type of traveller that doesn’t mind a one-star hotel, or you’re might be travelling with kids, and you’ll need a few comforts of a higher rated hotel.

I always find bargain hotel rooms when I only select accommodations of three-star hotels or above, it is what I prefer, and I am hardly ever let down.

Therefore, I filter the hotel rating to three, four- and five-star hotels and move onto the next step.



Narrow it down further with a selection of 8+ Customer Rating

People’s opinions matter when seeking a hotel, and that’s what I pay most attention to when looking for the right hotel.

In the filters on, once again, I only select hotels that have a customer rating of eight or above.

In this scenario, I’m choosing a room favourable with guests who stayed at the hotel and completed their review.

Keep in mind; the reviews consider the factors of the price they paid, the comforts of the room, the attitude of the staff and any added features of the hotel.

Let me tell you when you’re taking the opinions of thousands of travellers who generally love the hotel they stayed in; it’s hard to get it wrong as your final choice.


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

What do the guest think of the hotel?


Set the filter to lowest price first

Start from the lowest price and work your way up; that’s the way I go through the process.

Naturally, at the end of my thorough search, I have gone through every single page, clicked on many hotels and made a personal shortlist of hotels.


Put at least ten hotel options on the shortlist

By the time I have gone through the process, I have at least ten hotels on the shortlist.

Yes, several hotels will be a clear favourite, but with my due diligence and study techniques, I am careful to consider every appealing hotel.

Hence the shortlist of a minimum of ten hotel options.


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Maybe the hotel comes with a cooking station of your favourite eggs.



Carefully read through the hotel features

I have narrowed down the accommodation options, and now I am going over the hotel selection process by reading through the hotel features, going over the reviews by guests and considering the final price.

Even while doing it, hotel search engines like will give a guest rating for specific type traveller who stayed at the hotel. For instance, an average rating provided by solo travellers, families, business people or couples.  


Make your decision and enjoy your holiday

After hours, or even days digesting the information, it’s time to make your final selection.

Don’t fear, with the hours you have put into your research and realising what works for you; you’re bound to make the right choice.

Of course, there will be times when left disappointed, that’s life.

However, through this process, I’m confident you’ll find the ideal hotel to settle for your dream vacation and enjoy the time in paradise.

Remember, many hotel search engines have a free cancellation policy depending on the price option you select; therefore, if something is not right, you can cancel the booking with no hidden costs.

Enjoy your holiday!


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Selecting the right hotel deal means happy family vacation.

James Bond Island

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