Essential Travelling Tips For Your Roadtrip – Travel Tips

Essential Travelling Tips For Your Roadtrip – Travel Tips

Penguin Island Perth

Road trips are on most people’s bucket list for its sense of adventure. It’s a chance to enjoy the key locations you want to see across the country or travelling off the beaten track to find some stunning areas that have been untouched.

Here are some advice that will help you out when setting off on your trip of a lifetime with these quick and easy travelling tips for your roadtrip.


Jurien Bay

All smiles on a clear day during a Perth to Jurien Bay road trip.


Get yourself a trailer tent

Rather than staying in the car to get some sleep, get yourself a trailer tent where you can free up lots of room in the car. Keep everything you need in your trailer, allowing you to stretch out and keep things organised as your drive to each location. They are easy to set up and can be very comfortable.

These can be moved to the shoreline or in the forest if you like to keep your sleeping environment interesting. With a window, you’ll be able to look out on the sunset, not to mention the PVC flooring which is hard wearing and will protect you from the awkward ground underneath. 


Have a rough idea of where you want to go

If you have any places that you want to visit in mind, then put together a rough idea of where you want to go. This will save you from missing out of any critical spots you want to tick off your bucket list.

It also allows you to save money as often you can spend hundreds of miles that you do not see much, wasting your valuable time. Planning will enable you to view and stop off in exciting areas. But be flexible as often going off your plans can lead to finding some beautiful hidden locations. 


Cook your own food when you can

If you are travelling on a budget then buying and cooking your own food can save you a lot of money as the products you buy can often last you a few days, such as bread.

Of course, you want to eat the local food, but when you can cook your own, it allows you to save. For example, breakfast is often an easy meal you can cook from your tent. Bring your own portable stove to help you out and stocking up on canned food allows you to have a quick, easy snack with ease. 


Make use of the facilities. 

It can be hard to find everyday facilities such as a shower, toilets and tables. When you visit a new place, look out for any free facilities such as open swimming pools where you can freshen up. You can even have a look at maps and your phone to find places nearby which offer these sorts of facilities, free or at a low price. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to travel in style by having a trailer tent as well as saving money on daily meals by stocking up on the essentials such as canned food and bread. Setting out on a road trip can require a lot of energy but is well worth it. 


Jurien Bay

Roadtrip will take you to many amazing destinations.

The Best Family Holiday Ideas for your Next Getaway

The Best Family Holiday Ideas for your Next Getaway

Memories are often created with family holidays, especially when you have children, and you are attempting to bring memories that will last long into their adulthood.

Travelling creates a chance to bring those all those things into fruition when you head off onto a much-needed family vacation.

Whether it’s a holiday abroad, a family vacation close to home more referred to as a staycation or an ocean cruise over high waters, there are many ways to go searching for the best family holiday ideas.

Individual families have unique choices when seeking their next family trip, and often you are looking at being spontaneous by trying to do different things that you have never experienced before.

At times, it might be the cost of a family holiday deals that sets you back, as budgets can vary from trip to trip. Making it impossible go out and purchase family vacation packages to major destinations, in that instance, you may have to stay close to home or pull back the reigns with budget hotels.

Whatever the scenario, there will always be affordable family vacations that are perfect for both parents and kids for a carefree getaway.

Now, Let’s get into it.


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Kuala Lumpur rainforest

The Best Family Holiday Ideas for your next getaway.



The best family holiday ideas for your next getaway

It can be a head scratcher trying to find the best family holiday ideas as you try to something different and memorable.

Below is a list of options that may help you create your next family-friendly vacations and take some awesome travel photos for you to look back at long after your children have moved out of home, as you reminisce with laughter over future Christmas dinners.


Go on a cruise that has a lot

Take the family on an epic cruise, whether it’s a cruise on the Pacific visiting the Islands or a Caribbean cruise in Central America.

A cruise is a great to please everyone on the trip with fun for everyone from adults to kids. For the kids, you can partake in a variety of activities, watch a movie, have fun on a water slide or even partake in the kid’s club with further fun actives.

For the adults, you can relax in the day spa, lose a little money at the casino or have a few casual alcoholic beverages at the lounge while the kids are entertained elsewhere.

Of course, being on a family vacation, there will be plenty of activities that will bring everyone together for many laughs, and you’ll even enjoy a few off-shore destinations.


Stay at a Luxury Resort

Everyone loves to stay at a luxury resort situated in the tropics of Southeast Asia and other warm destinations in paradise.

Family vacation Resorts are not only about vacationing in the comfort of a deluxe room with swimming pools, but it can also bring families together with a range of activities whether it being beach soccer, beach yoga or water polo in the resort pools.

Most top family holiday resorts worldwide will come with a kid’s club, that means when parents and kids are sick of each other, each can go their own way and have plenty of fun. Resorts are often considered as the first choice for top family vacations.


Find unbelievable resorts around the word for the whole family with!


Khao Lak night markets

Enjoy family-fun resorts.


Take a camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors

Camping in the great outdoors in one of the finest and cheap family vacations you can have that won’t break the bank.

Snuggled in the comfort of your tent, telling stories by the small wood-fire burning at a steady pace and appreciating life in a whole new environment, life doesn’t get much better than a camping expedition with the kids.

Activities mount up during the day; whether you are camping by the beach, a river, or the dark forest, the setting will be sublime.

No matter the occasion, the kids will riot in the picturesque outdoors, finding new ways to entertain themselves and the adults will mellow out in the comfortable camp chairs and slip into a nap.

Dinner time will be a new experience as the outdoor gas cooking stove gets a workout and the sausages sizzle away for a free dinner that will not be forgotten with many stories of the day’s events being told.


Go on an Epic Hiking Adventure

Perhaps a hiking adventure is an ideal hobby during a camping trip when you have a few hours to spare for a hike during inside the day, or maybe you choose to go through an organisation that is safe for the whole family that requires an overnight camp mid-adventure (probably suited for the bigger aged-kids).

No matter the length of the hike, a family hiking adventure is a great way to bring everyone together, as it creates challenges in the ways of fatigue and physical obstacles, yet during the problems, you will encounter breathtaking scenery that can only be seen from the from off the beaten tracks of the hike.




wet and wild hike Kuala Lumpur rainforest

Go on a family hiking adventure.


Enjoy a city stay in an Airbnb Apartment

Airbnb has been around for a quite a while now, and if you do it right, you can find the perfect apartment at a great price that will suit the whole family.

While Airbnb goes to country towns, beaches and many other locations, you can enjoy a fabulous city vacation in a perfect area that is close to many attractions, restaurants, shopping outlets and public transport.

Whether you are in Kuala Lumpur, Chaotic Rome or in staying in Hong Kong, Airbnb is a cost-effective choice of accommodation where you can hit the streets at the press of an elevator button and enjoy your city stay vacation with the family.


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airbnb Kuala Lumpur

The spacious living area of the Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur.


Take a mega road trip in Camper Van

Whether you are on a road trip going around the coast of Australia or hitting Route-66 through the United States, hiring a camper van is a great family vacation to spend together by visiting numerous destinations on the way.

Known as an RV to the Americans, this journey will create new memories of a different kind, where instead of staying in the one location, you are visiting broad areas and watching the landscape change in front of your very own eyes.

In one holiday you could begin the trip on one side of the country before ending the holiday on the opposite coast. How cool is that?


Go exploring on an African Safari

Perhaps we are getting a little over the budget here as an African safari covering the whole family can be rather expensive, but let’s end the segment in a big way by suggesting an African Safari.

Imagine the kids’ eyes light up when they see a lion in the wild, letting out a mighty roar, or an elephant in the distance drinking from a water hole. It would be an epic trip of all proportions, and it will be spoken about for years after the tour has concluded.

That’s a wrap of the best family holiday ideas, perhaps a few more great options are floating out there that need to be brought to my attention, and I am sure there is.

Please, if you do have a suggestion, let me know in the comments below, I am always happy to know what makes your family holidays as impressive as it is. Happy travels.




ATV Kuala Lumpur

Gear up for one of your great family holidays.

Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Money is always on our mind!

Whether it’s during our everyday lives or when we’re out on the road and travelling the world, carrying money is a regular occurrence.

It’s the travel aspect I wish to discuss with you right now and the best way to carry money abroad so that you can feel safe and secure on the road.

 Everyone has methods of how to deal with precious travel money. Whether it’s to travel with cash or to get by with the credit card as your primary use of spending.

Either way is fine, I use both, sometimes one more than the other depending on where I travel, and whatever you use, you’ll always find suitable means on the best way to carry money abroad.


Bang Nieng Khoa Lak

The best way to carry money abroad.


Disclaimer: A side note, some of the products below contain Amazon Affiliate links where if you purchase I product or two I may earn a small commission, don’t fear, it’s at no further expense to you.


Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Often securing your hard-earned money, along with essential devices, is at the forefront of your mind while roaming out and about at your intended destination. 

Therefore, let’s discuss the best way to carry money abroad, along with a couple of handy money travel tips, while touring the globe.


Lock up the cash and carry the minimum amount required

The in-room hotel safe is ideal for locking up secure documents of passports, visas and extra money.

Use it to the maximum value and store away your cash, taking with you the bare minimum needed while out for the day exploring.

If the hotel doesn’t have an in-room safe, find an alternative method of storing away your extra cash securely in your room, so it’s not coming with you.

If you’re going to be a victim of theft while roaming about, it’s best to minimise the damage and travel light.


Keep your cash secured with a travel money belt

Anything wrapped around your waist in the form of a travel pouch or a travel money belt is a fantastic way to secure money, cards and other essential items.

The belt is securely around your waist with secure zippers storing the goods, therefore, making it hard for anyone to snatch away your holiday money.


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best way to carry money abroad



Secure the cards with an RFID Card Holder

Perhaps you don’t need to physically lose your cash for your balance to go down, because these days tricky thieves are scanning your credit cards to get the digital information required to steal your money with alternate methods.

An RFID Cardholder, wallet or backpack will block any attempt for your thieves to scan your credit card details, therefore, giving you further peace of mind when travelling.


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Use an Anti-theft Backpack for general use on day trips

A secure backpack is standard purchase for travellers these days, especially when you think about the expensive items that travel with you besides cash.

That’s right! I’m talking about cameras, laptops and other essentials that are by your side during your travel.

That’s why, when you travel, light and comfortable anti-theft backpack becomes an essential travel item to take on your adventures.


Click here to purchase an Anti-theft Backpack from Amazon!

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Wear clothing with secure pockets

At times, you want to keep the cash at easy access instead of digging around for it in a bag or pouch.

When it’s possible, wear clothes that have secure zipper pockets where it will take skill and effort for the thieves to part with your money.

Not that it is entirely foolproof as some of those thieves have mastered the art of taking valuables away from you without realisation.


Lookout for best exchange rate

Let’s get away from securing your cash and cards and have a look at how to maximise your money value.

While travelling, you shouldn’t rush to the first exchange bank you find, especially the airport outlets upon arrival, in that case, you can exchange enough to get by. 

Try searching around for the best foreign exchange rate at several outlets in an attempt to betterment the money you have brought with you from home. 

More spending money means fun stuff for you on holidays. 


Always travel with freedom and purchase travel insurance

One last thing and the one item you must buy is travel insurance.

If you are a victim of theft, whether it’s a camera, smartphone or cash, don’t lose it completely. Travel insurance can ultimately save you thousands of dollars if you’re a victim of theft, or in worst-case scenario need medical attention.

I hope this little information of advice can help you travel with peace of mind when visiting the globe because the last thing you need is to lose what is rather valuable to you.


Ditch Phuket

Jump for joy, you’re keeping safe.

What to Look For When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

What to Look For When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Many travellers wish to find suitable accommodation at the lowest cost possible!

It’s what I seek when finding the appropriate hotel deals on hotel booking sites like or Agoda.

I have a system I use, mainly through, the best hotel search engine out there I feel, and with this system, I’ve hardly left a hotel feeling disappointed by choice of hotel rooms.

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 

I can tell you a few secrets right now, so you too, won’t be left disappointed in your choice of hotel accommodation that you’re seeking for your getaway to the perfect paradise.


Find your perfect hotel at and save money!


Mai Khao Lak

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine?


In the past, I have had to find the best hotel deals for family travel, a solo trip or a romantic getaway.

In doing so, I have used the same basic research to find the best hotels available to fit a personal criterion.

And you know what?

The system is necessary too because I don’t like to leave things to chance and I’m sure you’re in a similar boat when searching for a hotel online.

Therefore, let’s get into at What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



Put the essential requirements into the hotel search engines

Naturally, this is all up to you, the final destination, the number of people travelling, type of accommodation you seek and the specific dates of your travel?

Once you fill in the essential information into the hotel finder, it’s then time to narrow down the online hotel search even further.


Do you have a budget?

We all have a budget while travelling, whether it is $30 a night to a thousand bucks a night and once again, that is for you to decide.

I always start with the budget first, so I am narrowing down the hotel search options and not looking at any accommodation out of my budget range.

Also, by doing this, I’m not getting teased by extravagant hotel deals entirely out of my price range by putting it into the conversation, and I’m focusing on what is affordable.


What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Even in paradise, you could find a budget.



Select a preference of Hotel Star Rating

Perhaps it matters, then again, maybe it doesn’t.

You might be the type of traveller that doesn’t mind a one-star hotel, or you’re might be travelling with kids, and you’ll need a few comforts of a higher rated hotel.

I always find bargain hotel rooms when I only select accommodations of three-star hotels or above, it is what I prefer, and I am hardly ever let down.

Therefore, I filter the hotel rating to three, four- and five-star hotels and move onto the next step.



Narrow it down further with a selection of 8+ Customer Rating

People’s opinions matter when seeking a hotel, and that’s what I pay most attention to when looking for the right hotel.

In the filters on, once again, I only select hotels that have a customer rating of eight or above.

In this scenario, I’m choosing a room favourable with guests who stayed at the hotel and completed their review.

Keep in mind; the reviews consider the factors of the price they paid, the comforts of the room, the attitude of the staff and any added features of the hotel.

Let me tell you when you’re taking the opinions of thousands of travellers who generally love the hotel they stayed in; it’s hard to get it wrong as your final choice.


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

What do the guest think of the hotel?


Set the filter to lowest price first

Start from the lowest price and work your way up; that’s the way I go through the process.

Naturally, at the end of my thorough search, I have gone through every single page, clicked on many hotels and made a personal shortlist of hotels.


Put at least ten hotel options on the shortlist

By the time I have gone through the process, I have at least ten hotels on the shortlist.

Yes, several hotels will be a clear favourite, but with my due diligence and study techniques, I am careful to consider every appealing hotel.

Hence the shortlist of a minimum of ten hotel options.


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Maybe the hotel comes with a cooking station of your favourite eggs.



Carefully read through the hotel features

I have narrowed down the accommodation options, and now I am going over the hotel selection process by reading through the hotel features, going over the reviews by guests and considering the final price.

Even while doing it, hotel search engines like will give a guest rating for specific type traveller who stayed at the hotel. For instance, an average rating provided by solo travellers, families, business people or couples.  


Make your decision and enjoy your holiday

After hours, or even days digesting the information, it’s time to make your final selection.

Don’t fear, with the hours you have put into your research and realising what works for you; you’re bound to make the right choice.

Of course, there will be times when left disappointed, that’s life.

However, through this process, I’m confident you’ll find the ideal hotel to settle for your dream vacation and enjoy the time in paradise.

Remember, many hotel search engines have a free cancellation policy depending on the price option you select; therefore, if something is not right, you can cancel the booking with no hidden costs.

Enjoy your holiday!


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Selecting the right hotel deal means happy family vacation.

8 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress and Vacate with Freedom

8 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress and Vacate with Freedom

Whether you’re going on a holiday over the winter period, or are planning your next summer vacation, you’ll want to cut down the holiday travel stress before you go navigating the globe.

The point of a holiday is that you’re going away to recharge your batteries and get some decent downtime; therefore, you don’t want to return from your time away feeling frazzled and burnt out by the experience.

To cut down your holiday travel stress, below are some tips you might find helpful for your intending trip, with the end goal being a relaxing and pleasant holiday experience. 


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bako day trip

While you’re travelling, avoid the stress.





8 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress and Move with Freedom

Let’s get stuck into the list with these eight ideas to reduce holiday travel stress and navigate the globe with freedom. 


1. Plan ahead of time, it could save money

Unless you’ve booked a last-minute package deal, plan way ahead way of time. ‘

Write down everything you need to do, such as booking a hotel, reserving travel seats, sorting out pet arrangements, etc. The earlier you can get things done, the less panicked you will be in the days leading up to the holiday.


2. Print everything or Save on the Smartphone

From receipts to booking information, print out everything and keep them in a safe place. You will need them as a physical reminder of important details, as you never know when your computer or smartphone may go wrong.

Perhaps you want to save money? That’s fine too, save all important documents, hotel bookings and flight itineraries onto the smartphone and have every pre-organised.

3. Get specialist help from a experienced travel agent

There are advantages in planning your holiday with a travel agent, as some will make arrangements on your behalf, including accommodation, itineraries, and travel tours.

Check out Best Of The Kimberley for what we mean. The only thing they won’t do is pack your bags for you, although they may advise what you should carry.


Ditch Phuket

Reduce holiday travel stress and jump for joy instead.


4. Make a packing checklist and don’t miss the valuable items

There is always something we forget to pack when we go on holiday. Often, these will be easily sourced items, such as a toothbrush or phone charger.

However, there are some things you don’t want to forget, such as your passport and travel tickets, so you need to make yourself a reminder.

We recommend this packing list wizard which will help you remember everything you need, for each member of your family.


5. Delegate the tasks responsibility

Imagine the scene. You get to the airport only to discover you are missing the required documents.

You thought your partner had them; they thought you had them. Wrong! They are still on the kitchen counter at home.

Cut down on this awkward and holiday ruining situation by delegating specific responsibilities to one person.

Knowing who is doing what will reduce the stress, and you will also know who to blame should something go wrong.


white-water rafting

Pack for emergencies because you never know when a Band-Aid is required.


6.Pack for emergencies, accidents happen even when travelling

Especially when travelling somewhere by car, you need a bag containing emergency items, such as a first-aid kit, and medications.

However, you should still have a carry bag when travelling on a plane, so you don’t want your essentials locked away in the luggage compartments. We aren’t only talking about medical emergencies.

Your kids may need something to play with, and you may want something to do on a long journey to stave off boredom. A few snacks should also be on hand for hungry bellies.


7. Purchase Travel Insurance, you’re fool if you don’t

Does this need a mention to purchase travel insurance? Well Yes!

Surprisingly there are still many travellers out there who neglect insurance, while sometimes they get away with an incident-free holiday, there are times where it’s not the case, and it costs you a fortune.

Whatever you do, purchase travel insurance first and foremost.


8. Get into holiday mode and have a lot of fun

Finally, you aren’t going to have a great holiday if you are thinking about work or other life pressures.

On your travels and at your destination, focus on your vacation.

You won’t be able to relax if you are continually checking work emails or a family member insists on ringing you with unimportant issues.

While you will be using social media to upload your holiday pics, you might want to turn your smartphones off occasionally, to get rid of these unwelcome distractions.

We wish you a stress-free holiday wherever you’re going around the world!



Phang Nga Bay

Settle back, you’re on vacation!

Affording Your Adventures Abroad: Make Your Work Travel-Friendly

Affording Your Adventures Abroad: Make Your Work Travel-Friendly

Travelling is truly one of the best ways that you can spend your time or money.

However, earning cash takes time which in turn can mean you have less of it to spend travelling or doing the things you love.

Unless you’re incredibly fortunate or wealthy, then working is going to be an essential piece of the puzzle in your life, most of us need to work to be able to afford the things we want.

So how can you make this work for you? Thankfully there are ways that you can earn as you travel and combine the two.


Perth to Jurien Bay

Enjoy a life of work and travel.



Affording Your Adventures: Make Your Work Travel-Friendly


Life is meant to be lived, and if you can live while travelling, all the best to you.

Below are some fantastic ideas for affording your adventures and to make your work travel-friendly!


Start a blog or YouTube channel

Blogging and YouTube are great ways to earn money, doing something you genuinely love.

If your content is all about travel then you can film or write as you go, you’ll never be short of inspiration!

It can take time to get to this stage; you won’t be able to open a blog or YouTube channel and be earning money from it within a week but stick with it and eventually it’s a way you can make a good living.

Between sponsored work and affiliate earnings, you can earn as you go, making money from wherever you are in the world.

All you’ll need is a camera (if you’re recording) and a good quality laptop.

Macs are particularly useful as they’re powerful machines, you can run high-quality editing software on them and everything you’d need to run a channel or blog on the go.

It can take some getting used to at first, for example, if you look at how to screenshot on Mac – Setapp instructions will show you that it’s a little different to a PC. But you’ll quickly get the hang of things.

Consider filming ‘follow me around’ type vlogs as you travel; you could film or write reviews of hotels, restaurants, shows, tourist attractions and much more.

Your channel could even be more from a lifestyle, beauty or fashion angle if you prefer!


How to Make Your Travel Photo Awesome

Be a professional Youtuber on the road.



Be a remote worker

As a remote worker, you have an employer (and therefore set hours, a set wage and employee benefits); however, you don’t have to go into a physical workplace.

Many remote workers, of course, work from home, but if you love to travel nothing is stopping you from working on the go!

As long as your tasks get completed each day, then you can permanently work from anywhere.

Take your laptop to the beach and work there, download the software you need and work from a train or you could enjoy your days travelling, get back to your hotel/ accommodation and do a few hours each evening before bed.


Why travel

Conduct work in remote places.


Get a job that involves travel

Finally, if you get a job that requires travel or allows you to travel, then this could be perfect if you want to see more of the world.

It could be anything from nursing to airline staff, there are plenty of jobs out there for the adventure in mind.

If you’re at the start of your career (or wishing to change career later on) consider what sort of jobs would allow you to see the world.


cable organiser bag

How do you want to make your work travel- friendly?

James Bond Island

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